August 6, 2012

[BC Day Long Weekend]

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April 30, 2012

[Purple and Green]


I got my industrial 2 summers ago and before I did, I watched a horrifying video on youtube of a girl getting one done which ended in a bloody mess. I still decided to go for it (hah).

When I got to Adrenaline, the piercer was super nice (just like the guy who did my camera tattoo); they were super professional and clean. I asked if he could pierce both at once, he said no.

In my head I was thinking, omg omg omg. Hes gonna have to pierce the first hole, then the second, then pull the needle out and then stick a stick through both holes again. That's 4 pricks and pokes.

He pierced the first, my face turned beet red, then he pierced the second and ran the bar through the holes through a tube and tadaaaaah!

I've been too afraid to take it off since then. This is the first time I've taken it out to change the colours of the little ball thingies. I got Purple and Green, my work colours. :)

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April 23, 2012



I watched the Kony video about a month ago when everyone was thee talk of the week. I thought the video was quite moving and very well done and I'm all for supporting the movement to make the world a better place. At least someone is doing something. There are some portions of the movement which I kinda dont agree with, 1 being the amount of $$ that has been put into the marketing. The posters and tshirts are very pretty and will attract any materialistic being (such as myself and many many other people).

April 20 was supposed to be cover the night where everyone in major cities across the world came together to plaster walls with Kony posters to raise awareness of who Kony is. Compared to the number of club promos, ballet posters, concerts and DJ posters on the walls and posts at a time downtown, Kony Vancouver didn't really do that great of a job. They did leave traces of stickers, posters and chalk drawings from downtown Vancouver down to beach though, mind you we only walked down that way on Saturday. Maybe if we had walked all over Vancouver we would have seen more.

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[Hobos of Vancity]


I don't think I've come across the term "Hobo" since I've moved to Vancouver. The term originally came from America at the end of the American Civil War when many were without work. And according to wiki, a hobo and tramp are very similar however tramp will avoid work if possible and a hobo is a migratory laborer traveling around for work. So by definition according to wiki, I would say many of the "hobos" we see in Vancouver, really are.... tramps and beggars (and there is an abundance of them in Vancity)

I mean look at this guy. He has nice leather shoes, sweats, socks, a hoody, a friggen hat, a frying pan that he uses as a coin cup.. and what is that.. a backpack and blanket? He's doing pretty well for not working.

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[Stopping Traffic]


While downtown on Friday, amongst thousands of people at the 420 rally, there was a portion of the street that had a big gap. I'm talking tons of people to the point where you are in direct contact with the person in front, beside and behind you, and then this empty spot.

The picture says it all. :P

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April 12, 2012

[Gotye - Glee]


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March 20, 2012

[RIP Choux]


The average life span of a mouse is about 2-3 years. On the rare occasion some small animals can live up to 4-5 years. When Jo Jo had Teddy, he lived to be around 3 which was quite a long time for a hamster to live when all it did was sit around all day and sleep.

I had a day off today so I got to chill with Choux Choux for a bit before she felt it was the right time. Instead of sleeping in the house where she and Moo Moo used to, she's been huddling by the tank heater on the other side for the last few weeks to keep warm. I made her a little bed of cotton balls to keep her warm and she's been eating bread at night time.

She had climbed up the ladder in her tank this morning when I got up which she hasn't done in a while as she's been quite frail. I picked her out of the tank this morning to go visit Jo Jo then she spent the rest of the day in her cotton ball patch.

Before bringing Pepper out on a walk today I noticed she had left her cotton ball patch and was making her way to her big house on the other side of the tank which was odd as she hasn't gone in there in ages either. I didn't think too much of it then.

Looks like she had just been looking for a place to lay comfortably before her time came.

Moo Moo lived a year and a half. Choux Choux lived to be 2.

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March 13, 2012

[Kony 2012]

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March 4, 2012



This winter has been quite odd. There's been a couple freezy cold days but nothing unbearable. There's also been many warm days where it doesn't even feel like winter.

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February 28, 2012

[The Human Planet]

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