April 23, 2012

[Hobos of Vancity]


I don't think I've come across the term "Hobo" since I've moved to Vancouver. The term originally came from America at the end of the American Civil War when many were without work. And according to wiki, a hobo and tramp are very similar however tramp will avoid work if possible and a hobo is a migratory laborer traveling around for work. So by definition according to wiki, I would say many of the "hobos" we see in Vancouver, really are.... tramps and beggars (and there is an abundance of them in Vancity)

I mean look at this guy. He has nice leather shoes, sweats, socks, a hoody, a friggen hat, a frying pan that he uses as a coin cup.. and what is that.. a backpack and blanket? He's doing pretty well for not working.

Posted by jme at April 23, 2012 10:17 PM
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