April 30, 2012

[Purple and Green]


I got my industrial 2 summers ago and before I did, I watched a horrifying video on youtube of a girl getting one done which ended in a bloody mess. I still decided to go for it (hah).

When I got to Adrenaline, the piercer was super nice (just like the guy who did my camera tattoo); they were super professional and clean. I asked if he could pierce both at once, he said no.

In my head I was thinking, omg omg omg. Hes gonna have to pierce the first hole, then the second, then pull the needle out and then stick a stick through both holes again. That's 4 pricks and pokes.

He pierced the first, my face turned beet red, then he pierced the second and ran the bar through the holes through a tube and tadaaaaah!

I've been too afraid to take it off since then. This is the first time I've taken it out to change the colours of the little ball thingies. I got Purple and Green, my work colours. :)

Posted by jme at April 30, 2012 3:57 PM
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