October 31, 2009

[Pre-Halloween Bash]


Post concert we went to the Imperial Halloween Party where all A.i and friends were dressed up. Unfortunately by that time we were all tired and worn out that putting on costumes was just too much trouble.


I was a sock monkey. Ty was supposed to be an Oil Field Worker. Brad was Sid Vicious.

Amongst the zombies and cloaked dead people was Darth Vader, Couple Jedis, Mario and Luigi, 80s Gangsters, Harry Potter... other random ones... drunk people.

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[Flogging Molly!!!!!]


All of us met at school on Friday (a very wet Friday). We made our way downtown and splashed out way through puddles to get to the Commodore Ballroom for Flogging Molly!!!!

Stopped for Megabite then stood for an hour in the rain to wait for the doors to open.


I wasn't sure how large the venue would be and if it was going to be super packed having not ever been to a real concert before. Warped Tour didn't really count since it was a huge venue.


I've never really been one for clubs. Well.. I've only ever been to one club (Gossip) and the scene just wasn't that great at all. I guess it's a different sort of people. People who go to clubs like gossip seem to be the type to dress up in all black and really it's formal but the type of dancing they do is kinda dirty and just not a real turn on at all. The people at Flogging Molly may not be all dressed up but it's just a different group of people. I'd say it'd be the complete opposite of hip hop and rap clubs. Way better! :D


We sat up on the balcony originally but near the end of the concert everyone was dying to get out in the crowd by the mosh pit. Their music's just soooo catchy! I guess I have nothing to compare this concert to but it's definitely staying at the top of the list. :)

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October 29, 2009

[B2CP Continued]



South Bay

Fayetteville, Arkansas



New Zealand

The World

I guess it took a while for some coverage to get onto youtube even though people are pretty quick with that sort of stuff.

On that note, 2012 is coming out soon.

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October 25, 2009

[Jamie and Tyler make Pies]


Ty met me down at Science World after work and we took a walk around to check out what was going on post parade.


After that we went and got groceries for the pies we had planned on making. :D!


I chopped up some carrots while he fried up chicken and we mushed it all together with mushroom soup and corn. Yummy.

We got 2 pie crusts so that meant dessert! Strawberry, peach and blueberry pie. Mmmm

Unfortunately we hadn't planned it out too great and should have bought the puff pastry the day before so it could thaw. The microwave kind of killed it. Haha. Better planning next time!!!

Pies were yummy nonetheless. :)

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[Where's Jamie!]

Photo by Wayne (on Flickr)

I realized that I'd been out ALL day taking pictures at Bridge to a Cool Planet but didn't get any pictures of myself at all! There were however TONS of photographers out there and I was sure that at least one of them would have caught me in their pictures. I got excited when I found this picture :)!!!!

Can you find me? (Hint: I wore light blue skinny jeans, a white jacket, black Vans with bright peacock blue laces and an orange toque)

Here's the original (It's bigger)

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October 24, 2009

[Bridge To a Cool Planet]


While searching for jobs and volunteer opportunities, I came across an ad for "Bridge to a Cool Planet". I had no idea what it was. But it meant me being able to take photos and support saving the environment. I like that! :)


Later on I learned that Bridge to a Cool Planet happens all over the world. It's run by the organization called 350 and so all over at some point in the day, people form the numbers 350 and the org has collected a ton of photos.


CTV and GlobalTV was there.


It was nice to be able to meet like-minded individuals looking for work and looking to help out at events like this.


The Cambie Bridge filled with people and within an hour, it was packed. We actually had a parade! There were people playing music. (I fell in love with the band) Tons of people taking photos. Tons of kids with signs.


The parade went from the Cambie Bridge down to Pacific Boulevard and to Science World where the party continued.

So to break it down (why this event took place and what on earth 350 means):

350 is the limited amount of CO2 the earth can have that is considered okay. At this moment, we are sitting at 390 parts per million.

Bridge to a Cool Planet is Vancouver's first step into stepping up and letting the government know that there are people in the province who want a better planet. There are people who want a representative be sent to Copenhagen this December along with all the other countries in the world to sign this treaty to cut emissions.

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October 22, 2009

[Chawcolate Fondue]



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[The Te of Piglet]

I finished reading the Tao of Pooh. It's been a long long time since I've actually been able to sit down and finish a book. Usually people have to recommend books to me but even then, they'd have to be interested in the same style of writing as I do.

I've moved on to the other book written by Benjamin Hoff, the Te of Piglet. :) It's really similar to the Tao of Pooh however more descriptive of what Taoism (Daoism) actually is and more from the perspective of Piglet's character.

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[Scattered Projects]


I've always been one to start a project or a drawing but not complete it. It's getting better though! I actually finish projects now! For this project, I knitted a pouch for my cell phone. :P

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[Ohhhh NoooooOOooo]

Mr Bill says "Ohhhhhhh nooOOOoooo"

When I work full time, it seems like there's no other work available and it just sucks when no one replies to any of your applications. But then when you get an email back from a photographer who needs you as an assistant, a lady who wants a picture taken of her and her dog and an instructor who still needs an edit from you, and you need to finish a short film before January coz by then you won't have access to editing soft ware at school AND you have to call student loans BC (but don't want to be put on hold for an hour) to find out how much you owe them, everything seems like such a mess. On top of that, I have friends who want to hang out. GAHHHHH!!!!! Not getting any call backs seems waaay less stressful.

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October 18, 2009

[Test Header]


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[Temporary Website]

Back before graduation, we were told that DVD demo reels were the way to go. We each had to create and burn at least 20 copies to give away. It's been 4 months and a pile of DVDs still sit in the corner of my room along with everyone else's. Pretty sure the people with my DVDs are thinking the same thing I am: "What the heck am I going to do with these!?!?!?"

I found a simple flash website that allows you to alter certain flash templates for free to get something going. I guess once I learn how to use flash it will be much simpler. Ty's agreed to help me build a template once he's taken the course. Sucks that we just got stupid Dreamweaver and not Flash. Well... I've uploaded some pictures and my demo reel. I think the Bio still needs some work but it will do for now. :)


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October 17, 2009

[Baby Pineapple]


Couple months ago, Ty's brother bought him a pineapple plant. I'm not sure if it was supposed to grow any bigger.

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[Buddha's Long Awaited Haircut]


Just when you think a dog this tiny couldn't possibly get any smaller.

We brought Buddha to Pet Smart today to get her fur cut. The last time we tried cutting her fur, I thought.. well HOW hard could it possibly be! She's tiny! You can hold her down no problem! Nope! Tyler told me she screams and wiggles and squirms and it's impossible. We only managed to snip bits and pieces off her back and nothing else.

Today she finally got a nice professional hair cut. No squirming. No screaming. And the lady even put little ribbons in her hair! She went in looking like a mutt and came out looking like a princess. (I kinda like the scruffy better. But she's just so cute either way)

After the groomers, we went to get groceries and went home to make Spicy Chicken Spaghetti with Parmesan and Romano cheese. Mmmm yummy.

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October 16, 2009

[A Dumb Moment]

Jme: It's a Beaver-Duck!!!
Jo: .... It's a Platypus....

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October 15, 2009

[Bubble World]


Even though all of us have moved onto different schools with different groups of friends exploring different careers, we somehow still click and feel most comfortable with each other.


Sometimes life speeds right by and you're constantly on your feet. Constantly thinking.. planning for the future.. I forget how the 4 of us became really close friends but they're probably the only ones I've known for longer than 5 years and still keep in contact. I think it's been 7 going on 8 years now.

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October 13, 2009

[Thanksgiving Part Two]


For actual Thanksgiving, Ty and I made stuffing (which really wasn't much.. onions butter veggies... breadcrumbs...) for the turkey one of our friends was cookin'.


All the other times I've been invited to a party or dinner with these guys, I've never been able to make it out so it was nice to finally be able to have a nice dinner with them. :)

Ty and I were the first 2 there so we hung out and talked. Watched Turkey TV. It's just like the Christmas Log but a Turkey!! Makes sense right? Every few minutes someone would come and baste the turkey.


These guys live in a really nice condo way up up so you can see from Burnaby all the way to Surrey and Coquitlam. Really nice.

We had a really nice number of people. Not too many but not too few that it'd get awkward. :) Dinner was yummy. I made sure I didn't stuff myself until I got sick. I haven't really been able to eat very much lately it seems.

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[Thanksgiving Part One]


Seems like it's been a while since I've been free enough to actually be at a family/friend gathering. I'm not sure I like the constant busy-ness and not having a life.


For Thanksgiving this year we had the usual group of people over for dinner. It wasn't as exciting as it usually is for some reason though. Festivities don't seem to be as fun as they used to be.


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October 12, 2009

[The Never Ending Cycle]

So now that I'm done school, you'd think that people would think highly of the skills and education that I have attained in the last 2 years. Technically, the last 2 years would count as experience. This is not the case it seems.

No experience = No job = No qualifications = No money = No car = No job = No gaining of experience

It seems to keep on going. No matter what it is I look into to maybe improve on my resume, it leads to something else which requires something else. Obviously I cannot afford a vehicle if I have not a job. But so many jobs require you to have a vehicle. And even if I didn't get a job in the industry, and work at a restaurant, I'd be making more money than I do now. But how will I get home after working at a restaurant that's in Burnaby or Downtown when I'm sooo far away! Buses don't even run 2 ways where we live.

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October 10, 2009

[The Tao of Pooh]

Months ago I remember walking down Broadway with Tyler. We were exploring and found an old book store. It had tons and tons of comic books. At the back of the store there were a few book shelves and I'd found a little red book. You could tell it was different from the rest of the dull coloured and dusty hard covered books. It felt different and it was definitely well read since the pages flowed so easily. It was called The Tao of Pooh. I didn't really think much of it. I flipped through it then put it back. The other day my supervisor took that very same book out of her bag and asked if I had read it. She said I'd really enjoy it.. So I read it.

There are so many cartoons I watched as a child but never really knew the real meaning of the stories. They were just funny characters that went about their days and did silly things. I remember watching Puff the Magic Dragon numerous times. I believe either my grandmother or we owned the VHS for it. Winnie the Pooh was another cartoon I'd watch lots. It brings a lot back watching it all now from a different perspective.

I think it's kind of sad that as we grow older, we become more and more complex individuals and lose the ability to be simple minded (not stupid).

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[Next Top Model]





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October 7, 2009

[Grrr, Peoples...]


Joey and I decided we wanted to take some pictures .... of Joey. Then Jo put on my grad dress and Pepper had to dress up to match her!

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October 4, 2009

[A Day at the Park]


Jo and I brought Pepper for a walk today.

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October 3, 2009

[Jamie and Tyler visit The Zoo]


Both Ty and I love animals and we've both already been to the Aquarium 2wice... and fish hardly count as animals so we decided that we needed to visit The Greater Vancouver Zoo.

I've been to the Singapore Zoo which sets the standard pretty darn high. Compared to Singapore, Vancouver Zoo was more like... animals behind fences or a gaming farm as Ty put it.


When we first got there, we saw some normal animals like peacocks and ducks. Normal but still have some unique characteristics to them like the panda eyed ducks! They were really mean and made loud annoying squawks though.

Ty really liked the little piggies (above). They're actually Peccaries.


I managed to get a good picture of little G.


And I really liked the tiger.

I guess because we're in Vancouver, it's kind of tough to really have many exotic animals. We did see Lions, Hippos, a Rhino... along with some local animals like Deer, Elk and Ox.

Not the greatest zoo but still a zoo!!!! :)

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