November 30, 2009

[Who Says]

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November 26, 2009

[Jme's Wardrobe]


My standard-I-have-no-time-to-pick-out-an-outfit is generally jeans, a tank top, a t-shirt, a hoody and outer jacket. Sometimes the hoody is substituted with a long sleeved collared shirt. I'm a huge fan of getting the same thing but in a few different colours. Hey tank tops are sometimes 2 for 10! It's great!


Over time I've found that the t-shirt, jeans and hoody thing is great for work and hanging out. It suits my personality and haircut! But I stand out like a sore thumb when I'm at fancy dinners, photography events and other not-so-casual meetings.

I've been looking into different sorts of body shapes and cuts in clothing and found that certain styles have been working for both casual and semi formal occasions. When at events, I look around and everyone getting dolled up and every time I try to throw some make-up on my face it literally looks like it's been thrown on. I just don't get it! Maybe I should just get some really red lipstick.


In my head I have a list of things which I think are must haves of each category. I've recently picked up a formal jacket and a couple tank tops with little roses on them for a not-so-formal price which I was quite happy about. I guess I have to get used to it as well as grow my hair out a bit. Some days I like the spikey-shortness of my hair, other days I wish my hair was long and flowy and I could curl it for real. If only hair was like clothes. Suppose I could get wigs but that's just weird!

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November 25, 2009

[I Love my Label Maker]


Despite being a not-so-neat-and-tidy type of person, you'll find some form of organization in my messes.


Not sure what it is but I love my sticker label maker. You get to pick what letters you want! Click. And it took a while before I realized that the little symbol that looks like a pair of scissors actually cuts it! And then hey! You have a little tab to pull the sticker off the plastic and stick it wherever you want!

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November 24, 2009

[Another Fundraiser]


I probably should be getting more film related gigs however I can't seem to find any with people who really want photographers. Directors and Producers are sooo busy getting everything else coordinated to worry about the freakin' photographer.

I attended another fundraiser last night. This time it was a Bachelor Auction. At first I wasn't sure what was going on as I signed up for this one a month ago however it got pushed. So I was there thinking.. ok.. well... I know it's a fundraiser. I know it's fancy dressed. But.. what is it!

The girl in charge kept using the word "Bachelor" and I was kinda like..So are all the guys "Bachelors".

Turned out that it was a Bachelor Auction formed by the Kuwasha Project to raise funds for a village in Tanzania. The village has absolutely no electricity and at night time their source of light is from kerosene lamps which is hazardous and many people have been killed in house fires because of it. These people are raising money so that they can install solar panels in their houses so they can have light. What's cool though is it only takes 100CAD to light one house.

Throughout the night there was food, drinks and oh-em-gee, CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAINS (White and Milk Chawwwwcolate). The auction started around 8 and went on for what seemed like forever. Basically, each guy comes up on the stage and is paired with some item like a 100$ Visa Card or Gift Certificates to Spas or Movie Tickets or Vouchers to certain restaurants. There were also Hockey Jerseys and Canucks Tickets. So the bidding starts at 10 and works its way up to as high as it can go as with any auction and I was surprised at how much people were willing to pay. I think the average amount per guy was probably between 70 and 90 dollars. That's almost one house! This went on until midnight!

I kind of like these events. It's nice to meet new people and see what everyone is up to in the city.

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November 22, 2009

[Paint for Peace Winter 2009]

Today I attended the Paint for Peace event held to raise money for an Orphanage and Women's Rights centre in Nigeria. Along with the showcase, there were galleries with art work by children in Bethlehem, Palestine. Lastly, the third showcase was a bracelet sale for children who are physically and mentally disabled in Ecuador. It was really nice to be a part of the group (I was the main photographer). They were all really friendly people who all seemed to know who I was when I got there. Kind of creepy but hey they were nice!

The main event "Paint for Peace" was a live painting session followed by a silent auction. There were probably 50 artists in the room all with canvases of different sizes, different styles and different mediums.



I had a couple friends contribute their artwork to the fundraiser. Pretty cool. There are so many talented artists out there. I must have been there for 4 hours and still people were painting. Some were even on to their 2nd or 3rd paintings.

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November 21, 2009

[Wurls and Twirls]


I'm not sure what it is about this new interest in longer, curlier hair. Maybe it's because growing up I've never really been one to get dolled up and do up my hair. Or maybe my hair's just never been able to be controlled like this until now. But I'm kinda liking it. :P I'm not sure what I'll look like with long hair and bangs and have it curly and actually under control. My long straight hair during highschool didn't count because it was forced to be straight. So much so that I don't really like my hair straight anymore. I want some curves and waves and twirls. It was tough doing that with the straightening iron but I've seen it happen (youtube!) and I'm determined to become a pro hair curler!

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November 20, 2009

[Downtown Granville]


I love downtown. There's always something interesting going on. Always interesting people doing things that you'd think of doing but never do.

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[Adventures with Ashley]

Whenever I go out with Ty, I tell my mom that we're going exploring cause really that's what we're doing. We enjoy just picking a point to start and just walking in whichever direction looks interesting. We usually end up walking for hours but end up in new and interesting places! My mom's reaction to that: "Exploring? Is that what you guys call it nowadays? Back in the day, we called it dating.

Today Ashley brought me on an adventure to go pick up something from her friend's school. Well! She told me it'd be a short trip since VFS is really close by. Our trip tripled in duration as we missed the stop by way too many blocks. We went from downtown through to the really sketchy parts of Hastings St (where the hobo army and crack addicts subside) all the way to almost-Burnaby. When we realized we'd missed the stop, we got off and caught a bus from the other side of the street back. That bus however for some reason didn't want to stop for us where we wanted and took a detour. We ended up in Chinatown!


When we finally got to the school we got a ride back but again another detour to her friend's house. I got to take some pretty nice pictures of her cat, Lucius. We remember Lucius from back when she was a kitten right? Same cat, only WAY bigger!


I'm not usually a fan of cats since they really don't seem to give a shit about you when they get older. This particular one is extremely friendly and silly though. I'm pretty sure she loves the camera. She'd just sprawl all over the ground and roll over and be all cute.


We headed towards the movie theatre (our original plan for the day) and stopped by Granville Stn to take some photos. I'll be taking engagement photos for a couple come December and suggested a shot in the skytrain station however haven't ever done it before. Well my plan was an epic fail since I didn't get the shot I needed but still some pretty nice ones.

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November 19, 2009

[Drummer Boy]

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[A Sweet Pair of Headphones]


Over the years, I've always had this idea that good electronics cost lots and if you get the cheap stuff, they break fast or don't work as well. Obviously a pair of dollar store headsets aren't going to sound too great or stay in tact for long however I've gotten 7 - 10 dollar headsets and they work great. Ever since I got an iPod I've used the pair that come with however I've worn those down to the point where the rubbers just ain't rubbery no more (kinda gross, I know). Really I haven't gone through many. A set of iPod ones and a set of peacock blue ones that cost me 7 bucks. Those lasted quite a few months before the rubber ring decided to fall off and disappear. Today I found a pair of M&M headphones. COOL! :D!

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[Trendy or Unique?]


Last Winter, someone thought it'd be a great idea to take the traditional green garden gum boot and turn it into something fashionable. I thought it was ridiculous. They took the boot, slimmed it down so it had more of a feminine shape to it and made them ridiculously bright and bold colours. I remember saying it's so stupid looking. Well.. this year I changed my mind about it. Simply because they do keep your feet dry from the fricken rain storms we've been having lately. It does help that they're colourful and shaped that way so it matches my outfit too. :) Everyday I look around and check out other people's gum boot designs and wish I had theirs. At times I do like mine too though. :P

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November 18, 2009

[Career Expo]


Took the day off work to check out this Career Expo which took place at the Roundhouse Community Centre. I checked out the directions and now it's SUPER easy to get there since the new skytrain goes right by


Ashley came along with me since we're both kinda in the same boat, both still looking for work.


When we got there I realized that I'd been there before! Back in highschool we were there for a film festival.

We both walked around and picked up pamphlets, books, business cards, information sheets, membership applications and tons of PENS!

At the end of our tour, Ashley decided she wanted to go back to school and I decided that I need to look for more volunteer work. It's pretty hard to get into a union to become a stills photographer for movies. I don't think I've ever really seen photos of a shoot that look all that fancy! So now I begin my epic journey to collect photos from 100 different productions which will eventually lead me to a possible union position which will hopefully lead me to bigger productions around Vancouver and maybe down in the states.

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[Almost Sweet]


Joey celebrated her 15th birthday over the weekend.

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November 15, 2009



This month is Movember. This means all guys grow a moustache for prostate cancer awareness and to raise money to help fight it.

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November 13, 2009

[Latest Obsession]

In the last few months my mom has picked up an interest in wheel-spun pottery. Our house has slowly been filling up with pots that she's made. They started off looking like slightly deformed ash trays which eventually turned into really pretty round pots of different sizes with intricate designs. Latest I've seen they've turned into deformed mugs (on purpose this time though)

Here's her telling us about the different rolling pins she stole from her baking drawer to roll out her clay. Definitely won't be using those to make cookies anymore. :P

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[Jamie travels from end to end]

Everyday is like this epic journey across Vancouver to run errand after errand. Only they aren't really errands I suppose? I had to mail my photos to each event I've taken stills at. Then had to travel from Surrey all the way to Richmond via car-slash-transit to pick up a new lens someone was selling to me.

It's probably been at least a month and a half if not two since the new Canada Line to YVR and Richmond opened and I still hadn't had a chance to ride it. Guess there really is no reason for me to travel that way.

Well I figured that since I had the car that I had tons of time to get all I needed to do, done. My epic plan died slowly as I got stuck in traffic for at least 40 minutes heading out across the Portman due to an accident.

That slowed me down which made me speed up my walking pace when I got to Metrotown even though I still had lots of time since I'd left early. I'm not sure what it is that makes me rush from place to place. I'm just so used to having to get from place to place and not miss any buses or skytrains along the way that speed walking is normal.

Some days I just decide, screw it, I'm walking at my own pace and taking my time.

So the lens I got is the Canon EF 75 - 300mm telephoto so now I can play papparazzi at parades and take pictures of the moon! Tyler really wants to take pictures of bugs.

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November 9, 2009


Rest days are pretty rare so when they come around, Tyler and I just wanna do nothing and watch movies all day. This weekend, his dad decided to surprise him and come visit so we went on another adventure to show him around the city.


We hit the usual spots and braved the chilly air.


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November 8, 2009

[VAFF 2009]


I got a phone call a few days ago from a photographer who mentioned that the VAFF (Vancouver Asian Film Festival) was looking for photographers. So I got a chance to meet some people, get snap shots and watch some of the films and documentaries.


It was pretty neat that all the themes were Asian Cultured. But within that there were a number of different races like Vietnamese, Phillipino, Korean and Chinese.

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[Jamie Diane Time]

After we graduated from high school, Diane and I drifted a little because we were both busy with our own things. And now it's even tougher to hang out with her since she's constantly studying!


It's never a dull moment with Diane though. :)

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November 7, 2009

[The Hini]

Pronounced... high-knee. That's what Tyler calls it anyway. I think something like 15 people in Vancouver have died because of the H1N1 virus. Some have told me that it could attack just anyone, even if they're healthy. Some have said that it's nothing to worry about just something a little worse than the common flu.

It's gotten to the point where some of the people closest to me are getting it and when I stand on the skytrain packed full of people, it kinda scares me when one by one everyone begins coughing (and NOT covering their mouths).

Well, hopefully my body will be strong enough to fight it off.

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November 4, 2009


I think I've written in a past entry about living. I wrote that I've always been one to think far ahead in the future. I worry about what I do now that may affect the future. I'm constantly thinking about certain dates I have to remember. I'm constantly checking my schedule in case I forgot something. I'm sure this has to do with the sort of industry I have decided to be a part of. I've found that for many many years of my life, this is what I've done. I've never really sat myself down and thought about the present. Not just present as in today. But present as in the present moment. Life goes by ever so quickly that I don't even realize that I'm sitting at this desk, on this chair, typing on this keyboard. I don't realize that it's 11:18pm and everyone is resting. I don't realize that I am relaxing and enjoying this quiet time of my day to sit and blog about this. (Well. I must be now because I'm writing about it.) So much happens in a day and so many thoughts go through my head that I don't even have time sometimes to just stop and think about how much I'm enjoying life.

Many people just look at the end. The final product. What will I get in the end. But for so many years I've lived like that and wasted it. Not because I didn't accomplish anything but because I didn't make it a point to sit and just think about what I am doing and how much I enjoy the time instead of thinking about what will be next when I'm done.

It seems that anticipating this moment, good or bad... will turn out bad either way. If I anticipate the end of a project.. completion.. being able to turn it into a client. It's gone. Done with. And somehow, the feeling of actual accomplishment isn't very much. Because I planned it all out in my head that it would turn out differently. Then disappointment sets it. And well hey, if I anticipate something bad happening and constantly live on the edge, worrying about what may pop up, then well, it just allows myself to create more of this negative energy which will most likely result in a bad outcome.

So in conclusion, I've decided that my life is way too short to worry about what's to come. It's not even that I'm not even thinking about the future. But more like I'm aware of past, present and future however not allowing that to control me. It would suck to fear every single thing that happens in the world... Like.. What sort of diseases I may get. What sort of job will I get and will that allow me to live in a nice big house. I'm not sure why people fear failing. It's not really the best thing in the world. But I think everyone has it in them to pick themselves up and just take life a day at a time. Worrying and fear just slows it down, creates negative thoughts and makes you really tired from thinking so much!!

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November 1, 2009

[Global Gallery Fashion Show]

Part of my volunteering this week included the school's Graduation Fashion Show. I've never really liked fashion students. They tend to be extremely snobby and stuck up and expect everyone to wait on them like they're kings and queens. They're just not very pleasant people to be around.

I wrote in to the school to ask if I could help out and take photos of the show. I mean hey.. who doesn't want volunteers right? It's me or nothing at all.

When I get to the show, of course everyone's all dressed up.... Family... Friends.. Grandparents... Everyone seems to have that same snobby attitude even the greeters. Jeez. I let them know who I am and immediately I'm brushed away like dirt and had to stand in the corner. Oh great! Thanks! Really not impressed by A.i.


Well, the people may be really difficult to deal with but the show was pretty good. 2 hours of dances and runways.

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[A Random Visit]


Maybe not so random. Diane came to borrow our printer and her sister tagged along to see Pepper. :)

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