December 30, 2009

[Alberta Day 6: Snowboarding on Marmot]


We were picked up super early on Monday and drove 2 hours to Marmot Ski Resort, Jasper. Everyone told me I'd see some animals here but I didn't! :(


We planned to get there just as the resort was opening and since it was a Monday we figured it wouldn't be packed. Boy was it packed. I guess everyone was still on Christmas vacation.

We got our stuff ready. Boarding pants.. boards.. gloves.. goggles.. etc.. and then Jake, one of Ty's buddies locks the keys in the truck along with his money and jacket. At first they wanted to break a window to get in. But then we decided we had all we needed to board and we'd pay for his ticket and lunch first. It worked out well and the massive line to get tickets wasn't too bad.


I had to get used to my board since we did a rental. They were really nice boards but just a wee bit bigger than mine and so the bindings were slightly further apart. It's harder to board when you have such a wide stance!


O Em Gee I thought getting on the chairlift at Cypress or Whistler was scary. These chairs are FAST and they just scoop you u and man were we HIIIIGH up!


Ty told me that BC doesn't have real mountains and I was kinda like.. well our mountains are pretty high up. We can see the entire city from our mountains. Well on Marmot you could see the entire Rocky Mountain Plain. And when you get off the chairlift (it dumps you off), your legs get wobbly just looking down. On the sides of the bowl were huge walls of fresh snow.. meaning if someone hit it, there would definitely be an avalanche. THAT scared me!


The first run was a bit scary. The snow over there is a little different from BC. BC has light fluffy snow but when its carved out it becomes a little moist and so it slows you down a wee bit. In AB, it's so cold that the snow becomes packed and crunchy and extremely slippery! In BC when there's little lumps of rocky snow, you WILL crash when you hit it. In AB, I was scared that was going to happen but you could just go right over them. And because it was such a huge area to board on, it was a little easier to ride coz I wouldn't be scared of hitting someone.

We hit huge bowls which I was terrified to go down at first but once I realized I just had to keep going, it was cool. These bowls are so deep they almost go vertical when you go down and it's the same on the way up and if you don't go the speed you'll be hiking up.


Ty and I did some hiking when we got stuck in some trees. That was tiring. D:


After a few runs, we had to head down for lunch and call up AMA to come open the car for us. The guys were on the phone for a good 45 minutes before getting their information over. We were put on hold so much that Jake just decided he was going to smash his window.


After lunch we got a few good runs in and by then I was warmed up and not so scared of flipping on my board. When the hill was closing down around 4, we had to reach the base and head up to the parking lots on this thing called a T-Bar. I've used a Rope Pull or Tug before where we just hold on to rope and it pulls us up the hill instead of the chairlift. This one was a giant plastic T that went between your legs and pulled you from your inner thigh and Ty wanted me to go first so I wouldn't get left behind. I was like.. ok well how hard can it be. So here I am standing there. Lady puts the plastic between my legs and it goes.. and then I freak out coz my leg isn't on my board so it pulls me sideways instead of straight. Then they were like well you have to pay attention!!! Ohhhhhh.... After that it was pretty easy to do. Just like water skiing but upwards!


Because we locked all our stuff in the car, we didn't get to eat our Subway sandwiches we'd gotten for lunch. Good thing too coz we had them for dinner! :D They were ice cold, the same temperature we got them in the morning. That's the one thing that's good about being in such a cold country. Even if you leave sandwiches in the car they're good at the end of the day. All your water freezes though.


We were exhausted at the end of the day. I haven't been this tired from snowboarding in ages. I was aching from head to toe. My toes were crushed from my socks clumping up under them all day. My joints were all sore from bending in strange directions. My BUTT was bruised from falling when I was still getting used to the snow. That's definitely the most exercise I've gotten in a while. :P

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[Alberta Day 5: Quadding]


In Singapore, I remember the small yard we had in the condo we lived in. My mom filled it with lots of plants and a pond where we kept turtles. You could probably fit 2 people in the garden at a time and it over looked a path which bordered all the buildings and beyond that was just a constant flow of traffic.

This is Tyler's backyard! It takes roughly half an hour to walk from one end of the land to the other and it's filled with trees, animals and snow!


We had planned to head out to do some ski-doo-ing coz one of his buddies just got one and said we could try it out. When we got there they couldn't get it started so they decided to get the quad started. People in BC call it an ATV (all terrain vehicle). 3 of us rode it to a trail about 5 minutes away.


I wasn't really sure what we were doing but it was pretty crazy! And cold! The hairs in my nostrils were frozen (it's the weirdest feeling ever). When we made it to some trails. They asked if I wanted to drive it. I was like "I GET TO DRIVE IT!!!" I rode it down a couple trails until we came to a hill and I was kinda like.. umm...a hill?! Lol Ty's buddy drove it down the hill and we reached the river which was completely frozen over so we drove on it. :D We could see the train tracks from down below and it was just amazing. Unfortunately we thought we'd be getting wet and so I didn't bring my phone or my camera. :( No pictures....


We spent the night learning how to play Munchkins. :D!

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[Alberta Day 4: Edson]


Our next stop was Edson which was another 2 hours away if I remember correctly. We had some Christmas dinner (again) before Ty's dad had to head out to work.


This last bit of 2009 was a bit of a technological downer for Ty. Over the summer, this Xbox died and shortly after, his computer crashed and wouldn't turn on. He got us a small DVD player just so we could at least watch movies on the weekends since all he had was his TV.

Well this Christmas his dad got him and Sean a new Xbox Elite. :)

After his dad left for work, we went to Wal Mart to look for sleds and toboggans so we could go sledding! It was the first thing he wanted to do when we arrived and no one wanted to go with us! We finally got these little foam dishes and did a couple runs down a hill at a park by his house. Unfortunately that was the extent of our sledding this time around.


I was ready to crash when we got back to the house. Ty and Sean set up the Xbox and started playing the games they'd already gotten. I guess they knew it was coming. Ty's friends visited after and I felt kinda bad sleeping so I dragged myself off the couch to say hi. In a way I feel like I already know them all from the birthday video I put together for him. One of his friends is a super computer genius and so he helped me film all of Ty's bestfriends and sent the videos over here so I could include it in the video.

The guys hung out and it was nice listening to them talk about all the crazy things they used to do. It's cool seeing how different we are yet with times changing, all of us kinda meet in the middle.

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[Alberta Day 3: Whitecourt]


On Christmas morning, 9 in the morning, we awoke to *BAM BAM BAM BAM* and "wake up! It's Christmas!" on our door. Ty's mom was up way before us and ready to open some presents. Ty got me a little iPod dock so I can listen to music in my room at a decent audio level! :) He's so thoughtful. He also got us Munchkins! (I've been wanting to learn how to play this game for a while)

Outside, there was lots of frost on the trees. I'm thinking, ok well it's already snowy as it is how can there possibly be more frost. So I learn that this frost is called Hoar Frost which is the type of crystal that forms on branches at night time when it gets really cold. The guys weren't too sure how it got its name and I immediately thought they meant "Whore frost" and their definition was "it happens at night time". Hahaha. I don't think the 2 have anything to do with each other.

After being in and around town, I noticed that everyone has winter tires and a lot of cars have remotes that start up their car from inside coz it takes a while for them to heat up. In parking lots there are plugs to plug the car to so that the engine doesn't freeze. Makes sense. :P


We drove 3 hours to a town called Whitecourt where we were having Christmas dinner with the rest of the family. I've finally gotten used to traveling around Vancouver. I guess it wasn't hard since I rarely did much traveling in Singapore. Not on my own anyway. It takes 15 minutes at the most to get downtown in Singapore. In Vancouver it takes around an hour and a half if there aren't any people around.


I loved that there was just snow EVERYWHERE. Everything was white which made it really bright. It's like the summer but cold! It's so bright that you could get snow-blind if you don't have shades.

This is GiGi little... silky terrier or something. Sooo cute!

I didn't really take too many photos of dinner time for some reason. Dinner was the usual; mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, ham, veggies. I think all Christmas dinners are generally the same but somehow there's that very slight difference in taste. We had 3 different kinds of mashed potato (potatoe, yam and turnip). Mmmm. And man I don't think I've had such a consistent amount of alcohol in my system before.

The night went on and on and by 3am we were finally able to fall into bed and pass out. The next morning we visited some more and had to leave for Edson to meet Ty's dad and see where Ty grew up. :)


Everyone has a dog it seems. In the morning, one of Ty's aunts passes me a bundle kinda like a soft cushiny bag and Litte Magoo popped out of it! :D!

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[Alberta Day 1 & 2: YVR to YEG]


December has been non stop running around, working, traveling and exploring. After playing tourist for 2 weeks with friends from Singapore, I leveled up to actual tourist in Alberta.

I've been on a plane many times in my life but never really traveled on my own before. I guess it's not really traveling all that far. Our flight was an hour and 12 minutes which I thought was ridiculous since it takes me that long to get to work everyday in transit and even longer getting home.

We were on a pretty small plane and as we crossed over the Rockies there was quite a bit of turbulence which freaked me out for a bit. Despite the -rocki-ness-, the view was just beautiful. We flew over a huuuuge area of mountains all covered in snow.


Ty's mom picked us up from the airport in Edmonton and we went for lunch. The moment we stepped out of the airport, the air was crisp and cold. It was bright and sunny out. It was the same feeling when we arrived in Vancouver. Things have gotten much warmer in BC for some reason in the last 8 years.

Hey hey gas prices are way cheaper in AB!

The first 2 days were pretty relaxing. We chilled Ty's mom's apartment in Camrose and met a few people. Ty and I went for a walk to look for a lake which was definitely hidden under the snow which went up to my knees.



The next day we had a small dinner at home before heading out to Whitecourt for Xmas dinner.

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December 20, 2009

[Ice Boarding]

We were all a bit bummed out when our trip to Cypress had to be canceled due to the rain. Kinda sucks snowboarding when it's sprinkling rain. The following day we tried again. This time we were greeted with a bit of sunshine. I however was greeted with some strange food poisoning!

My morning began like this:

Got up.
Had a quarter of a banana nut muffin with my dad.
Made tea (orange pekoe with evaporated milk since we were out of regular milk).
Had Vitamin C and Zinc pills (because I'm coming down with some sort of sickness)
Had a Contact pill for coughs (because I didn't want to be coughing up on the hill)
Had one bit of whole wheat toast with honey on it (started to feel sick and a fruit fly decided he wanted to share my toast)
Washed it all down with some ribena

I became nauseous but I figured with some fresh air, I'd be fine when we got to Cypress. Didn't feel so great during the car ride and just as we got to the base of the mountain, I looked at my dad and said "I'm going to throw up!" .... and I did. Then I felt much better!!

What's weird is the last time I threw up was a LONG time ago. Probably 13 years ago when I had the stomach flu. I guess I've had times when I've almost thrown up but there never was anything in me TO throw up.


We made it to Cypress and I felt great. We got our rentals and finally made our way to the bottom of the lift to buckle up. Things were great, we were all excited! Then they had to stand up and walk to the lift, one foot bound to the board. That took a while.


Getting on the lift was like a nightmare for Brenda. It was even worse once we got to the top of the bunny hill. It was a bit tough to get them started learning because it had rained the day before and frozen over night so it was kinda slippery.


Throughout the day as more and more people were carving up the hill it got a bit easier. I spent the first hour trying to teach them. Eventually I went up on a few runs for a while by myself. It was wayyyyyy nicer up higher. There was REAL snow up there!

When I came back down to find Jessica and Brenda, I couldn't find them. So I went back up for another run and found them going up the chairlift. I met them again and figured, an hour later that maybe they'd be on their 3rd run. Nope! 2nd run only! They spent an hour deciding whether or not to make a 2nd run.

I ended up going up probably 6 or 7 runs before coming down for lunch. By then, Brenda was exhausted from trying to stand up. We broke for lunch and Jess decided she'd want to do one more run before she call it quits. I thought maybe if I taught her just a little bit more that she'd follow me up higher. Well that didn't work because she decided to do a crazy flip before she called it quits.


It was actually quite good that it was icy and that the Olympics are starting up soon. There were no line ups and since I was alone, I could skip the lines and go through the single line which really wasn't a line at all. It was lift, board, lift, board all day.

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[Fish Eye Flash Back]


Because we had to get a waterproof disposable camera for going up the mountain to take photos with (our waterproof camera died in Oregon when we went rafting :( ...), I had to drop it off to develop. I got to develop another one of my fisheye ones. I guess I haven't really posted many fisheye shots since I haven't ever gotten a CD. I don't know why I never thought of it before.

So here are a few flashbacks from the summer. Up there is Tyler blowing some bubbles on Bubble Day on Commercial Dr.



Then there's a Bridge to a Cool Planet.


And I believe this is when Tyler came to visit me after I finished up photo-taking at B2CP. We made pies after! :) (Refer to post: Jamie and Tyler make pies!!)

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December 19, 2009

[Epic Fail]

Our original plan for Friday was to head up to Cypress to do some boarding. Jess has been eagerly waiting for the moment she can hop into a pair of boots and strap on a board to ride the mountain. We were however greeted with rain, fog and warm air. NOT COOL!

Well not boarding meant we could attend the Christmas Assembly at the highschool and catch up with some movie watching.

When we got to FH, there was loud music playing and a large group of people dancing. My friends were a bit puzzled and then I realized that class wasn't out yet and that the PE classes were in their last day of their dance unit. Jess and Brenda had their jaws dropped "This is PE?!"


We pretended to be students amongst probably 400 students or more on the bleachers (and some on the ground).


Later on in the evening, we got dolled up and did a fashion photoshoot with the new clothes we got in the last 2 weeks. I look like such a goon trying to put on make-up. Maybe a little more practice. I keep thinking it's a lot harder than it really is.


Being a model is tough. We tried mimicking professional models but it just wasn't right! We did get some pretty nice photos though. I'm pretty sure we can start our own magazine! :)

Well, next up is snowboarding!

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December 18, 2009

[Seattle Premium Outlets]


Over the years, we've been to a few outlets down in the states. We've driven past Seattle a few times but never really stopped to shop.


My friends have been slowly filling their suitcases with clothes, bags and CANDY. And not just any sort of clothes! The brands they've been buying are (hoooo) Tommy, Oakley, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Levis...

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I can't seem to find any of our old pictures. I know there are a few of us back in the day when we were still in MGS in our uniforms (the one the bear is wearing).

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[Some Christmas Spirit]


My mom got us a gingerbread house kit so the 3 of us sat down and built it.


I gave my snowman boobs. So I guess that makes it a snow-woman.

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December 13, 2009

[First Snow]


Jess and Brenda got to see snow for the first time today (We're excluding the flurries we've had in the last 2 days)


We also built their first snowman. :)

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December 12, 2009

[My Pages]


More photos taken by my dad.

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[Sight See-ing]


When we head out, it's tough for us to travel anywhere to really sight see. When I mean sight see I mean to see trees and rivers and snow and mountains and such. We've seen lots of people, trains, weirdos and hobos as well as done some shopping.

Today we drove out to North Van to see some snow!

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[Science World]


In the last 8 years I've been here, I have never ever gone to Science World. Always wanted to but somehow never got the chance. Well since we're playing tourist this and next week, I finally go to check it out!

The Omnimax Theatre was really trippy and some of the exhibits were pretty cool but I don't think my brain was in the mood for standing there and learning at that time. We were surrounded by TONS of kids as well which was probably why I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would have. Nevertheless, pretty cool.

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[Doc Martens]


Yay Doc Martens!

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December 11, 2009

[8 years later]


Ever since moving out here, my friends have talked about coming out here to visit. 8 years later, they're here!

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December 8, 2009

[Rogers Santa Claus Parade 09]


This year was a year NOT to miss any special events and I wasn't about to miss the Santa Claus Parade!


This is the second official time I've been able to use my new telephoto lens. :) I like playing paparazzi!


Tyler and I were there an hour early (Obviously coz I wouldn't let us be late and have a bad spot). Ty on the other hand hates waiting. He ended up at Chapters looking for a book which he read until the parade started which he was happy doing. I was happy snapping my photos.

By the time the parade was half way done the cold from the cement below us froze our butts and toes. I had to get up so we missed SANTA. I thought there'd be TONS of Santas but nope. Just one. Ok well.. 2 .. One Russian Santa and one American.

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December 5, 2009


glam·our also glam·or (glām'ər) n.

1. An air of compelling charm, romance, and excitement, especially when delusively alluring.


It's that time of the year again. The christmas tree was set up. There was a lot of hustle and bustle going on in the house. Lots of vacuuming and cleaning. Our once-was-living-room is now my dad's make-shift photo studio. We took some christmas photos tonight! :)

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December 4, 2009

[Flying East for the Winter]


Usually people fly down South along with the geese for the Winter. I, however, have decided to fly East to the Wintery and snowy coldness of Alberta. Will be on a trip there with Tyler visiting his hometown for Christmas and I've been warned that it will NOT be warm. I've never really been in any place colder than what it is here in the Winter. I'm not even sure if it gets below negative 20 degrees here. I've been told that it's around negative 40 to negative 50 there with wind chill. Ohhhhhohoho...

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[Best Styling Product]


My hair never looks good after it's been washed, dried and straightened (ok maybe sometimes when it's straightened). It's always the best the day I have to wash it. Ever since I started taking public transit more and more, I've made sure that I showered every single day and at one point I shampooed my hair every other day. Now that we live in a cold country, my skin's begun reacting whenever it gets cold and dry out and I've been told NOT to wash my hair or even take a shower everyday. Not take a shower everyday?!?! Seems a bit gross but my body does need to produce the natural oils to keep my skin looking good! Well here's me with my naturally stylized hair.

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[Engagement Pictures]


A few weeks ago, I was asked to take engagement photos for friends of a friend. I've never officially gone out and taken photos with people I don't know before so it was an interesting experience. I guess I'll have to keep doing it since there will always be different characters to meet and work with.

These guys looked perfect for a Gap Ad or something. :)

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December 1, 2009



Lots of people have taken pictures of the moon. It's crazy that from earth, we can capture something so far away and even though a jahzillion people have taken moon pictures, it's sweet to have taken my own!

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[N is for November]

It's a tad bit late for November but I suppose this was to celebrate the month of November.

Ty and I were invited by a co-worker of mine to a dinner party at his and his fiance's apartment to celebrate the glorious month of November as well as his bestfriend's birthday. We were kind of a minority in the party since it was part cafe part other friends. Jeff's been planning this party for quite a while now and he's been raving about a 7 course dinner and going into great detail as to what was going to be prepared that night.

So come party day, all 25 - 30 of us stuffed ourselves cozily in his tiny apartment along with 3 dogs, 2 of which belonged to them. There was drinks, wine, pop.. everything.

It must have been the longest dinner ever. We got there around 5:30 - 6ish, just a little bit later than the targeted dinner time however there were still people missing and Jeff insisted that everyone be there before starting since it's a 7 course dinner with dessert and a presentation as to what we were celebrating.

Not until 8pm did dinner officially start and by then we were starving which was a good thing because by course 3 I was stuffed. I don't quite remember exactly what each specific dish was called but here's what we had:


1. Choux pastry with tomato salad and turkey breast with a balsamic blackberry sauce.
2. Tomato Bisque with crab cakes
3. Brie cheese tarts with steamed pear, apricot and a jalapeno sauce
4. Cobb salad (greens with 3 different choices of skewered meat, shrimp and veggies with 3 kinds of dressing)
(Ty and I were stuffed by this point and it must have been 11pm by then)
4. Potato, Asparagus with some sort of meat. I'm guessing steak. I never got to eat this dish coz it was way too late for us to stay.
5. Some sort of dessert
6. Caramel and crushed skor bar in a shortbread pastry
7. ?

I'm not too sure how the night ended since we missed it. All I know is dinner didn't officially end until 1am which is ridiculous!!! But it was definitely a really really yummy night. :)

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