January 31, 2010

[En Karma]

I've never really found work (my job) to be a chore. Even when I work at the cafe everyday, I somehow find a way to make it enjoyable. I like the cafe cause I know pretty much everyone else who works there and it's a nice tight knit community. On certain days I guess it gets a bit annoying from being there just way too much.


For the first time I actually don't feel like I'm working at all with all this blogging going on. I do this everyday! :)

Today I got to meet En Karma (See music videos below)at one of their rehearsals. Their genre of music would be a mixture of bhangra with modern hip hop and rap beats. They mix traditional instruments like the dhol drum as well as the iktar which is synthesized on the keyboards I think with guitars, bass and drums. I'm really beginning to enjoy Bhangra music even if many songs have similar beats and melodie. :P

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[Exhibition India]


As part of my work with VIBC, I attended Exhibition India to check out the UBC Girlz performances. The UBC Bhangra team have been together for the last 6 years and they hold fundraisers every year with different organizations. Exhibition India was put together with BC Children's Hospital and together they raised 15,000 I think. Over the course of the last 6 years they've raised at least 50,000 which is pretty impressive.

A lot of the show was in Punjabi which made it a bit difficult to understand the skits but I definitely enjoyed the dances. Many of these dancers will be performing at the Olympics.

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[Miss Sweet Pea Pageant]


Over the weekend I got a job taking photos at the Miss Sweet Pea Pageant 2010 which was held at Delta Secondary School. I've never been to a pageant before but I've seen reality shows on them. Usually there's a lot of hustle and bustle and it always ends with kids in tears. Well there was definitely lots of hustle and bustle and children EVERYWHERE. I was stressed out just watching all of them run around with their mothers frantically trying to get them into their outfits.


After the pageant actually started, I kinda warmed up to the idea of having their kids in them. They were all just sooooooo cute and everyone wins! Well everyone wins SOMEthing like a tiara and a goody bag.

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[Her Morning Elegance]


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January 29, 2010



The Burnaby Campus will be merging with the newly built Renfrew Campus come June and so I most likely will not be working at the cafe anymore. I figure my live will once again be shifting and I'll be moving with a slightly different crowd of people. I gotta start snapping pictures of me and all the people I've been working with for the last 2 years!!!!


Once a week for the last 2 years there has been an open mic day whereby during the half hour lunch break, anyone who is brave enough can come up to the mic and sing or dance or do stand up or anything they want really. In the last year, we've only had... this one guy who does it consistently every week (along with a few randoms). We call Braden the "open mic guy" and along with everything in the cafe, it's just so normal for us all now. We have a few regulars that come by pretty much everyday and order pretty much the same things that all of us just know... Probably means I should be getting a different job. :P

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January 28, 2010

[Never Say Never]

This is such a nice song to listen to, just lie in a giant room of pillows with some ice cream and relax.
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[En Karma]

En Karma is a local band. They mix traditional Bhangra beats with modern hip hop and R&B sort of styles forming a new age sort of form. They will be performing at Quantum Bhangra in February at the Cultural Olympiad.

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January 27, 2010

[Jamie and Tyler turn 1!]


Exactly 365 days ago, Tyler and I would have just finished dinner on our very first date. It took us forever to decide where we should go (Both of us are extremely indecisive when it comes to things like that. I think it's because we don't mind doing whatever as long as we're both there) but we ended up at the Cactus Club.

In the past I never really thought dates were all that important. Like sure there are holidays and festivals and there's birthdays but if you were to show someone you cared or thought about them you could do that any day. This year (well last year) however I've found it kind of fun remembering certain days. It gives you something to look forward to and celebrate. :)


I've heard many good things about Anton's, a pasta bar close by Tyler's place. It's been recommended by many people and there's always a huge line up outside it during dinner time. Well if there's a line up then it must be good. :) We decided to go there for lunch.

Being a crazy authentic Italian restaurant and all, they had a very wide variety of pastas and sauces. I had Chicken Marsala which had chickens, mushrooms and swirly pasta and marsala wine. I'm not sure what Ty had. Even he didn't remember. It had a very interesting taste though. For 10 bucks a bowl, we got a GIANT HEAP of a serving. It could last me 3 meals! On the side, Ty got us a bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay. Mmm yummay.

When I look back at all our photos it just amazes me how much time has gone by and all the things we've done in 09. Well, here's to another great year ahead of us. :D


I have to put this picture in. Buddha Monkey! She's so tiny it's just so cute.

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January 26, 2010

[Quantum Bhangra]

In roughly 20 days the Olympic sporting events will commence and everyone in VanCity is frantically trying to advertise as much as they can so that shows will be filled to the max.


I'm currently working alongside VIBC as their Photographer and Event Blogger to help promote the upcoming Quantum Bhangra performance presented with the Cultural Olympiad.

I always thought that this Olympic thing was all about the games. It seems that it's a lot bigger than I thought with all of the world's greatest performers running shows all over Vancouver. I guess it's cause I only ever see the Olympic celebrations on TV. We see the opening and closing ceremony, never anything happening around the city or country.

I've seen a couple Bhangra dances in school and at talent shows and find the music extremely catchy but just never really researched it. A lot of the songs have a similar beat and melody and it is oh-so-catchy. It just makes you wanna get up and dance. What I've learned is that Bhangra originates from the 14th - 15th century Punjab regions of India and Pakistan. These dances, orignally folk dances, were performed by farmers during the harvest festival (Vaisakhi). Now they are usually performed at special events like Weddings, New Year parties and other important occasions.

I'm really glad to be part of the Olympics even though it's going to be a PAIN to travel in 2 weeks time when transit users will be at its peak.

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January 24, 2010

[Pictures of Perseverence]


The same guy who coordinated the Paint for Peace fundraiser had another event in the slums of the Philippines a couple months ago. He worked with a few schools and sent out 60 + disposable cameras to kids/students so they could snap photos of the place they call home. The photos are now on display and are being auctioned to raise money to start a computer lab for these students.

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[Just Coz We Can]


Buddha didn't really like me pressed up against her with my flashy camera in her face. But she sucked it up!


We had a little AI gathering over the weekend with a few close friends. It's nice to get to sit down and chill with these people whom I see on a daily basis. We just never get to really hang out or get to know each other. For some reason, everyone just clicks though.

I had me a few rounds of guitar hero. :D I love that game.

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[Olympic Madness]

I've been downtown all weekend and you can definitely feel the increase in people in the city. There are definitely Olympic tourists scattered all over Vancouver by now. I just want to add some more Olympic photos. I think I might have to start an album.


Art Gallery (Surprisingly there aren't any Olympic flags on the building. Right beside it is the UBC Robson Square Olympic Skaterink though. What will they do to keep it frozen in the Summer!?)


SportChek AD


Samsung Olympic Trolley


Tourists! (I wanted to steal their bright yellow columbia jackets)

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January 21, 2010

[Vancouver in Olympic Mode]

As the Winter days grow warmer and warmer, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics slowly creeps up on us. This event hasn't really hit me since all talk and preparation has been on going for the last year and a half. I remember sitting in class then thinking maybe once I got out of school I could do coverage for the Olympics.

Over the last year, more and more advertising has hit the streets (literally) with ADs pasted on every inch of AD space you can find (stairs included). I guess because of all the Olympic hype, I kind of shut it out of my head and so I'm not all that excited about the games. Not too enthusiastic about me having to wait an hour to get on the skytrain with the additional 250 thousand people 2 millimeters away from my face in the midst of our Global Warming Winter.

Anyhoo, I didn't realize just how crazy the province of BC was about the Olympics and how excited they are that the world is arriving here until Ty and I head downtown for the first time in ages for Robson St Shawermas (Yummmaaay). From the second we left the school, until we reached downtown and back, everything had some sort of Olympic Advertising on it.


Bus Stop


Skytrain (Olympic Mascots. Ty and I like Quattchi the best)


Road Block for Street Art Show


I really like that all of a sudden downtown Vancouver just became more alive than it used to be just because of the gahzillion people that will be visiting. Why don't they always keep it like that with pretty art and statues in the street! Tyler and I sat on the steps of the Art Gallery which now overlooks the public outdoor skating rink and stuffed our faces with mmsodelicious chicken Shawermas. :)

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January 20, 2010


My dad just showed me this.

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January 17, 2010

[Skulls and Bones]


I asked Tyler if he would wear a necklace, bracelet or anklet if I made him a cool looking one out of hemp with beads in it. He said he'd only wear it if it had real beads. I asked if wood ones would work. He said they'd have to be made out of teeth or bones or something. When we were at West Ed, we found a bead shop that had these cute little skull ones made out of bone. I thought they looked cute.

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When I switched phone companies a year and a half ago, I wanted this really nice sleek phone that had screens on both sides. The guy at Telus told me not to get that model as many people have been having problems with it and the phone company is still trying to fix it to improve the battery attachment. He pulled out an example of this badly designed phone from his drawer and told me the user had ripped the battery off the phone and can't use it anymore. In my head I was thinking, "K well.. I'm not going to RIP the battery out of the phone." but I went with it anyway. He suggested another phone.. the one I ended up getting.

I found that compared to my old phone with Rogers, it sucked. The battery life wouldn't go past a day and a half. I had to charge it every night which I grew used to eventually. About a year later, it began to lose its flippiness (it was a flip phone). And about 2 months ago, the battery life wouldn't even go past 3 hours. I wouldn't even have to make a call and it would just die sitting in my pocket. I decided that it was time.

After much arguing with the Telus guy (as I wasn't about to let him convince me to get any other phone other than the one I wanted), I came out with this!


It hasn't been giving me any troubles and I really like that I can flip it open and use the qwerty keyboard. :) Now I have to go get it a hard case so I don't wreck it!

(This one has a little ring so you can attach cute little keychains like Eeyore and my name tag. UNLIKE my last one!)

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January 16, 2010

[A Million and One]


Come January 1st, it really felt like a new year with fresh starts for everything. I've been a bit bummed out for the last couple of weeks because of work. My mind's been constantly ringing with "Gahh I need a new job! Gahh my job sucks! Gahh I have so many projects I have to get done! I suck at life! No one likes my work!" It took a long while for places to get back to me and when they finally did, it all came at once. Now I'm double.. triple.. booked! I wish I could do it all!

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[Winter in Vancouver]


Winter 2010.

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January 15, 2010

[Pants on the Ground]

A snippet from American Idol.

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[Taking a Moment]


Over the summer, Tyler picked up 2 boxes of acrylic paint he found on sale and throughout the summer we've been meaning to do some painting but never got to it. I guess it's more of a winter-time-indoor sort of activity.


I found a couple canvas boards on sale at Michaels as well as some paint brushes from the dollar-store (it's amazing what you can find at the dollar-store sometimes).

They aren't completed yet but we managed to get a couple hours worth of painting done. :) I painted a happy hot air balloon escaping from the earth which is about to blow up. I'm not sure why I have an obsession with hot air balloons. I'm scared of heights! Ty painted a grassy hill with a willow tree on it and the sun peaking through the clouds.

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January 10, 2010

[Human Hamster Wheel]


When I got up this morning, I felt like running for some reason. Maybe it's because I've had so much junk food inside of me that my body just naturally wants to get rid of it. Diane and I went to the rec centre to work out :)!

I've never really enjoyed being inside the gym but ever since my badminton career died, the only form of exercise I get really is from chasing buses which DOES happen a lot. Tyler thinks it's ridiculous that people pay to be inside to exercise. I kinda agree. On the other hand, they have all these crazy machines that calculate how much you're running, your heart rate and how many calories you burn.

I was shocked when I had to pay a whopping 5.25$ to get in. Since I'm not a student anymore, I have to pay the adult price like everyone else. :( Seriously... 5.25!?!? I told Diane I'm running outside next time.

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[You want me to go where?]


Tyler just got Buddha a little soft box so when he travels back to Alberta again, he can take her with him. She didn't like that idea very much.

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[Dinner with Coreyo]


Had dinner with Corey a couple days ago. We went in search of a Pho restaurant in Burnaby however ended up at a Taiwanese restaurant. We're not even sure what the name of the place was.... It had pretty much every thing though; Dim Sum, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese... bubble tea.

When we got there, almost everyone (all asians) looked up at us like we were aliens and the waiter sat us on the opposite side where there was absolutely no one. I'm not sure if they were being nice or secluding us.

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January 6, 2010



I still haven't managed to get my purple hair. I now have a bluish-turquoise though.

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January 1, 2010



I've been looking forward to see Nine ever since the trailer was released. I figured it would be just as crazy and exciting like Chicago but it was nothing like it... at all. Quite a disappointment actually. Throughout the entire movie I kept telling myself that hey maybe it'll get better. Well it does get better.... then the movie ends! :(!

After the movie we grabbed some dinner and boozie treats then headed for our A.i reunion -slash- New Years Extravaganza.


New Years Eve events consisted of hourly jello shots and Go Fish. Kinda lame but hey everyone was there.


A small group of us decided to have a smaller party of our own back at Ty's but the guys ended up just passing out on the couch.

Well it's been a good year and I'm looking forward to 2010! :)

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[Alberta Day 7: West Edmonton Mall]


West Edmonton Mall: Inn, Hotel....Casino..Waterpark...Aquarium...Arcade... Amusement Park... Shopping...


On our last day, we met Ty's mom back in Edmonton. We visited the West Edmonton Mall so I could check it out and maybe do some shopping. Well that didn't work out too well since we were short of time.


I did get to walk the entire mall and see everything that's in it though. One could spend the entire day in there to see and do everything.


Big whale!


It was definitely a good winter holiday even though we never really did have any time to be on vacation and relax. :)

Goodbye cold Alberta snow, hello warm Vancouver rain.... blech!

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