February 28, 2010

[Canada wins Gold!!!!]


It's weird that today is the final day of the Olympics. 17 days ago people from all over crowded streets, protests rang out, people partied and are still partying.. and through the Olympics, people wore Canadian colours.. sported Canadian sweaters, hoodies, toques, pants, mittens.. scarves!


Ty and I were on the edge of our seats watching the Gold Medal hockey game (Canada VS USA) this afternoon. We streamed it live from the CTV website onto the big screen. I've never been this into hockey before. I guess because it's such a big game I know which side I'm on whereas with smaller NHL games they aren't as important or intense.


We had DQ for lunch and a DQ ice cream pizza pie for dessert. A frozen ice cream pizza pie! I didn't know DQ even made those.


We were afraid of what would happen had the americans beat us. I never really thought about it before but it IS an Olympic event and so all of Canada is watching from Nova Scotia allll the way to Vancouver Island and also the rest of the world.. if they really give a care about the winter Olympics at all. So cheers rang out and when they screened it live, you could really feel the excitement and happiness as well as anxiety when the US scored on us in the very last minute of the third period pushing us to a tied game!!! We went into 4th period with 20 more minutes which would have turned into a shoot out and then sudden death but we didn't have to go through all that. :) We ended with 3-2 for us! Yay!

Tonight the flame is passed on to Russia for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.. amazing that the flame has come all this way from Athens and has never been put out.

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[Ready to Bhangra?]

Even at the end of the Olympics, the streets were still filled with people and getting down there was just as tiring.

I attended Bollywood Olympics yesterday at the Yaletown LiveCity Site. They had a few groups perform dances, dhol drum beats and bhangraaaaa.

Later on in the day, I had to head down to the Queen Elizabeth theatre for Quantum Bhangra, the event we've been preparing for for the last 2 weeks and I must say it was a great event. It was extremely busy and hectic when I got there but I figure a lot of the Cultural Olympiad events have been that way since this is the first time Vancouver's ever hosted the Olympics. When the show started though...it was great.

What I really liked about all these events within the Punjabi community is that everyone seems so tight knit. Even though there are tons of them as there are with all other races here in Canada, they of all of them are like family. All events and shows is like a big family reunion. At some points I wish I knew what they were all saying.

When I finally got my pass and got access backstage, all the VIPs had no idea who I was however as I bumped into all the performers I'd met in the last 2 weeks at rehearsals, I was greeted with warm hellos and "eyyyyh! J.P!!!!!!!!"s;even I felt like family.

Black Mahal

I got to see more Bhangra... hear the Godfather of Bhangra, Black Mahal sing traditional Bhangra mixed with modern hip hop (that was a bit strange but he was the Godfather!).. more Bhangra...En Karma, who is my new favourite Bhangra/Punjabi band now and then at the end.... God... Harbhajan Mann.. Everyone wanted to touch his hand. They all seemed to know who he was and wanted him to sing all their favourite songs. Some even sang along!

Harbhajan Mann

It was definitely a great show and I'm glad I got to meet all these people. So I guess the Olympics wasn't all too bad. I'm not sure I would really enjoy all those people being around all the time and having to wait in long lines and squish with people on the skytrain.. but hey... for 2 weeks of partying and having all these people come together to celebrate as one.. it wasn't so bad. :)

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February 24, 2010

[Vancouver 2010 Mascots]

So here's 2008's China Olympic Mascots.

And Vancouver 2010. Yay Quatchi! When they first put out the mascots for this year's Olympics, I looked at them and thought.. well these look really japanese. And a japanese artist did design them. But after watching the China mascots, these ones do look a lot better. And Vancouver totally copied China's idea for their animation.

Then there's the Muk Muk who is the outcast marmot mascot who appears only on the back sides of Olympic advertisments. "Muk Muk!"

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February 23, 2010

Quantum Bhangra Featuring Harbhajan Mann

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February 21, 2010

[Bhangra Continued]


It's been a tough few weeks trying to get together with people to advertise for the upcoming Quantum Bhangra show which will be held at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre this Saturday. Even though in my point of view I felt like I haven't had much success in gathering images and videos for this event, everyone else thinks that I've been doing great. Maybe it's coz I blog almost everyday about almost everything so to me it feels like I haven't done much in comparison.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this event and I've really grown to enjoy Bhangra having seen so many dances now.

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[Burnaby Mountain]


We've been pretty lucky with the weather being super nice all week. It's been perfect for tourists visiting Vancouver and for all the locals here as well.


Ty and I decided we should go chill on Burnaby Mountain since it's been a while since we've been anywhere very peaceful. The city is just a constant flow of people right now and probably will be until the Olympics are done. It's too stressful out there. The mountain is literally 2 minutes from his house too so it's a pretty nice spot.


We decided we'd bring Buddha along as well coz she never gets to go out. She kinda enjoys wandering around and she's pretty good with sticking close by. Sometimes she'll get carried away but if anything jumped towards her, she'd dart.


Ty and I got sandwiches, chips and a drink and we just basked under the sun. It's good but we were high up so the breeze made it a bit chilly. Eventually Buddha got a bit cold and hid behind us.


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I never miss opportunities to get a henna tattoo done! When I stopped by the Surrey Celebration Site, there were girls giving free tattoos and I decided, why not? The girl had never done a session before so she was a bit nervous but with these tattoos they look good anyway I think. :)

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February 19, 2010



Maybe it's a girl thing to give subtle hints to guys in hope that they will get what it is that we want but a lot of the times guys just don't get it. So over the last couple of weeks whenever I had the opportunity I'd just be my girly self but totally not be subtle about it at all. "Daisies are my favourite!!". I guess that's one step down from "Tyler get me daisies for Valentines!" Tyler's always been a great listener though so I probably didn't even have to tell him which flowers were my favourite and he would have gotten them anyway. :)

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February 15, 2010

[CNY Parade]

For the first time in .... FOREVER... my parents braved the crowds with me on the skytrain aaaall the way down to Chinatown to check out the Chinese New Year Parade or Spring Festival.


Along with family friends, we tried to beat the crowd down there thinking that since the parade started at 930 in the AM that maybe people would be lazy and sleep in. NOPE! People's spirits definitely weren't dampened by the early start due to Olympic Road closures or the predicted rainy weather. In fact we had such great weather it felt like summer and everyone was over dressed.

When we got there, we found that we got off the train and were right at the end of the parade. We can't stand at the end of the parade! I tried to herd everyone to the front. Crystal and I somehow made it through a gap and onto the street and eventually to the opposite side where we had a clear view of everything.


At some point, her dad bought a mask and was wandering around in the crowd. I noticed him and his bright yellow jacket but I wasn't too sure. He was a star though. Every single tourist with their cameras and phones wanted a picture.


After the parade, we made our way down towards the water and for the first time I walked down East Hastings street with all the hobos, druggies and the hobo army. It was a tad bit creepy but with an increase in number of people there, it wasn't so bad. They were actually quite nice. One of them wished me a happy new year! :)


When we reached Waterfront.. oh dear... the people. We went from easy walking to a shoulder bumping butt touching squishy crowd! And guess what everyone's trying to get a picture of! The fricken cauldron! And guess what's in front of the fricken cauldron! A FENCE!



I think that really was the last straw. VANOC's done it after everything else.. they won't even let the public get a nice good picture of the flame. And to top it off, VIP and officials could be seen walking right next to it. They could touch it and hug it and no one could say a thing. They could get great photos! Everyone else had to stand outside like prisoners.


We sat there for a bit. Rory had his mask on which drew lots more tourists.


We continued up the street and Crystal drew more attention with her mask on.


Robson Square was just PACKED. I didn't think it could hold anymore people. We sat there for a bit to rest and tan (It was ridiculously hot for Winter) and above us, people were zipping along on the zipline which goes from one side of Robson to the other. We wanted to go on it but the wait for 4 hours. O_O


I parted ways and met Ty, Jesse and Lana for our Valentines night out. It was definitely a day of celebrations. Valentines, BC Day, Olympic Events, Chinese New Year. Later on that night we found out that Canada won her first gold medal on home ground. You could feel Vancouver just come alive. The party people were everywhere. :D


I was starving before we even went back downtown so Ty and I got teen burgers at A&W but Jesse and Lana wanted sushi so we met Mal and went in search for a sushi house. Ty and I shared some Sake and Gyoza. Mmm not such a huge fan of the Sake. It was bitter! And warm!


I'd say it was a great day out. :) I was exhausted by the end of it all. Just watching the number of people move around in the city is tiring enough. I thought just maybe there would be a period where there would be no one around. But nope, there were just people everywhere all the time. I think it will be that way for the next 2 weeks.

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February 13, 2010

[Luge Accident]

In the morning of the opening ceremony, 21 year old Nodar Kumaritashvili crashed while on a practice run on the luge track. It was a pretty horrific way to die but it looked like instant death. It's sad having trained all your life for something like this to come up and just like that... it's gone.

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[Addition to the Zoo]


Ty's been resisting the urge to get more animals but he couldn't stand it anymore and decided to get some fish.

I still don't remember the names of them but he got 3 types. 8 blue and red striped ones. 3 albino ones that swim at the bottom and look like cat fish. And 2 orange ones! That's as far as my fish knowledge goes!


I named the orange ones Moses and Jasper and one of the bully blue and red ones Christopher.


Our animal family now consists of Buddha, Bobby, and fishies.

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[Day 2: Riots Begin]

While I was at yesterdays rally at the Art Gallery checking out the protest for the Olympics, I was afraid something might break out. The ORN had mentioned that they'd already re-routed 2 different torches during the relay and torch bearers had to take a different route around the protesters to get it to the next person. I left fairly early but didn't hear anything all that drastic happen yesterday during the opening ceremony.

Today, I guess they decided to cause some commotion by vandalizing cars and buses. Story can be read here.

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February 12, 2010

[So It Begins]



Today marks the official beginning of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. I was down at the Vancouver Art Gallery checking out the scene. At around 1pm, people began filling the streets. There were quite a few tourists. More than usual anyway.


By 2 the entire area of the gallery was filled and by 3 major protests had begun. It was quite an interesting sight to see. On one side of the gallery sits the 2 million dollar count down clock which has been there for a year surrounded by tourists snapping photos in front of it. On the other side on the stairs stood people with signs. "Olympigs!" "Homes not Games!" "No Olympics on Stolen Native Land!" And in the middle, The Carnival Band! :) They're the best. They practice once a week and anyone is welcome to play along with them. Bring whatever instrument you want! Wear whatever you want! And just play. :)


I wasn't quite sure where I fit in. I kind of like that the city is finally alive with people and events. But it should always be that way not just for the Olympics. I'm not as radical as the protesters however I'm not disagreeing with them either. Lots of their points make sense. It seems like VANOC hasn't really treated Vancouverites all that well and has been causing many people trouble with transit and parking. With all the road closures to ensure safety for people who are lucky enough or rich enough to get tickets, for the opening and closing ceremonies, it's caused others more trouble getting places when the Olympic zones are all barred off.



I haven't had a chance to check out what the Downtown East Side looks like just yet but from what I've heard all the homeless people down there have been put in prison for the duration of the Olympics. It's hard to really know whether these street side beggars really are beggars or just really good actors. I've heard of people begging for a living! And they earn quite a bit too!


I got tired of weaving through people after a while and the number of people there just gave me a headache so I ended up heading for home.

They NEVER have these guys around!

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February 10, 2010

[Coast Capital Savings Bhangra]

I stubbled across this AD while doing some research. Haha! :)

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February 9, 2010

[Torch Relay]

The Olympic Torch has been travelling across Canada, from sea to sea and back. It's finally made its way through Surrey and stopped at Surrey Central yesterday. I decided hey why not check it out. I haven't really been looking into all the events that are going on and haven't paid too much attention to all the events I should check out (I usually make sure I don't miss anything!). Well I decided I'd go check it out anyway since this doesn't happen all the time. I figured maybe there'll be lots of people. Well............ there were TONS of people and I usually don't do well in large crowds in small spaces, especially on the skytrains. I love the atmosphere and being at events but when there are too many people it's just nuts.

Well anyway, I arrived right on time to see the torch being passed over then followed the crowd of people closely behind eventually making my way to the main stage where I all I could see was a tiny screen in between many heads, flags and mittens!

I stood there for the longest time thinking... "Ok... so something is supposed to happen. All these people are here for a reason". All that was happening was speeches and many -important- people like the mayor and such talking about how wonderful this event is and how we are so proud to have the Olympics here this year. The event carried on with lots of singing of french songs which no one could understand I don't think.


And when all song and dance was done, the host thanked us all and said good night! Thousands of people stood there waiting...... So I waited too! 15 minutes later, after being pushed and shoved and poked by people, they let off the fireworks. :) It was worth it.

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[To and From]


I go to work fairly early in the morning and so by the time I reach the school, it's only just getting bright out. Of course it's sunny allll day while I'm stuck inside (despite the giant windows that let all the sunshine in) and only able to watch it be sunny out. By the time I get off, it's usually around sunset if not already dark. We've had a really odd weather pattern in the last year and because of our drastically warm winter, the trees are beginning to flower. Cherry blossoms are semi-blooming however in the last 2 nights, the temperature has dropped drastically and it's actually been quite frosty. Not too sure how the plants feel about that.

Well when I head home from work, it's dark but somehow a really pretty sort of dark.

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While trying to get my portfolio up and running, I unknowingly deleted my blog! :( But now it's back up and guess what! So is my portfolio!

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I helped Joey colour her hair the other day. We went through the whole bleaching process which turned out kind of strange coz for some reason after bleaching her hair had this strange green streak to it. She almost didn't even have to put the pink it. The yellow-green-yellow looked great!

Since we didn't leave the bleach in all that long, I guess instead of pink, it turned out more rosey (which really is the colour that I got however for some reason mine is magenta).

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February 6, 2010

[Carpet Steamer . Floor soaker]


My dad recently bought a new carpet steamer and it seemed to work fine on carpets but when he got to the kitchen floor, it made a layer of water all over. My mom had to follow behind him and mop up the water which was supposed to be steam! It just doesn't seem right!

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[Movie Night in 3D]

We don't usually go watch movies as a family. It's more likely we watch movies at home than at the theatre however Avatar was one movie we just had to watch on the big screen.


I generally don't really have to watch the movie in Imax or 3D. 3D bugs me a little because the glasses irritate my nose. Haha. So when I went to see Avatar the first time, Ty and I went to the Dolphin Theatre which is an old and small one. Still a bigger screen than our TV but cheap!

I got to watch it again in 3D and it was greeeeeat. :) I could watch it over and over.

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[CNY 2010]


Chinese New Year is the Spring Festival in Vancouver. Kinda strange....

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[Vancouver 2010]


This would be my one and only contribution to the Vancouver Olympics (apart from Quattchi that is. But that belongs to Tyler :P ). Many locals here are not happy about what is happening throughout the city. As each day goes by, more and more streets are being closed and no one is allowed to park.

VANOC suggests that people take transit, walk or bike instead of drive come Olympic time however Translink has put up signs notifying everyone that bikes will NOT be allowed on skytrains in those 2 weeks. WELL what on earth are we going to do then! Spend 1 - 3 hours in transit? Bike across Vancouver? WALK across Vancouver to get to work?!

Anyway, there's something about those mittens. They're so vibrant and Quattchi wears them and I guess I secretly think they're cool. I'm not sure which side I'm taking. I kinda like that all these people are traveling here to see the games but I really am not looking forward to what things will be like. Vancouver obviously doesn't care about the locals here and we can all clearly see where all our money has gone. There have been an increasing amount of people wearing full volunteer suits. VANOC has stamped their logo on pretty much every article of clothing from pants to shirts and jackets.. MITTENS.. vests.. hats.. toques...backpacks.. lanyards.. everything. There's at least one or two people on buses and trains in Olympic apparel.

I guess no one can really say how bad it will get in a weeks time. I haven't really been late for work just yet. Wonder when there will be a drastic increase of people.

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[Kooza in Vancouver]


Kooza is coming to Vancouver this summer!! :D

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February 4, 2010

[Guerilla Fashion Shoot]

A year ago, I decided I wanted to hold my very own photoshoot. Since I was still in school and had access to lights and a soundstage, I thought why not. I'd never had a photoshoot before and so things were a tad bit disorganized. We did get a number of good shots out of the thousands of photos which apparently are some of the models favourites. :)

A year later, one of the models I met on the shoot asked me to come back and shoot one of his photoshoots. He brought along his gang of models which consisted of 7 guys and 3 girls. We had a film crew set up the walk way and all the lights so that made my job very easy. Stand and snap!


I wasn't sure about the set up cause some of the shots have the edge of the green screen splitting the background in half but there really wasn't much I could do about it coz the video crew needed the main view. I was quite happy with the results though :)

I'm still going through all the pictures (there are just over 1000 *eye roll*) but should have them up soon on a better portfolio site which I am currently working on!

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