March 30, 2010

[Cuppy Cake Song]

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum

Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie

You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop

Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye

And I love you so and I want you to know

That I'll always be right here

And I love to sing sweet songs to you

Because you are so dear

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Ty lives right by the Burrard Inlet so his house overlooks mountains in North Vancouver and the water. Not quite grand beach front but still beach!


There's a nice little trail that leads down to the water and if we're lucky there's beach to walk on. Before we get down to the beach, there's a steep grassy area where lots of snakes live. I love animals and all but not a huge fan of snakes. :{ Ty on the other hand loves all mammals, reptiles, amphibians & bugs and will go out to catch them. And not once have I seen him be bitten by any of them.

We walked down there, the 4 of us and as Ty's mom and I walked by some grass, I heard something in the leaves and so did she. She grabbed my arm all of a sudden and said "SNAKE! There! TYLER!" And there, nice little red and yellow corn snake. We found a few others but they slithered away too quickly.


The train tracks before the beach. It's quite the walk down there as it gets quite steep and even I'm surprised I make it up and down there alright.


Ty making an Inukshuk. I've read in an article once about stacking stones as a form of meditation and when we walk by the beach, you can tell that someone's been there coz of the little inukshuks that people have left behind. I think it's kinda cute. Makes you feel like you're not alone in the world.

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[Cone of Shame]


For those who have seen "Up", you should know what the "Cone of Shame" is!


These flowers are all wearing the cone of shame!

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[Lovely Day in the Neighbourhood]


This weekend Ty's mom and partner came to visit us so we decided to do some exploring and walking around downtown with them. Ty and I call it exploring... To Sean and everyone else, they're called "5 Hour Long Death Marches". Not many people survive. :P

[I'd just had an interview with the Sear's Photo Studio earlier and met them after. Let's just say I'm kind of iffy about the interview. There was a wide range off people there for the interview as well... a young lady like me.. another young lady like me but she didn't look very professional at all.. an old chinese man who seemed to be the kind who thought he knew all there was about photography.. and 2 other young adults with briefcases! Briefcases! When I saw those, I thought... k well.. I have a backpack.. where does that put me?! Time to upgrade. :P ]


Our plan was to go to Stanley Park to do a nice hike in and out of the trails and check out the animals. I was thinking that we'd have enough time to check out the city as well but when we started walking, it began to pour. I'm guessing people from Alberta don't really have to walk much since there's such a distance to travel from your house to the city and winter is 4 months long! Nevertheless we marched (in the rain). I lent Ty's mom and Steve my umbrella which resulted with me being drenched and eventually getting chilly.


The sun would come out from time to time. It was nuts. The rain would just come down for 20 minutes then we'd get a 10 minute break of nice warm sun. And as we walked, it's like we were following the patches of rain.

The rain has changed so much since we moved here as well. 8 years ago, it would barely ever rain in Vancouver. The rain compared to back in Singapore would be teeny weeny and more of a mist. Now it's just torrential downpour.


We made our way along the seawall and eventually towards the Aquarium.


The one thing that Tyler noticed when he first moved to Vancouver was the size of the squirrels we have here. I never noticed it. I guess the squirrels in Singapore.... if there are any left are a bit smaller.

It was not until yesterday that I really saw a fat squirrel just sit there and look at us that I realized that they really are fat!



It's coz of people like us! Feeding popcorn and cookies to the animals in the park.


These ducks just saw that we were throwing oatmeal cookies on the grass.


Our marches usually go like this if there are more than 3 people in the group. We'd be walking along and all of a sudden it'll go quiet and when you turn around, Ty and Sean are gone! So I'd have to go back and look in the bushes somewhere and find a hole. They'd be at least 10 - 20 feet into the bush and always looking at the ground lifting up old leaves, branches and bark.

It's been a good week so far.. Within the last weekend, Ty caught... a baby corn snake, a couple baby crabs and a salamander! He's been wanting to catch a salamander for ages and they finally found one. I don't really like slimy animals but that one's kind cute (as long as I don't have to touch it and it doesn't run away). Ty and I have decided to do a documentary about all the animals living in Vancouver. :) He can be the Steve Irwin of Vancity. :P

Our march ended with us finding an exit in the forest (we kinda got lost) which led to a cause-way with tons of cars. It wasn't very pleasant but it was a fast way back to civilization! We braved the rain, wind and PUDDLES! Cars raced by us and whenever we lined up with the puddles, SPLASH. ALL OVER US! I thought I was smart holding my umbrella out to block the rain and wind. But it just didn't click in my brain that if I wanted to avoid the puddles being splashed on me that I should hold my umbrella down. So here I go.. walking along.... Steve is already way ahead of us coz he was tired of the rain and walking. Then there's Ty's mom in front of us screaming and running then laughing coz she just got soaked. Then me, Ty and Sean carefully walking to make sure we get a gap between the cars and the puddle so we can run across. I keep walking then a huge car comes flying by, and wooooosh... water all over me.. The water splashed from under my umbrella AND from the front so I was just soaked from head to toe. It was fun while it lasted. Post-splashing wasn't so fun. It took us a long time to get dried up.

I slept like a baby last night. :)

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[Anal Retentive]

A few weeks ago when the sun came out, I went out on a break and was trying to clean the crap out from between my phone and the new phone case I got for it. I'm assuming it's supposed to protect my phone from scratches and dust and from crashes if I ever drop it. It only covers certain parts of the phone though so I don't see how it would. And it sure doesn't keep the crap out of it so here I am constantly taking it off to wipe the dirt and dust out. Someone had made a comment and said I was anal retentive and Kim calls me OCD (like her).

I never really noticed it until I worked at the cafe and after I went through 2 years of school. My work habits have begun to change and now when it comes to cleaning or doing the dishes at work, I have to make sure every single thing is super clean and everything has to be done in a certain order. It actually irks me when someone doesn't do it right!

So now I'm thinking, for someone who really doesn't mind the mess in my room, it's strange that I'm anal retentive when it comes to other things. I think the OCD-ness hits when I see a mess that's beyond what I can bear.

I'm not sure how far this will go. I sure hope I don't become a freak!!

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March 28, 2010



Ty and I were having dinner at a KFC on Commercial one day and I noticed one of the old ball machines had voodoo dolls. The first time I'd seen voodoo dolls was at the Richmond Night Market a couple years ago. They had necklaces on sale probably for 5 - 10 bucks a piece. Now these voodoo dolls are everywhere where there are ball machinese! :)

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Another Portfolio update. :)

I've added pictures from:

Recent Wedding
Little Red Music Video
Quantum Bhangra
Guerilla Fashion Photos

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March 26, 2010

[Ecafe Blues]


We don't cry over spilled milk!

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Ever since I started school at A.i, I noticed that I sort of fit in with many of the people who went there. At times I could point out which people belonged to certain groups. Film and Audio people were never as strange as the modelers and animators. And not as geeky as the gamers or programmers. At the end of the day though, when you break everyone apart, there's just something strange or interesting that stands out about them. It could be the way they talk or the way they gesture certain thoughts or feelings. Or just awkward things that one would say or do.


Some may call it artistic or creative. Some might think of it as eccentricity. I kinda like it. :)

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[Scott Pilgrim VS the World]

Something about this movie intrigues me. Maybe it's the way it's cheesily shot with the comic book style "BAM"s and "WHOOSH"s and how much the main guy loves this girl. Or the fact that the girl has hot pink hair like mine. I look at some peoples' hair and it just works on them but when I try it on myself something just doesn't seem right. But at the same time, I spot many people marveling at my hair and its colour.

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Here's a picture of Jeff I drew a couple weeks back. He was kind of cranky and bored. I'm kinda cranky and bored today at the school with 3 more hours to go and a showcase full of food but no customers.

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March 25, 2010

[Special Moments]


Now that I've been to a few more weddings, I'm just a step closer to understanding where I should be, the speed I should be working at and what sort of equipment I should be investing in. I know there's a long way to go but I'm at the discovery stage and it's kind of exciting. :)

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March 23, 2010

[Post Olympic Exploring]

With the Paralympics ending this last weekend, the partying has officially ended. I didn't have a chance to go downtown during the Paralympics but I have a feeling it wasn't much of a party. :( Canada got 10 medals though. Woo!


Since this is my only day off this working week, Ty and I decided to go check out Davinci's Medical drawings at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Admission was free during the Olympics but we weren't very thrilled about waiting in line for 2 hours to get in and have to go through checking in coats and bags and all that jazz. So we decided to pay the admission and take the time to browse through his work.

When we got there, there were a few art pieces following the "body" theme. The very first painting threw me off immediately. The 3 canvas piece looked like a murder scene on the wall and my exact words were "Omg Tyler that's kinda creepy". The security guard heard me and witnessed my reaction as I sat on the bench in front of it and carefully studied the painting. I read all the creepy words and descriptions and processed everything before getting up to move on. Funny what sort of feelings and reactions are aroused from art. The security guard told Tyler that I should head in the gallery this way and Ty the other and meet up at the end just to see our reactions since I was already so creeped out from the first piece. We had 3 floors of art to see still!!

Well the art pieces done by the other artists were just a tad bit disturbing but when we finally got to Davinci's drawings... mmmmm! His sketches are so perfect! It is also kind of disturbing picturing this guy in his art room dissecting people parts to get accurate drawings but they're beautiful! And to think that these pieces were done ages ago and still exist today is kinda crazy. Maybe if I hid some of my art work somewhere and do something crazy before I die, people will remember my name and put my work in a gallery! :)

We didn't really have a plan as to what we were going to do for the rest of the day. Some of the things we wanted to see were the beach, some store in Chinatown that is selling very good quality jackets and Olympic jackets for a ridiculously cheap price, and just walking wherever we felt like!

Somehow, we ended up walking down to Waterfront where the Olympic Cauldron still sits behind bars. It looks kind of lame now that the flame isn't there anymore. The place still looks like a construction site which sucks because the part around it is very pleasant.


We walked along the seawall towards Stanley Park where we noticed certain things that either weren't there before or we just... never noticed... Like this house on stilts!


As we got closer to Stanley park, we also noticed many statues and giant art pieces just randomly placed in grassy spots. Eventually we made it into the trails where we sat and watched the ducks, swans and crazy old ladies and men feeding the pigeons which was neat coz somehow.. birds just love old people..


We made it out to English Bay and decided to walk along the beach. And when there's beach, there's rocks.. when there's rocks.. there's barnacles and sea weed.... to have barnacles and seaweed, there has to be water.. and when all 3 are together, there are pools of water... inside pools of water are... living creatures...


And what must Tyler do when there are living creatures? He has to go find them!! :) And I must stand and watch and take pictures! :D


This is my favourite picture.. cause.. that's exactly how both of us look when we're at the beach looking for interesting things on the ground. Tyler's looking for funny creatures.. I'm usually looking for shells or rocks.. but somehow the ones I always pick up aren't actually rocks but pieces of pretty coloured cement or sea glass. :P


Here are a couple crabs Ty caught. He said there were 30 of them all in a giant pool but he only took 2. What if they were a family!!


After wandering across the beach and hopping from rock to rock, crushing shells and barnacles under our shoes, we made it to peoples-ville again. A new Marble Slab Creamery opened up on Denman and the only other one we know of is by Ty's work place but that's just way too far to go get expensive ice cream.


They're kind of like a Gelato house but better! It's like Gelato and Blizzards meet! Good ice cream. Good choices. And you get to mix and match! *Drools* It's extremely expensive ice cream. Equivalent to Haagan Daaz but better! Ty and I shared a Waffle bowl. We had Birthday Cake and Coffee mixed with Hershey's CookiesNCream chocolate bars and fresh strawberries in a White Chocolate Oreo Waffle Bowl. *Drools somemore*


Mm mm good. :D

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March 21, 2010



The creators of KON, Team Awesome are proud to present their final game presentation!


It's been 6 months since the production of Kon began. It feels like way longer than 6 months to me for some reason even though I wasn't even part of the team!

I shot some video for Ty's production team for their GPW (Game Production Workshop) presentation and wondered why I didn't start documenting from the start! Silly Jamie! It would have been the perfect game documentary!


I've been in Ty's GPW class many times and have seen the levels and all the character modeling and such. I guess I never really saw the full game and actually how much work was being done. They had a trailer and everything with a sound package of up to 200 tracks which were recorded by a couple audio students in the school.

I'd really like to see where and how far it will go coz it does have potential to be a really great game if they find some good advertisers and a better graphic design team.

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[Tales of an Indian Bride]

(Just on a side note, I have roughly 6 - 10 weddings booked this year as of now and the next few months and anticipating a lot more as more work gets put out. I'm currently working with sixteen-nine films, friends from school shooting indian weddings. I recently went in for an interview where I met a great coordinator who is also just starting out her business. I thought it'd be a good way to slowly get into the wedding industry. I'll be shooting 3 more with them and still waiting for a schedule for an internship. I'm thinking after this wedding season, I'll be able to upgrade my equipment for the following year. :D!!!! )


It's still a tad bit confuddling to me when I attend indian weddings. I'm not really sure whether it's one where I have to be extremely serious or if it's one where I can just shoot anything I want. Before the last few indian weddings I've shot, weddings to be have always been happy occasions.. and they are. People take photos, spend lots of money on nice decorations, rent out extremely beautiful restaurants or halls.. Everyone is happy.

I just shot another wedding and was glad to arrive at this brightly lit hall. For the first time, there was actual light and nice white table and chair decorations. :) Even the cake was white! I snapped away and the evening went by quite quickly as well which surprised me. Usually it takes forever for everyone to arrive, get seated and have all papers and prayers signed and read. The evening went by very smoothly.

By 8 - 9 ish, food was being served. It took tons of friends, family and neighbours to have all the food home cooked for a total of 600 guests. The bride and groom were allowed to see each other once all prayers had been said and food was ready. Rings were exchanged which was the first for me at an indian wedding.


We went through a series of photoshoots with every single family member and friends which followed by a walk through along the tables to get pictures of the elder members of the families. As the Bride and Groom made their way to the end of the hall, just as I thought this was going to end with smiles and cheers, tears!........ everywhere! One by one everyone started crying. I was told that the song they were playing was extremely sad and because their daughter is moving away to start her new life, everyone just broke down in tears. I stood there feeling a bit bad snapping away but it was such an emotional moment!

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March 19, 2010



I came home today to find the dining room table covered with ... POTS!


My mom's making sure she gets a photo of each one before they are either sold or given away or who knows where they'll go!


This one is my favourite with the transition from pristine glossy pot to crackily dried up desert textures.

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[Just Maybe]


2 years ago I bought a coffee or hot chocolate or something from Tim Hortons during their Roll up the Rim to win season not hoping to win anything really. Just wanted something to drink. I won another coffee after that one!

Something in me over the last few weeks has aroused a strange craving for coffee now so whenever I'm at work, I conveniently pour myself a cup. :) I've been getting more coffee lately from Tim Hortons too coz just maaaaybe I'll win something! Can't win unless you try right? I have yet to win anything yet. :(

The other day I also really wanted to get a lottery ticket! Coz just maaaaybe I might win 35 million! It didn't happen. But heh.. here's my first lottery ticket ever! :)

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[Oh Sunny Days]


It's beginning to feel like summer! :)

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[St Patty's]


I tried figuring out why the Irish celebrate St Patty's but Wikipedia is extremely long winded and never ever straight to the point. Tyler told me it's coz of Saint Patrick! And it is! But why Saint Patrick?


Later on in the night, Sean says it's coz Saint Patrick drove some group of people out of Ireland when they attacked.. which makes sense to celebrate. :P

And well, I'm celebrating coz Ty and Sean both have a bit of Irish blood in them. The 3 of us, along with another friend from school headed out to the pub right by Ty's. It's literally 5 minutes away which is great! :)

We spent the night listening to irish tunes, watching irish dances and drinking green beer (I didn't get a picture! What was I thinking!!!).

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March 15, 2010

[Emma from Glee]

Emma from Glee has orange silky swift hair that flies outwards ever so elegantly. Joey told me she wishes her hair was like that. I said "Oh Oh Oh! I can make it like that!"

At first it just dented her hair in all different directions. Then I said yno what! I'm gonna just curl it ok! And she agreed...sooo....


Joey's hair became curly!


From there, our hair curling turned into a dress up session which then turned into a photo session!


We liked the hippie outfits out of all of them.

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[The Choking Game]

Didn't realize how common a game like this would be amongst kids.. but I guess mainly teenagers? How weird!

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March 14, 2010

[Human Tetris]


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March 11, 2010



Every week, my mom heads out to pottery class and sometimes some partially done pots come home; usually the larger ones that require more time to make the designs very detailed. But at the end of the month, there usually is a giant pile of pots that come home and now there are pots scattered all over our house. What is she gonna do with them all!!!!

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[First Comes Spring]


Then comes Winter!


The flowers are extremely confused now that Winter has decided to show up again. Just last week I was basking under the sun in plus 15 - 18 temperatures. This week we're sitting at 0 - 3 degrees.

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March 7, 2010

[Vintage Shoot]

Now that the Olympics are over, I'm once again in the look out for work. Well... I guess really it hasn't stopped and I doubt it ever will unless I win a million dollars. But even then I don't think I would stop looking.


Yesterday I met a girl in Chinatown to do a vintage-esque type shoot for her magazine she is planning on starting. I waited outside Tinseltown as at this point I'm still a bit iffy about Hastings where we were going to shoot.


The girls were running late with make up and wardrobe so I sat out in the sun for a good hour and people-watched. So here I am, minding my own business when this elderly chinese man appears a foot in front of me. One step closer and he would have been invading personal space. He stood there with his hands behind his back like all asian chinese men do and smiled. I looked up.. then looked back down to my book.. then did the re-look and found that he was still staring at me. WELL! lol. I said hi and he just continued to smile. He then knodded his head as if in approval and gave me the thumbs up then went along on his merry way. I thanked him not knowing what he was so happy about. At least he was happy! :) I think he liked my hot pink hair! :P


When we finally made it out to shoot, we walked along the Chinatown streets and shot along the nice red fences and gates. Eventually we made it out to Hastings, "Hoboville". Out of all the times I've been down Hastings, I've only ever been on bus or in a car. And if I was to actually be on Hastings, it would be to catch a bus so I'd just be stationary at the bus stop. But as sketchy as it looks with all the homeless and drug addicts, it's actually a nice area to be around. We even had our own hobo body guard check out what we were doing. When you're there and you don't have a giant CTV or GlobalTV camera around they're completely fine it! Just a buncha art students hanging out in the downtown eastside taking high fashion photos. Lol Erm. They get to see some pretty girls and it doesn't involve taking their photos! The hobos were extremely nice and friendly.

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March 6, 2010

[The Big Bird Bush]


On the way out from the theatre last night, I spotted an extremely yellow bush. The yellow comes from the flowers but it has no leaves whatsoever!

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[Alice in Wonderland IMAX 3D]


The group of us got tickets for Alice in Wonderland last week for opening night out in Richmond. We caught the 9:10 IMAX 3D show. I've been to IMAX films, 3D films, Omnimax films but never an IMAX 3D film!!! It was awesome! Because the screen is much larger (and also we were smart and stood in line for an hour), the 3D effect works way better than on a regular screen.


The glasses we were given were pretty crazy looking too. I wanted to take one home but we weren't allowed :( There's some sensor on it which sounds an alarm if you try to take it out of the theatre. I think maybe they were lying to us...


It's been ages since I saw the original Disney Alice in Wonderland and I vaguely remember what happens. Having seen it as a kid though, I only remember visuals and not so much the story. I know Alice follows a rabbit with a watch down a hole and she drinks a potion and becomes small. She bumps into the smiling cat who leads her to the hookah-smoking caterpillar who then leads her to the mad hatter tea party. Then there's an evil queen who has cards as guards and is obsessed with hearts. And then somehow Alice climbs back up the hole.

And I guess I should have expected this version to be dark... yno.. having Tim Burton directing it and all. The graphics were obviously awesome and having it in IMAX 3D just made it all that much better. You can really tell the difference between regular 3D and IMAX 3D. The tea cups really looked like they were heading towards your face!

I guess my rating for Alice in Wonderland would be a 4/5. Only coz I was expecting something a little happier than Tim Burton darkness.


Ty and Brent peeing on the giant fire hydrant.

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March 5, 2010

[My Stapler!]


I've never really thought of myself as a girly girl who spends all her time in malls. Growing up I wasn't really a mall rat. And now I plan out outfits before buying them. And even though shopping for clothes is great and all, shopping at the dollarstore is the best!

I found this funny looking stapler and got it for a whopping $1.25! :) It works great and kinda looks like a whale!

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[Young @ Heart]


I was at Superstore the other day checking out DVD Deals. I rummaged through 4 giant bins of DVDs to see if there were any good ones. It took a while but I found Young @ Heart! :) It's a documentary about an elderly choir group who sing old school rock and roll. They have a few music videos that look quite good too.

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[Early Spring]


It seems that the seasons have been shifting. In the midst of January, cherry blossoms were getting confused and wanting to blossom already even though it was still January. I guess now that it's March, technically they're allowed to. :P Just watch Vancouver become snow city once again......

Oh and Happy 8 years to us! As of March 2nd, 2010, we have been living in Vancouver for 8 years. :)

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[Ghost City]


We're now into the post-Olympic pre-Paralympic break between parties and Vancouver is like a ghost city. Where'd all the people go?! What about the lights? And the parties?

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