April 30, 2010

[The Spot]


Decided to watch the game with Corey and Diane last week. We're now entering the second round in playoffs. Woo

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While sitting in my room, she found my etch-a-sketch in one of the boxes and decide to draw me. I kinda look old and like a boy with noodly hair, but that's a pretty good drawing for having to turn knobs.

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Ever since Ty fed me granola and yogurt it's like a whole other group of taste buds have been awoken. You'd think that by now I would know what pretty much everything tastes like.. but noooOOoo.

Ty grew up being fed nothing but whole wheat, grainy, seedy and bird seed breads. I, on the other hand had the opposite, plain white bleached bread.. mm yum. So when we're out for breakfast and the lady comes by to ask what sort of bread I want, my answer is always plain.. and Ty will make a face and tell me it's bad. SO then I change my mind and have wheat. I'm not sure what it is about the wheat bread we get at home. Maybe it's just the Wheat Wonderbread that tastes bad cause when I have wheat anywhere else like at a restaurant, at work or at Ty's it tastes pretty good. So I have now included wheat bread in my diet and maybe some whole grains. BUT NOT multi 12 grain bread! That's another thing I had at Ty's.. the bread looked like hamster food with poppy seeds... sunflower seeds.. oat grains.. I had to dunk the entire piece of toast in jam so I didn't taste each and every grain.

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April 29, 2010

[Family Creative]

Steam Clock

from the grad/prom photoshoot are up on Flickr now. :)

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She looks like she has hair on her head coz the groomers left the ear bits long. I like it! :)

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April 28, 2010

[Born Free]

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

It's not often people step too far outside of the box. While in school, we were taught proper gun etiquette. And by that I mean in regards to filming. One should never ever ever ever ever point a gun, be it a toy or real gun, at anyone. Even when filming, you're supposed to point it off to the side and make it work. Make it look real by angling the actors right. Half way through my program, we were told that we weren't allowed anymore projects that had to do with guns or violence. Nothing disturbing or overly sexual. Nothing that crossed the line.And well, when you tell that to an entire program of art students you're kinda taking away from what they do best, from art.

I cringe when I see this video. My system hasn't been desensitized of this type of material which I guess is good, however, many times videos like this have to be made. It's as if someone just stood up from a crowd of people just too scared to speak their mind and tell the truth even though they know it might not end well.

I'm not sure if I could ever watch this and feel normal about it. It's taken me this long to get used to zombie movies and even now, I just really don't like scary movies. :S!!!!

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Remember this? I've come such a long way since... I guess the beginning of highschool or even ever since...I've always loved drawing and when I was in high school I went through a phase where I was obsessed with horses for about 3 - 4 years. I drew them constantly until I mastered the skeletal features and the way their tales and manes flowed. For some reason, one year I just grew out of it. I guess that's when I started getting into photography which happened for a little while but I wasn't too sure just yet whether or not I had an interest in it. Video came along quite quickly and being able to shoot and put together a video as well as understand beats and cuts put me in a phase where I just enjoyed shooting and editing for hours until a project was done so I could design a DVD menu and cover to be sent off to someone. I mean.. who else on earth could put together a DVD cover and menu!?!!?!? That's what I thought anyway. Then I discovered that there were tons of people who could.... Nowadays I've been taking a lot more pictures and getting tons of experience on shoots. But when it comes time to edit the 400 photos I took, oh my. I start off really spending time on the first few shots. Slowly the shots become really repetitive and I end up copying and pasting effects. After a while every single photo looks the same because of the similar colour tones!!! And that's when I have to step away for a few days, come back and realize, hey! These are good shots! And continue...

It's really weird when I look around and see a lot of people find their passion in certain things especially at the school. Then I think about myself and see.. I guess I have a passion for Art, Photography, Video... But for some reason when I do it too much, when everyday becomes the same thing, I get less and less motivated to do anything related. But when I turn back and check out something I did that I thought was simple but brilliant, I gain back a bit of motivation to create more like the video up there. It took me a while to figure out but somehow I did and when I think about it now, it's an extremely simple thing to do. I stare at my photos and when I've been editing for hours, I start to think that my photos aren't so great anymore.

:T I guess I got to just keep at'er and keep looking back as well!

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[Despicable Me]

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April 25, 2010

[Punk Dog]


Ty and I have been talking about giving Buddha a mohawk fur cut. He finally took her down to the groomers and they did a crazy job. I've never seen dogs have a specific hairstyle except maybe poodles but their do is kinda ugly. Well here's Buddha. It was a bit hard to get shots of her since she's so scared and her fur blends in quite well.

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[Family Creative Prom Shoot]


When we first moved here, I was in grade 7 for 2 months. That meant I was to attend a graduation ceremony since I was in the graduating year for elementary school. It was a day where everyone got to dress up in fancy dresses and it was everyone's special night. It's more of a kid party in grade 7. High school graduations are even more important. Girls spend hundreds of dollars on dresses. A boy has to ask a girl out to grad... He has to get her a matching flower so she can wear on her wrist! The night is filled with celebration, song and dance. Once dinner and dance is over, there's after grad where everyone dresses according to the theme and parties back at the school.


I'm currently working with a company, Family Creative, shooting weddings and other.. Today we shot some graduation/prom outfits in hopes of getting some work during the spring/summer graduation season.


The shoot took place at Gastown, great place to get pictures at. It's nice coz Gastown looks nothing like Vancouver. It's like a whole other country on its own.


The shoot almost got cancelled due to bad weather but as time drew closer, the sky decided to clear up. Obviously right after we were officially done...


I haven't done anything creative in a long time or at least it seems like it's been a long time. It's nice to go out and just shoot and meet new people. Sometimes you even meet some people twice!! What a small world!

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April 23, 2010

[Polluted Night]


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April 22, 2010



I recently bought a box of Dark Brown hair dye. It's been a long time since I've coloured my hair with actual hair dye and not just colouring. I've also never used Dark Brown which I thought would make me look natural. It dyed my hair jet black instead which I really like! I wish my hair was naturally that black. It really deepens the pink enough but also brings it out more. :D


Here's the hat my momma made me. :D It's like an acorn! Now I wish it was colder so I can wear it!!

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[Full On Curls]


I've curled my hair many times now with the straightening iron. Usually I just curl the longest side and leave the rest straight. Throughout the winter it looked fine as I covered my head up with a toque. You could just see the twirls on the side stick out. Now that it's pretty warm out.. too warm to be wearing toques.... I decided to curl my bangs as well... O_O

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[Home Made]


Jo Jo has been taking Textiles in school this semester and so she completes project after project and has become a pro at sewing. She recently made a dress and so while shopping for more fabric with her, I decided I wanted to make one too! I'd already gotten dress patterns a while ago but never got up to getting fabric since Wal-Mart no longer carries it.

I decided to pick a simpler pattern and see how it would turn out if I made the shirt longer. This pattern was originally for a shirt or shirt top with skirt. It kinda looks like a welder's apron before sewing the side seams together. But trust me it looks better after!!!!


Then of course.... Joey's dress...............I call it the Watermelon Jello Dress. Full of ruffles and intricate seams. You can really tell how different we are!

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April 21, 2010

[Our Zoo in the making]


Ty works at a pet store so as each week goes by, the number of animal enclosures in his room multiplies. He's got so many tanks now that we had to get a shelf for them!! I think it looks pretty neat. On the top there's the pill bug enclosure. Originally it was a hermit crab tank but now's not the time for a hermit crab!! He caught the pill bug outside in his yard. We've seen many of these other bugs that look similar but don't curl up into a ball like the pillbug does.


Next to the pill bug enclosure is a smaller tank he got but has a crack in it. I think he's gonna patch it up and put either a salamander or newt in it. Below that there's a larger tank which he got for 12 bucks at a cool exotic pet store we went to. Not sure what's gonna go in there just yet. Maybe more fish? Or a rat!!! :D In the middle there's Bobby the gerbil! Nothing's at the bottom just yet. I figure that's where all the food will go.

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[Learning to Relax]

I'm not sure if such a thing is common! How could anyone not know how to relax!!!! I usually feel guilty when I relax. I feel like I should constantly be trying to achieve something or make some sort of progress in life like learn something or score a great job or something like that. My brain is constantly thinking and remembering and remembering to keep thinking to the point where I just get drained.

For the last 3 weeks I've kind of been taking things a little slower. I guess things also feel a bit slower since all my shoots have been postponed a week. This week's not going to be pretty!

It's been nice to just tell myself to relax on a weekend and do something I actually enjoy. Last weekend, I went to get some fabric with Jo Jo so she can make a shirt for her sewing class and I got a pattern for a shirt as well but turned it into a dress. :) For once in a long time I actually felt like I accomplished something without having to rush. It's been a while.

I bought myself a yoga DVD which I haven't had the chance to look at even but hopefully one of these weekends I can start getting into some sort of disciplined routine and do some stretching and a better form of thinking.


The Spring is finally here and I'm loving the weather right now. It's not too hot and not too cold! :D

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April 18, 2010

[Perfect Hair]

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April 13, 2010

[Joel Plaskett]

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Ooo hoo hoo.

I think Totem is one of Cirque's newest shows.

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April 12, 2010


3 year old cries over Justin Bieber then gets to meet him. Yeesh.

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April 11, 2010



Even though I've been taking photos for so long and there's been a large increase in the number of people with cameras nowadays, I haven't really had any friends who have a camera around as much as I do. So when I look through my wedding photos, it's nice to find one or two of ME! Here's me having a go at the Canon 7D which was supposed to be used for video at this shoot but I couldn't help but try out some snap shots.


Anushe is one of the girls who shoots with us. All of us sort of take turns as and when we're available to shoot either photo or video.

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April 10, 2010

[What the Duck]


I found this picture somewhere. I believe on craigslist itself in one of the postings. It's genius!! There are tons and tons of people out there who want you to do lots of work that require lots of your time and they aren't even willing to pay you a cent. Jeez.

I realized the What the Duck comics all have to do with life of a photographer which is kinda neat. No one just writes comics dedicated to photographers!

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[Cake Face]


I recently bought a little packet of facial mask. The drug store usually has a rack that has all sorts of scents and stuff for little spa treatments for a little price of $2. :) I even get to use it twice just coz there's so much in the packet.

This one I got smelled like peaches. :) And looked like whipped cream. Joey suggested I draw a mustache and so I did....

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[Dinner and a Movie]


It's been a long time since Ty and I have been out to 'explore' by ourselves. We kind of usually end up in the same places but there's always something different we discover each time.

We walked around the down town area and eventually made it to the Scotia Bank Theatre where we'd hoped to see How to Train your Dragon.

They weren't playing it. I was soooo sad! Plan B was to go to Metrotown to see it there but we wanted to go to The Reef for dinner which is downtown. It's the yummiest restaurant ever and for being that great, I was expecting the prices to be greater but they aren't which is what makes it great. :)

So we saw How to Train your Dragon at Tinseltown by Chinatown in a little theatre which saved us around $3 - $4. Should see movies there more often I think. :) The movie was just awesome. I thought Up was great but Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was way funnier. And I thought THAT was great. But... How to Train your Dragon just takes it all. :D I think it's coz no one's ever made an animated movie on... Vikings and Dragons! Rawwwwr! I definitely recommend seeing it in theatres.

We ended our day with some yummy carribean food. I had a spicy chicken wrap with potatoes, cumin and tumeric. Mmm. And Ty had a burger with plantain fries. Never knew all these weird fries existed. Yam fries are also really yummy. Mmmmmm!

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[American Idol Nights]


There are 2 nights a week when there is American Idol. I began watching since the beginning however lost interest when it got down to elimination rounds. I prefer watching the silly things people do and sing during first round auditions.

So everyone else in the house huddles downstairs at precisely 8pm or 9pm depending on the day. All showers must be taken prior to this! And Joey needs exactly 30 minutes to do her hair! If you are using the bathroom during commercial breaks, there is a chance you might just get kicked out while drying your hair. I speak from experience. :O


Also, if you wish to be sitting with the rest of the family to watch, be prepared for great songs to be butchered and loud girl screaming at hot idol. I was downstairs once or twice.... I don't think I like idol nights very much:

Me: (Head downstairs... have some ice cream... sing some "All my Loving" that's playing)
Jo Jo: Shhhh
Me: "All my loooving.. I will send to yoouuuuuuUUUUu"
Jo Jo: *Scoffs* SHHHHHHHH!!
Me: But it's a good song!! *Continues singing*
Jo Jo: Woooo Tim Urbaaaaan!
Me: But he's ruining the song!!!!
Jo Jo: SHHHH! He's beautiful! You're such a hater!

And along I go on my merry way back upstairs. :)

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[When testing,]

When testing out a new flash, one must have a subject to test on! It's usually more difficult to test on a real subject however makes more sense for what I have to do therefore...... Pepper's my new test subject!!


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While shopping at The Hudsons Bay company, BC's biggest distributor for Olympic apparel... maybe even Canada's biggest, I came across snobby people and lots of cheap shirts. And well what the heck I decided I'd get a Canada shirt. It's got no Canada colours whatsoever but red just isn't my colour I don't think.

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[Mish Mash Weather]

In the last week or 2 we've been experiencing some strange winds. Not so surprising nowadays having odd weather in Vancouver. It's almost normal to have 10 forecasts all mumble jumbled into one day, have Spring in the Winter and Winter in Spring.


In the last weekend of Spring when my Aunt and Cousin came up to visit, we had blustery, foggy and snowy conditions. It was so bad that only 2 chairs were running at that time, the Bunny Hill and 2 down from it, the Lions Chair which surprised me coz with the wind being that strong, I didn't even think they'd have Cypress open.

The wind at base was pretty chilly. Lots of racks were being blown around and many had to stop and protect themselves before continuing on with what they were doing. Once we got on the hills it actually wasn't too bad. Then Jo and I decided to go up a little higher. We were there, we might as well! So up we go on the Lions Chair.. doo doo doo doo doo... WOOOOOOOSH. Wind! Snow! Ice! More wind! Hail! We were just being attacked! And not to mention it was so foggy, you couldn't see what was ahead.

We went down Collins a couple times. I thought it'd be a bit scarier than the bunny hills coz people usually go a lot faster. The white out and wind prevented that! People were hobbly-wobbling down the run like noobies.. of course only coz of the conditions. Jo and I were being smacked around by the wind. Here we are heading down hill with tons of nice powdery snow... and WOOSH.. up wards... Everytime I bit of wind hits us, we're forced to a complete stop and almost pushed over backwards. It was quite the day up on the hills. The following day brought us a tad bit better weather....


Day 2 of crazy weather-ness brought us sunshine! Then RAAAIN! We sat in a line of cars at the border at 10 in the morning hoping to get across with all the other people wanting to go down to the states of Easter-long.

At around 1:30 - 2ish, we were finally sitting at Burger King having our yummy yummy brunch... lunch...


We got lost trying to find the Tulip farms but when we found one, it was gorgeous.

The next few days were kind of so-so weather wise.

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April 6, 2010

[Tegan and Sara]

They have a very strange almost whiney sort of feel to their singing. But I love it!

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April 5, 2010



...and Pepper.

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April 3, 2010

[My New Baby]


It's still a bit early in my career for me to afford a professional D-SLR however I'm slowly gathering the tools I need to help make my photos better. Like with film, the better you plan, the better lighting you have, the better the shoot goes and the less work there is to do come post production. Eventually the things one would need to focus on would be the pre-planning and generating ideas when all equipment is there to help make the image look great.

[Since all Olympic merchandise is on sale now I figured I'd take advantage of that. I got a big Quatchi for $10 when the original price was $32]

My new Canon SpeedLite EX580-II is beeeeautiful! :D. She makes all my indoor photos look great!

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April 1, 2010

[Salamander #2]


Since we had so much luck finding snakes and salamanders this year, I thought why not show Ty what forest is left in Fraser Heights.

We walked through some trails by my house and tried finding old bark to lift up. We only found young fallen trees and leaves. When we'd finally walked all around and headed back along a trail back to my house, Ty found a good spot underneath some bark and hey whaddaya know... Salamander!

I looked up this species and I think it's the Ensatina Salamander. Pretty neat.

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[Ty comes to visit]


Ty came over to visit yesterday since I'm always visiting him, it's only fair he visits me too! We did some wandering around and then he helped figure out what was wrong with our sink. We had a pipe burst last week and the plumber came to install a new faucet. Unfortunately, he didn't do a very good job! We only get cold water coming out of that tap. The hot side just barely trickles.


After unscrewing a couple nuts and climbing in and out of the crawl space trying to shut the water off, we figured the hot water switch was faulty. So the 2 of us went out to Rona to get some parts and a wrench. Ty installed the part and it still didn't work so we figured.. the pipe must have something stuck in it. That wasn't it. After 2 hours of trying to fix it, we came to conclusion that there's something wrong with the faucet or the plumber must have bend one of the pipes while installing it. My aunt and cousin are here to visit for the weekend as well so the whole family was just watching this sink-fixing-event.

Ty's a bit bummed out that he didn't get to fix it.. but hey, that means he'll be back to visit! :D

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[Friendly Neighbour Downstairs]


A few weeks ago, Pepper started acting really strange. He would whine at the sliding door to go out but would stay still and continue whining even though we'd open the door for him. He would then make sure everything was safe then ZOOM out of the little dog door to go pee. After he'd be done, he would bark but be standing on the other side of the deck to come in and we thought it was really strange. He was scared of something at the door but we couldn't see what it was. When he would finally be brave enough to come inside, he would run as fast as he could right through the doors... WHOOOOSH


We found out later on that there's a raccoon living underneath our deck! :) Poor thing. It probably just wants shelter!

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