May 31, 2010

[Baby Steps]

designed by Brad Evjen

Step one.

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[Same Day Edit]

On Saturday I was asked to do a same day edit for a wedding one of the companies I'm working with was shooting. Our team consisted of 2 videographers both shooting on Canon 7Ds as well as 2 photographers. I've never done a same day edit before but neither has this company so we were prepared to wing it and put out something similar to a really great SDE we'd seen online. Because this is my first SDE we weren't expecting too much but I really wanted to get almost the same sort of feel to it as the one we saw which just so happen to have the same song. I think the couple really liked it and wanted something similar which made my job a tad bit easier.

So my day started off with learning how to run the inverter in the car first of all which turned out to be quite easy after being given some instructions from Ty on the phone. I was a less scared to plug the whizzing box in the cigarette lighter. :P Plugged my power to the box and connected it to my laptop and voila! Power! After about 45 minutes of transferring and the box whizzing more intensely as more tasks are created, we are done at the Chapel. From there I drive allll the way to the country club where again I set up for another 3 - 4 hours of non stop transferring, file organizing and editing.

By 8pm I had 1minute and 8 seconds of video with title and logo included. I wish I could have made it a bit longer coz it's lacking a second half it seems. But now we know what we have to deal with when doing SDEs. :)

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May 24, 2010

[CVC Fashion Show]


Couple weeks back I was asked to attend a fashion show run by the UBC Chinese Varsity Club to help raise money for a hospital I think....Maybe I should start paying attention to what we're raising money for. But when I'm there I'm focusing more on.. Where should I stand? Will this be a good spot throughout the entire show? Hopefully stupid people don't stand in front of me! Look at all these people. They're all dressed up. I feel so out of place...

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[Baby Zephyr]


Here's a closer photo of Baby Zephyr. Still not that great but I didn't have my good camera and it's pretty dim in Ty's room. He asked if I wanted to hold it (as I'm inching backwards watching it wriggle around. Yeeeeee!).

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A long time ago I snipped my hair (all of it) to the shortest it would ever be, to the point where it would stand up on its own. Right now my hair is slightly longer than that, but it still stands up on its own! I have to rotate at night so that it's evenly pressed on both sides and symmetrical. :P And after I wash it, it goes.. POOF... and I look like Bert from Sesame Street. Not sure if that's a good thing.

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May 22, 2010

[Rawkin' the Hawk]

I told Jo Jo I'd take her shopping if she would come along with me to get my haircut. We set out at around 9 for the Chop Shop and along the way did some window shopping.


The first time I buzzed my hair, it was the second time I'd been to the Chop Shop and my stylist was awesome at what she did. I was so sad when I'd found out she'd moved back to Ontario and had to deal with other stylists who just weren't as good. :( Today I walked into the salon to find that I'd been scheduled with her! Yay! She's back! I told her what I'd wanted and showed her some pictures and we were on our way! She seemed more enthusiastic about it than I was. :) *Pulls out buzzer* Mwahahaha say goodbye!

An hour and 20 minutes later.. Poof! The amount of my hair on the ground could clear the oil spill down south.


Whenever I get stylists to do my hair, it never turns out the way I want except when Tobi does it! It always turns out great. And if it doesn't look like the picture, it's coz it's even better! :D


Now you can see all my earrings. :P

Jo and I spent the rest of the day walking around downtown, eating Chicken Shawermas for lunch.. walking around Metrotown. We didn't get everything on our list which happen to all start with S (Socks, Shoes, Shorts), but we got Sweet Tank Tops and Sweet Shirts!

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May 20, 2010

[Goodbye Hair]


Say goodbye coz by Saturday all of the hair on my sides are being chopped off! Jamie's getting a hawk!

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[Photobooth Buddha]


The giant thing in my hand is a waffle. It was the only way to get Buddha's attention! :)

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May 18, 2010


While downtown getting burgers on Sunday, we came across a few street performers. Normally there are 1 or 2 buskers along the street who strum along with their guitars and some who sing along as well. There are a few who perform every day and every night like the guy who plays the violin with his golden retriever at his feet.

This time we came across an african mamba group, Kutapira, made of young guys ages 18 - 23 and they rocked. Ty and I got their name and suggested coming by the school to get some recording done.

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May 17, 2010

[The Hopsicle]


On our way down to Wreck Beach on Friday, we went in a different direction than usual and wound up hitting a fence..... which we so cleverly decided to jump. On our way over, Ty had a bit of a rough landing injuring his left foot. Walking in the hot, uneven, prickly sand didn't really help either. The hike back up was a slow and painful one for him. :(

We visited the hospital on Saturday to get it check out. Last time I remember....the only time I've ever been to the hospital is when I was born. And I don't even really remember being born! Ty on the other hand has always had injuries or illnesses serious enough that he would have to go to the hospital and skip the clinic.

I wasn't really sure what to expect. We went into the emergency room where some people were waiting. Ty explained what he was there for to the nurse and she printed out a sheet for him. We went to another window further in the hospital and again explained what happened to another nurse who pointed us to the X-ray room. So he gets the X-ray and we shuffle on back to the middle room where we wait to see a doctor for an explanation. Ok well he was in there waiting. I was outside in the lounge watching injured and sick people come in and out. Kinda scary when some one comes pushed in on a stretcher with a tube up their nose. O_O

Turns out Ty just had a really bad sprain and some minor bruises something only time will fix. Doctor says it will take 6 - 8 weeks for it to fully heal but knowing Tyler he will be back on his skateboard sometime soon. :S


We spent the rest of the weekend feeding squirrels at Central park....


Grabbing Vera's burgers downtown (NAWM NAWM NAWM)....


Enjoying the flowers in the yard...


Tending to the many pets Ty has....


As well as our new comer, Baby Zephyr.. a baby snake.. I forget what kind of snake it is. Ty's hoping that it will get used to being a pet as most snakes people get from stores are caught in the wild and sold in pet stores. I'm still not sure I like the idea of a snake as a pet. But a pet rat! That's different! :)

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May 14, 2010

[First of the Summer]


Today was the official first beach day of the summer. We're now at the mid term point in the quarter and since I still work at the school my routine and schedule runs with theirs. Parties and activities have to be done within the first 4 - 5 weekends of the 11 week quarter. Once you past midterms, people don't really feel like partying since schools way more important.

We all met up at Wreck Beach which is the furthest beach to get to probably but still the best. Not many people venture out there since 1. it's too far away 2. it's a nude beach 3. it's a tad bit difficult to get to (347 stairs or something like that) 4. (this one's just me) no cameras allowed.

To get there, one has to catch the skytrain to commercial and catch the 99 Bline up all the way to UBC which usually takes about half an hour but it seemed like way longer yesterday. Maybe I'm just slow. I have been the last few months with the weird weather patterns. Because we had a slow winter with no snow in the first few months and lots of it trickling into Spring, I think that all the seasons have been pushed. It looks like Spring got cut short and Summer's here early. It's not even June yet and I can feel the warmth in my room. What's June, July and August gonna be like?!?!!? O_O

Anyhoo. Once you get to UBC, you're stiiill not quite there. UBC sits along the coast and so we have to walk through the entire school to actually get to the beach. One would think that walking through a school is no big deal. It's just a school! WELL.. It's like its own city. Everything in this little city is perfect. All the flowers and grasses are all planted perfectly. All the buildings are definitely school-like. I don't really get to see "school-like" buildings often since our school looks like Costco (a warehouse) which is neat.

Now... once you get through UBC, it's not over yet. There are still 347 odd stairs to get down. And getting down isn't the tough part. It's when you're all sun burnt and worn out by the sun and you're just ready to hop into a nice hot shower and pass out that you have to battle the 347 stairs UP.

And no matter how difficult it is to get there, it will still be our favourite beach :) We've only been there maybe.. 3 or 4 times between last and this summer but I guess because of the tight knit community down there, the nakedness just seems normal. Just to look at for now though. I don't think I'll be doing the real Wreck Beach experience just yet. I like my bikinis and shorts. I got them for a reason!


I didn't get too many shots since the people down there don't entertain photography. As long as we kept it low and to ourselves they didn't mind. Here's the sandcastle we built!! Kat, Paul and I carried our buckets and shovels like little kids up and down from the tidepools, catching crabs and fish to put in our Olympic swimming pool.

I think I've got just enough tan to last me a while. :P

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May 11, 2010



So I've been sick for a week now and thinking that natural remedies like water, tea, honey, lemon and sleep would do the trick but.... nope! It hasn't. Today I finally gave in and took the day off from work to go see a doctor. :( I don't like doctors. The only doctor who has ever figured out what was wrong with me from one visit is the sunday doc... and today's Tuesday. The others just assume they know everything and point me to remedies I can find from Dr Mom, who is right most of the time but not aaaalll the time. Well.... today's Doc told me I had the common virus that everyone has now and that I had to keep doing what I was doing and sleep it off. How to sleep off a sore throat that I've had for a week now!?!


Well despite the awful pain in the throat, I was glad that I had the day off. I finished up Season 2 of Heroes while I sewed together the bag I've been making. It's finally done!


I had some pasta egg salad, leftover garlic mashed potatoes and my cheese platter with turkey. :) Oh yah... did I mention I need new low cut socks? It's hard to find ones like these that go below the cut of my shoes!!

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May 10, 2010

[Whistling Dog]

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May 9, 2010

[Yay Clothes!]


I'm at the point where I've collected quite a variety of outfits. Really I don't need to shop anymore for maybe 10 years!! Assuming I won't be outgrowing anything. Some of my shirts have either shrunk or I'm actually still growing. O_O Here is the dress I made along with and without leggings. I didn't make the one in the middle. :P


I've grown into a T-shirt phase. For a long time I couldn't find any shirts that had a good cut and a couple years ago I didn't really like the ladies cut shirts. Guys shirts were always over sized though.


This summer I'm trying to merge into a more feminine wardrobe with a couple dresses and skirts. We'll see how that goes. I've been trying for a long time....


Jo Jo made the first skirt. The middle is the very first skirt I ever bought and I probably have only worn it out once.

There's just something about fashion that's interesting. I look through tons and tons of magazines and like only about 10% of the styles in there so I don't really have too much to work with. A shirt, some pants, a jacket.... shoooze! Maybe my next post will be about those. :)

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[BBQ Season]


It's just about hot enough for BBQs, beaches and partying! :D And for the heck of it, Cal had us over for the first BBQ of the season.


Here's the view from the 16th floor of his apartment. It's beautiful!!


We tried getting the sunset in the background but it just didn't work. :(


I think I might plan a beach day soon. Wreck beach here we come!

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May 7, 2010

[Love Sick]

Or sleeping in?


Title: Pepper
Time: 10:11 am
Day: Friday
Location: Living room couch
Scenario: It's Friday. Jamie and Joey are both home and strangely awake before 10am. Pepper did not go to Gilley's house today!

Either he just wants to sleep in. Or he's missing Gilley. Still not sure which one it is.


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May 4, 2010

[Modern Family]

I'm pretty sure I've stated before that I'm not a huge TV show fan. I never really went through a phase like a lot of people do where I have to make sure I catch a certain show at a certain time. Throughout highschool it was a lack of interest. Throughout post secondary it was a lack of time. Now that shows are so easily accessible, I can watch episode after episode, commercial free and finish a season within a day!! I think that was another set back, having to wait a whole week for the next episode kinda sucks. Welcome to the 21st century?


After Ty showed me Heroes for the first time, I got stuck on it (even though it kinda made me feel a bit weird after watching it for 4 hours straight. I don't handle well after watching shows or movies that aren't happy). I've finally finished the first season and am waiting for a perfect time to start season 2. The new show that came out recently is Modern Family and at first I wasn't too interested but after hearing great feedback from viewers I decided to start a couple episodes.. and well.. got hooked and watched them all in one afternoon. After that I had to show Ty and we've seen pretty much all of them. For people who don't watch TV, we're pretty hardcore!

I think the reason I really like it is coz it deals with so many things in this generation like advances in technology and parents who were in their 20s when this new technology boom happened. Things like brothers, sisters, step parents, marriages, gay marriages, divorces, typical stay home mothers, typical stay at home fathers (in this case gay parents), raising children, teenager driving for the first time, dealing with 2 different generations, pets.. The list could go on. And I think what I like about it the most is even though I do and do not relate to many of the themes and situations, it's real or very close. Many situations do happen whether all of them cater to one family or to many. And after watching it, it makes you feel like even though families may be broken up or far away from each other or a little less than perfect, you're still family.

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[The Elbow Room]

A co-worker recently suggested a restaurant to go to called The Elbow Room downtown. Their known for both their food and their service in which being outspoken and in your face is okay. I'm not sure I would be able to handle it since I'm not really rude to anyone but from seeing the video that's on the website, it looks like a good place for people who just want to have fun. I could understand joking around at work with co-workers. I make fun of the people I work with all the time and occasionally people I know who come by regularly. A joke's a joke I guess until someone really doesn't know how to take it.

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[Be Italian]

Pretty much all the musicals I love have come from original broadway shows. Here's Be Italian from Nine. This was the only song I liked from that one.

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