June 25, 2010

[Goodbye A.I]

As more and more friends graduate from A.i, I slowly feel another portion of my life come to an end and here we are transitioning once again into another great adventure!! :P


I wasn't so lucky to have my graduation at the Frew but lots of my friends did. :) My mission this time around was to collect as many pictures as I could with Mal in them. She's half way around the world touring Poland and couldn't be here. She was with us in spirit and on cardboard though! :P


This was a pretty large group of graduates as we finally trickle off to the remaining few. As usual they packed into a tiny boiling room with no ventilation what so ever. You always feel like the school doesn't quite care about you when something like this happens. You're all dressed up in an itchy shirt and pants, uncomfortable shoes left to sweat in this room filled with 3 times the recommended capacity and all they can do to help is bring in a tiny fan where everyone hovers around (Great for the guy who's reel is playing right next to the fan). Everyone was so relieved to be done after that 8 hour day of standing, Ty included. Everyone came out of the school like wild animals being released from the zoo or something (most of the population at the school is male), jumping, screaming, dancing. It's going to be a nutso busy crazy summer.

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June 21, 2010

[Whole New Wardrobe]


Now that I'm working in a store where professionalism is key, my wardrobe has changed. The cafe tried making us wear collared shirts but they never successfully switched us over and since I won't be working Renfrew, I won't ever have to wear their shirts-that-are-too-short-and-not-proportionate. :P (I hear Black's is making us wear red polos though.... )

Well, now I'm on to itchy dress shirts that heat up immensely in the sun, make you itchy and shoes that bite feet (even with gel pads!). Now I got to figure out, expensive comfort shoes? Or inexpensive shoes that bite? Or maybe I just have to look harder. I'm sure I can find some that look good, are reasonably priced and are comfy. There are too many working individuals in this world to not have good dress shoes.

Part of my kind of likes that I get to dress up. The other part's wondering what I'm going to do with all my clothes.... There's only 2 days a week I don't work. O_O And if I shoot weddings on one or two of those days, then I might as well get rid of all my casuals and stock up on dress shirts and cardigans.

On a good note, the second I stepped into my first day of in store training, the first thing my manager noticed was my shoes! He was quite jealous. :P

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June 17, 2010

[Moving Up]


I knew that this day would eventually come but I wasn't sure how long it would last for. I guess now I know. The last 2 years have really made a great impact on my life because of all the people I have met and made friends with. I can definitely say that I am a different person coming out of A.i... more outgoing... more confident in myself... a little crazier. :P You need to be a little bit crazy to go to A.i and work there.


I'm really going to miss the people I used to see every single day for the last 2 and a half years. It always starts off with new quarter people who eventually grow into people you learn to love (I say learn because we never quite like any of the new people to begin with.....kinda odd).


It makes me both happy and sad that I'm finally done here. Still taking baby steps but I'm finally moving up the line and onto greater things. Will always have great memories at the Ecafe though. :)

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[Pepper and Diane]


Pepper's such a suck for other peoples' attention!

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June 14, 2010

[The Ukes of Hazzard]

Kids by MGMT

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June 12, 2010

[Country Fair 2010]


Last year the Country Fair didn't seem as exciting as it has over the course of high school. It used to be a day where we all got to run around the village, play games, eat as much candy as you wanted...It was a day where everyone was happy, everyone got together and just had fun.

This year it was a little better since all of us haven't really seen each other for a while so it was nice to get together. It seems this week has been full of that

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June 9, 2010


Tyler got me a Ukulele for my birthday and it's a little trippier than a guitar but just as hard to play as a guitar! In fact it might be a little harder coz it's so tiny!

And of course there are many songs played with a ukulele like Somewhere over the Rainbow and I'm Yours. Then I found these guys! The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain!!!!!!!! :D

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June 7, 2010

[Twenty One]


As we did last year, our group had dinner and drinks at the Blarney Stone again for my 21st birthday this year.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect but was hoping for a rad night of epic drunkedness. It wasn't too much of a drunken night but good nonetheless. I had a couple drinks, some Shepard's Pie and then got offered a beer which didn't sit too well in me so...... my stomach kicked it out!

We had 2 different group of friends show up as well, highschool and art school. It's kinda crazy seeing how much I've changed by looking at how different my friends are! Either I've changed or I've unleashed different sides of myself I didn't know existed.


The rest of the night we spent talking, dancing, and drinking more. :)


Tyler says his head is 2wice the mass of mine. We took this picture to determine that. Alice says all I need is a beard and I'll have the same size head. Well I already have the hawk so I think that counts.


Our bar night ended quite early so some of us ended up at Ty's where we had a camp fire! :) Because of the awesome location Ty's place is at, not many people can tell that we're having a fire. And it's quite safe, there's a nice little fire pit lined with bricks. Because we're by the water and the lowest house down, and on the edge of Burnaby, we can't really bother anyone (not that we were that noisy) anyway. I think that's the first camp fire I've ever had! I guess excluding when I went to horse camp....... That didn't count. There were too many children around.

Well, by tomorrow it will be official. I think 21 means I will be legal all around the world! Time to plan a trip to Vegas! :D

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June 4, 2010

[Au Naturel]


Someone asked how I get my hair to stand and my answer to them was: "Yno what..... my hair stands naturally..... I can't get it to go DOWN."

Took some shots of my hair without any of that gel stuff in it, just blown up after washing. The back doesn't stick out as much but it's still got the volume.



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Maybe it'll be sunny tomorrow.

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June 3, 2010

[Pepper versus Mouse]

Tyler brings home a lot of weird gadgets and gizmos from work and usually it's another tank, cage or pet food. Sometimes there's books and weird filters. This time he brought home a little wizzing micro mouse. We tried it on Buddha but she's just terrified of it. I think she's way smarter than we give her credit for and she probably thinks we're immature for finding the stupid remote control mouse funny. You can see it in her eyes, the way she looks at you.

Pepper on the other hand.............

........is quite entertaining. He might be a bit slow at figuring out what, why, how... but eventually he discovered he could nudge the mouse with his nose to flip it or pick it up by the tail. The whizzing sound of the wheels freaks him out though with it in his mouth so he ends up dropping the poor thing.

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[Exploitation of the Photographer]


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