July 24, 2010

[Baby Batch #2]


We weren't sure whether this was a second family of robins that just decided to pick the same spot as Bertha. But hey, it's a great spot. I have a feeling this one is a single mom. I haven't seen a switch of roles.

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[Momma's Garden]



I know... My mom has TONS of flowers in her garden and I took a few... but I like the electro-daisies the best.

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July 23, 2010



Shot at Davie Community Garden.

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Brendan, ex-co-worker of mine invited me out to the Art Gallery to check out the current exhibit however we were unable to get passes so our mini adventure turned into a walk about photoshoot.

I shot photos while he did video for his reel.


Our original plan was to pay buskers a small fee and collect footage of them. Most of them generally don't mind. We walked down Granville, up Davie, across Denman and back up Robson.... 4 hours later... I got some nice garden shots at one of the community gardens which I was quite pleased about but our plan kind of failed as we only got one busker on film!

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July 18, 2010

[The Sweetest Thing]

Our second same day edit was a grand success. This time we were a lot more prepared. I was given a few days to look through a few song choices the couple had picked out and with faster card readers, a closer location and an earlier start, we were all set!

I started organizing in the morning and finished most of the video by 2 - 3pm. All the photoshoots were done early and we even got to head home for a couple hours to freshen up (well I continued editing) and then met at the Bollywood Banquet Hall later on in the evening to showcase the video.

It was some party! I love Indian weddings, the food is awesome! This time around it was half Indian half Fijian so it was yummy dinner AND open bar, Fijian style!! (My screwdriver was 60% Vodka 40% OJ.... :D )

I think what I enjoy the most about this job is not the fact that I get to cut and past things together to show the bigger picture (which is fun nonetheless) but the reactions I get from people viewing the final product after. To see the faces of people laugh because they remember a part of it because they were there...Or to see people see it all for the first time, it's like looking at something great for the first time. And of course I watch my video over and over until it becomes so dull but when I watch it with my audience, it refreshes itself and becomes new again. :)

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July 16, 2010

[Milo and Abbey]


It's been a couple weeks since we got Milo and Abbey. They've almost doubled in size now! It's a bit hard to train them to come out since our schedules are so irregular but when we do get to chill with them we try to take them out of their cage.

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July 15, 2010

[Grand Opening]


"I feel like it's Chinese New Year..."

We had our grand opening for the Robson store and it was just caaaaraaaazy. Tons of new people came in as did lots of regular customers. We had the president and managers come as well as lots of Telus peeps.

There was such a huge flow of traffic on the kiosks that photo orders were just all over the place. It was pretty hectic.

Prior to getting this job, I was worried it would be the same as when I worked at the Photo/Electronics department at Superstore but so far so good! :) Great people to work with and great working environment and it's cool to be able to help people who just don't understand cameras and photos like you do. It's weird thinking that there are actually people who DON'T own a camera?! That's just blasphemy.

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So here's his story. A Japanese man moved to Vancouver wanting to open a sushi stand along the streets like the Chestnut man and the Hot Dog man. However, according to Vancouver's street vendors rules, you are only allowed to sell hot dogs. I don't know what sort of rule that is coz you're paying to rent the stand anyway. So Japanese man decides.. okay well.. I'll improvise and turn the hot dogs into Japadogs! You can get dogs with teri-mayo and seaweed and all sorts of strange toppings. He made tons of money during the Olympics and now owns a Japadog store just across from where I work. I don't know how far he's made it but it's very popular!

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[Caught Up]

Ever since I started work, my mind and body have just been going and going and going and going. Feels like months have gone by when it's only been about 2 weeks. So besides working, here's what's been going on!


I got a trim! :D Tobi cut it a bit shorter than last time so it will grow out better.


We had 7.11 day on July 11th so I got me a free slurpee! :D


World Cup happened in the streets. :D


Pepper got skinny! :O


I took this beautiful picture of a butterfly when Ty and I went to the beach! :D


I got to see a part of "Fringe" shot right on Robson and Granville St. NYC Taxi cabs in Vancouver! Wuh whuuuut!


I made porridge for dinner. O em jee! :O

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July 11, 2010

[FIfa 2010]

I'm not much of a soccer fan and in the past the only reason I would have been was because of the people I hung out with. I guess I wasn't much of an Olympic Winter Sport fan either but because it was a whole world event, it made it such that everyone had something in common. We all come from somewhere. We all were born in one country and because these games are competitive, we all share something in common, we all want to win!

On Granville street in the last week, CBC has been setting up live screenings of the games where the public can sit and watch along the street.

Yesterday they screened the finale, Spain vs Netherlands. I caught the very first part of the closing ceremonies but had to go to work. I TOTALLY forgot that we get Sports and News networks IN HD at work! I don't know what I was thinking. Missed the closing ceremonies but caught the whole game I guess.

Every now and then you could hear cheers and chanting coming from the streets. We realized that our broadcast was a wee bit delayed too because whenever something big happened you'd hear cheering but we'd only see it a few seconds later. Like... the goal!!

In any case, I enjoy big events like these because of the life we get downtown. Just like during the Olympics, everyone's just happy to be there and in great spirits.

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July 4, 2010

[Sweep Panorama]


I just finished up my first week of in store work and it ended quite well. Most of the time my days involve me walking around the store appearing as friendly as I possibly can (which is good because now I find myself smiling at just EVERYONE I walk by). I've been quite eager to do pretty much anything in store. Anything from doing prints and helping customers out to running from Robson to Pacific Centre to pick stock up or running to the store to get stationary we're missing. I was asked to put together a playlist for the store which now runs all day. :) Last shift I was sent out to test out the new Sweep Panorama feature on the Sony Cybershot cameras. I've always used Canon cameras except for the very first Nikon Coolpix swivel camera I got from my dad a long long time ago. When I get my hands on all the other cameras in the store, I just can't get used to the different displays and overall look of them. I either don't like the way the physical camera looks or the drop menus are just ugly. Well.. I went out and tried the panoramas by the library and it's sweet! I printed a few test shots out and found they look grainy in colour but in black and white, it's sweet. There's still grain and the pictures obviously not suuuper quality but in a frame hung up, it's pretty. :) We had another camera test mission with the SLRs later on in the day. If everyday were like this... ohhhhhh :D

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[Milo & Abbey]


A little while ago, Ty mentioned Dumbo Rats to me and I'd been looking into getting one. Originally I thought they were quite rare and the only lady who sold them in Vancouver lived on the island. Just last week the store brought in 10 of them! Ty and I got excited and had to get 2. :) So our newest additions to our zoo are Milo & Abbey. They're both female. Milo is the brown with white on her belly (My rat! :D) and Ty's is Abbey, the white and brown hooded dumbo. They're super friendly and don't bite. :) We plan on training them to come when called and do tricks!

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Ty's had Baby Zephyr for about 2 months now I think and she's now a lot calmer and used to her home. :)

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Wears his sunglasses at night.

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July 3, 2010

[Rules of Busking]


Downtown Vancouver has its usual buskers. By Granville Stn, there's always someone playing the bongo. Nearby, someone on acoustic guitar. If you walk further up towards Robson St, the man with the violin and his dog play classical tunes. I've noticed a newcomer recently on my little half hour lunch break strolls, a little freestyle rapper kid who's actually quite good. He looks like he's 12! Many of these people busk for a little bit and someone will pick them off the street and probably offer them gigs. But many I think stay on the street because they just enjoy it. :) Brings some life to the city I think.

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July 2, 2010



We had a pretty slow Canada Day at the store. I guess it was a hit or miss and it definitely was a miss since everyone was out enjoying Canada Day festivities and NOT BUYING CAMERAS. Woulda thought there'd be more tourists wanting prints perhaps.

Well I was glad that the store was quiet. We got to head out early and check out some of the events that were going on. Ty and I got dinner and walked around. The fountain at the Art Gallery had been filled with soap which turned it into a giant bathtub of foam. :D Betcha they weren't too happy about that. People sure where. :)


The torch was re-lit for everyone to see. :) They really should have taken the fence down during the Olympics. There was so much more space.

We ended Canada Day just chillin in bed watching a movie. Now that I'm working full time, my brain is just exhausted when I get time off and Tyler's still recovering from the last 2 years of school. Hopefully we'll have some energy soon to do some exploring. :)

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[New Work, New Family]


The Ecafe was the first job where I actually felt part of a good team. I could be myself pretty much which didn't mean we weren't doing a great job. It felt good to have people to back you up and good people to work with to help other people out. I guess it's not too much "help" since it IS a cafe and people do come for food. I like to think it made people happy though that we could show that we cared that they got what they wanted.

Monday was opening day for Robson Black's. We spent the weekend moving and unpacking boxes. It seems kinda crazy thinking about it now but I'm quite amazed at how much we got done. We basically put the entire store together in 1 and a half days. Mind you the second day was 13 hours long, 20 for some.

Things have been running quite well. People are still discovering that the store's there. Many are old time customers who have seen the store grow. Some are still new to it. Some don't like the newer technology with printing.


It feels like I've been working at this store for a month now with all the new information being jam packed into my head. I'm still adjusting to figuring out my lunches and being downtown more now. It's a nice atmosphere to be in. I just hope it doesn't drive me away from the life down there (not that it's all too busy a lot of the times). I've discovered many restaurants and shops in the area which I probably never would have. Pretty sure there's lots of Vancouver I have yet to see!!

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[Pins and Needles]


I started training for work last week and because it's a new job, generally it's a good idea to be early and work hard! Unfortunately part way through the week, I'd pulled something in my back. I'm still not quite sure what I did. I must have either pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve but when I got back up, all I could feel was a sharp pain running from the right side of my lower back all the way down my right leg and it hurt to stand. For about 2 days I was crippled. Went in for acupuncture for the first time which was.... an interesting procedure. Not sure I like the idea of 6 needles stabbed into my back even on the side that isn't hurtin' followed by the weirdest bum massage ever. :S! Well, I was cured within 4 - 5 days and it doesn't hurt no more. :P Must have done SOMEthing good.

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About a couple months ago, the weather was pretty nice. Right after the warm Olympics, we had quite a chilly few weeks followed by a decent summery feel.

Summer officially started sometime last week and well... I'm not really feeling it. We had the warmest winter and now coolest summer. What's going on!!!!!!?


Everyone's out of school now and ready to head out on vacation and I'm here rethinking this working full time business. :P (I love work!)

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It's been a long time since I've had the time and energy to blog. The last couple of weeks feel like months for some reason with all this change.


I had multiple birthday lunches and dinners this year as many of us have such weird schedules (ok well I'm pretty much busy.. all the time so really people try to plan with me and it usually goes according to my schedule).

First I had lunch with Alice, Diane and Lily at Antone's. Best past place in the world! (Ty and I were there for our 1 year)

Second, I met Corey, Nancy and Alice for sushi in the Metrotown area. People usually try to plan around my eating habits as well because I don't really like sushi but I mean... I can eat other things!!! I had some fried udon with meat and veggies... and.. seaweed sprinkled all over. :S I also tried raw salmon for the first time! Didn't taste like anything weird but oh the sliminess......

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