August 25, 2010



Choux is very calm and usually gets pushed around my Moo Moo. But she's also kind of like mom. She grooms Moo Moo all the time and cleans out the house to make sure it's comfy. She closes her eyes when approaching my hand to get food then snatches from me!

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August 23, 2010



He's kind of like a little person.

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[Part of the Company]

Telus commercials are pretty well known to everyone in Canada. Their colours are white, green and that deep purplish blue that apparently no one else can use.

Their commercials are usually extremely cute and involve animals but often times it's hard to really tell why they picked certain animals.

Their newest ad is for Optik TV so wherever you look, on bus stops, busses, billboards, there's this lion cub.

Today I caught this commercial on our tv at work and I was excited to see that Telus had finally switched to another ad....... Then I realized that.. It was totally making fun of the company! But even though their animals don't really advertise certain services, it's not hard for someone to just know that it's Telus by the style of the video...

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August 16, 2010



My Rebel Xsi has taken so many photos for me! And now that I have a new one, I must say bye! :( The thought of selling it just makes me sad! The thought of someone else's grimy fingers smudging gross germs over the shutter button... or their face grease all over the screen! GAH!

I decided that Jo Jo should have it so she can start taking some nice photos. She totally should get something way smaller, but maybe she'll do good with the Rebel. :)

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In Vancouver there are cyclists and people who commute using bicycles. Cyclists wear lycra shorts and matching lycra shirts, you can't call them spandex!

No one likes cyclists and commuters often get mistaken for cyclists. I don't see how hard it could be, we don't wear spandex! I mean lycra!

I remember being just a pedestrian and not liking cyclists either because they always zoomed right by and had no courtesy to slow down. Cyclists always almost hit you when they pass by. Recently, Ty and I have looked into getting bikes so that when we're out and about, we get around town a lot quicker so we see more. Makes sense! Rollerblading doesn't work coz I'd have to keep taking them off. Skating's a bit slow and dangerous. Cycling just seemed to make sense.

I pulled out the old bike from our shed, cleaned it up and put more air in the tires. Day one was a 5 hour long bike ride down Broadway to look at more bikes which then turned into a ride down the seawall at Stanley Park.

In that one day, I got honked at a couple times, I had people give me dirty looks and we had cyclists telling us we were going the wrong way.... the wrong way! On a BIKE PATH. Double you tee eff. Since when were there SO many rules for cycling. You can't cycle on the sidewalk, people get mad. You can't cycle on the road, the drivers get mad. You have to go the right way on a bike path or the cyclists get mad.

In the last couple of days, I've definitely worked out some muscles I haven't used in a looong time. My butt is sore, shoulders hurt from carrying a backpack for that long and my thighs throb and feel huge!

I'm rethinking this commuting on a bicycle deal. Maybe Ty will teach me how to long board. :P

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I've been waiting 6 months for this and it was definitely worth the wait and worth the 30 extra dollars I spent per seat! Last year I got reasonably priced tickets at around 60 - 70 dollars. We were seated right behind one of the electrical poles which was SUCH a distraction. This time we got seats 4 rows from the stage and a bit off to the side which was perfect. I'm not sure I would have spent the extra 60 to get middle close rows. :T


I was expecting the same sort of stunts and tricks like the last show, Corteo, but Kooza was MUCH better. I was on the edge of my seat, jaw dropped, palms clammy the entire time. With the show in Vegas, O, it was hard to really tell if anyone screwed up or did a trick or stunt imperfectly since it's such a large stage. With smaller shows like this, it's definitely easier to see that even though these people are SO great at what they do, there are some minor screw ups which push you closer and closer off the edge of your seat.

I loved that there was more interaction with the audience with this show and it was definitely a crazy wacko lively theme. Corteo was about a clown's funeral so it was more dark comedy and theatrical.

Can't wait for the next show to come to Vancouver! :D

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August 11, 2010

[Best Friends]


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August 8, 2010

[White Pine Beach]


Out of all the beaches Ty and I have been to, we like Wreck Beach the best which happens to be the one and only nude/clothing optional beach. It's usually packed with lots of naked people in the middle of the summer and we never ever go in the water really. It tends to be super cold!

This summer we decided to go to a lake instead.


The 4 of us (Ty's mom was in town) chilled at the beach with the other thousand people there.


It was a much smaller beach since it sits by a little lake instead of the ocean. Beach mats were definitely in close vicinity to one another so after a swim, we hiked up some trails that surrounded the lake to get away from all the screaming children.

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[This Month I...]


Caught USA Fireworks.


Watched Milo and Abbey grow. They're totally not scared of us anymore and will spend all day out of their cage if they could.


Attempted to catch China Fireworks however got rained on and went home.


Taught myself to poach an egg.


Watched Circus tents go up. :)


Got Moo Moo. :)


And Choux Choux. :)

(I actually did way more than this but I haven't the energy to put everything in! Hopefully soon!)

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