September 30, 2010

[Editing in the Basement]


Round two of editing in the basement. The roomies at Megan's have gotten a new kitten so their dog has a new playmate. All I can hear in the background apart from my wedding love songs is *scamper scamper scamper meow dush.. meow.. scamper.. pant pant.. merow.. scamper* then *WHOOSH* up comes the cat from behind me and over my shoulder right in front of the screen......

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September 29, 2010



I haven't been a huge fan of beer. It's really bubbly. Sometimes bitter. It makes you boated. The foam makes you throw up and it just isn't very tasty.

I've tried really light beers like Coors and Kokanee which taste a bit watered down. I've tried thicker beers like Bowen Island Brews and some random house ones.

I think I'm starting to grow a liking for beer. Cocktails and highballs sometimes become too sweet and when we're out drinking, it isn't something you want to be drinking all night. Makes you feel sick. So beer becomes a nice bland alternative!

Sean recently let me try Grolsch which has a resealable pop top. :)

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September 28, 2010

[Christian the Lion]

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September 27, 2010

[Wine Sleeves]


Now that our wedding season is over, we're diving into editing both photos and video. I've been asked to edit a wedding video as well as the season reel for Family Creative. :)

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September 26, 2010



We shot our last wedding of the season this weekend and it was the perfect wedding to end with. It wasn't long or boring. The day went by quite quickly. The weather cleared up for us for photoshoots at Deer Lake. It was open bar at the reception.....and.... there was a PHOTOBOOTH!!! :D!!!!!

Throughout the night guests were allowed to go in and snap photos of themselves to put in the bride and grooms book of wishes. Each of the groups were also given a photo for themselves as well. It was definitely a good way to get everyone together and having lots of fun. :) There was a box full of hats and fancy accessories to pose with. :) Definitely getting a photobooth at my wedding.

Family Creative decided we'd hop in there before our night ended to pose for the bride and groom with our cameras.

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September 21, 2010

[The Other Side]


I rarely ever get any candid shots of myself on camera and rarely ever any great shots. Whenever I bring my camera into work, one of my co-workers will grab it and snap a ton of pictures. Benefits of working in a photography store. :) So here's what it feels like to be in front of the camera!! It's a bit nerve wrecking and a lot of the shots are me scowling. >:|

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September 19, 2010



A few months back while still working at the cafe, a co-worker had asked if I wanted to be part of a game production. They wanted to incorporate film with their rpg as cut scenes which I thought was pretty cool. I started all the paperwork and organized all that had to be done on the film side but soon found that I wasn't able to really be there for any of the shooting due to work. :( The second time I went in to school to help out with some editing I ended up having to organize for 3 hours which took away from my editing time so unfortunately I once again couldn't be of too much help.


On Saturday I attended the presentation of the almost finished product which was pretty neat to see. We got to see the actual game in play as well as all the live action scenes which were quite funny.


There was lots of beer and lots of mingling happening as well as game playing. All in all a good presentation which ended with a panel discussion with industry peeps who were invited to the show.

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September 18, 2010

[Comedy Mix]


We got cheap beer at Cafe Crepe but totally got tricked by the waiter who asked if we wanted everything on our 8 dollar burgers. Who'da thought each condiment would cost an extra 2 dollars... EACH! >:(


Later on in the evening, Ty and I met a group of old A.i friends to check out Vancouver Comedyfest at The Comedy Mix, formerly known as Yuk Yuks. There were about 3 - 4 local comedians who all went up first. They joked about the transit system, the people, the Olympics, a combination of all of the above.. Oh and let's not forget the homeless people in Vancouver. It just wouldn't be the same without them. The highlight of the evening was a comedian from New York and he totally sucked all the funny out of the night. New Yorkers have a different sense of humor..... me thinks...Or the guy was just really awkward...

Was a good night nonetheless!

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[New Mac, not]


I brought my laptop to work recently and a co-worker of mine noticed that a bit of the plastic on the keyboard was chipping off. I meant to glue the piece back but never did. He told me that Apple would replace my entire keyboard, trackpad and button for free! I'm so glad I work close to an Apple store! :D Within an hour, my laptop was renewified. :)

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September 17, 2010

[Jelly Filter]


It's always fun to get inventory in and rip open up boxes to find cool stuff that comes into the store. :) Last week we received Jelly Filters!!! :D! I got Jo Jo and I a couple wide angled ones that stick onto your cell phone. ZOMG!

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September 11, 2010

[Go Rogue]


A couple weeks ago when my co-worker and I were handing out coupons for the store, we exchanged ours for a couple of a new restaurants! :D We definitely got the better deal. 2 free drinks at The Rogue Wet Bar. :)

Ty and I decided to check it out since we haven't really had anything all too fancy lately. It's been hard to do anything really since he's still in the midst of looking for a new job.

The Rogue was quite neat. It's a really modern... hip... upscale... bar/restaurant. The staff were extremely nice and food wasn't bad. Drinks were a tad bit on the pricey side so I'm not sure it would be a place to go drinking really.

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[The Meeses]


Photos by Jo Jo


Choux Choux fights with Moo Moo sometimes. I'm not too sure why they fight but I guess it's normal... we fight too.. :S When they do get into a brawl, I get scared and sad and have to break it up! I stick my finger in between them and sometimes poke Choux Choux in the head coz I think she usually starts it. Or maybe Moo Moo does but Choux's a bit more dominant I think. But poor Moo Moo never fights back :(. I think maybe Choux gets mad at Moo Moo for not wanting to be cleaned. So she punches her with her front legs! Moo Moo just takes the blows.. :( They still cuddle up with one another at night time so I'm sure they're fine.


In the last few days Moo Moo had the case of the Wet Tail. :( She hunched, wobbled around the tank very slowly and her eyes were half shut. I thought she was sleep walking at first.... She still ate but very slowly.. and Choux Choux would come by and snatch food away from her! So mean! Poor Moo Moo would crawl up to the top of the water bottle and hop into my hands and fall asleep. For 20 minutes she'd sleep on my palm which I thought was so odd but kinda cute. I think it kept her warm. I got Moo Moo some medicine and she seems to be doing fine now. 3 more days of meds and hopefully the bacteria's all gone. Now she doesn't even want to sit on my hand! :(

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I offered to shoot engagement photos for Megan and Jon but we're having trouble finding a good spot with tall grass! I dragged Ty along with me to these train tracks on the edge of East Vancouver. It's a little bit sketchy but I like the rustic looking tracks along with scattered wheat and grass! :)

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September 6, 2010

[Da Brothers]


While we were set up in the hall way, we managed to convince my little cousins to strike a few poses on the stool we had set up. I guess they felt special being the center of attention. :P

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Diane came over and we tried giving each other smokey eyes for our photo shoot. I have no make up skills whatsoever! Diane did a pretty good job on my eyes I thought though. Here's one of the photos I took of her. I tried to copy a magazine ad for models. :P

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[Pictures in Motion]

Now that Jo Jo has my Xsi, she's been testing things out and the one feature she really likes is the burst or continuous shooting. From the time we left the house til we got to the field, she snapped multiple sections of photos and the entire time I couldn't understand what she was doing. But look! It all makes sense now! :D

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September 5, 2010



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September 4, 2010



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[First and Last]


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September 3, 2010

[Moo Moo]


Sleeping on top of the waterbottle.

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[Korean BBQ]


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[A Thousand Words]


Need I say more...

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September 2, 2010

[Last Bit of the Season]


Second last wedding of the season and first engagement of the year! We shot some photos down Stanley Park for Jenny and Steeve's wedding.


Followed by engagement photos. Megan and Jon are getting married! :)


Wish we had a bit more time though.


Partied at the Alpen Club in Burnaby.

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[Spandy Andy]


If you have lived in Vancouver since February 2010 when the Olympics were going on, you should know who Spandy Andy is. The first I recall seeing this guy was down at English Bay. He drives around a colourful neon scooter, wears spandex and carries around a boom box. He dances around in the street, at the beach as well as while riding his scooter!

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[50 Cent Piece]


I was digging through my wad of change one day at work to get something to drink and found a coin which originally I thought was a toonie but found that it wasn't quite as big as one however stood out larger than a quarter. Alas! A 50 cent coin! :O !!! I've never ever seen one before!

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[Chocolate Mask]


Felt like squishy chocolate, smelled like chocolate... definitely didn't look like chocolate. TK if you're reading, this is what the mask you got me looks like. :P

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[My Mini Diana]


My collection of plastic cameras is growing! I haven't seen any of the photos Diana has produced just yet but I can't wait! She shoots square and half frames. :D

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