October 31, 2010

[Buddha's Reflection]

Buddha's terrified of everything and anything larger than her, even her shadow. She saw herself in the reflection of my lens (I guess for the first time) and was very curious to know who the other dog was... :)

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[Excuse to Dress Up]


When driving along the highway, a van sped up beside us and when I turned to look, there was a girl with her iPhone snapping a photo of me. As you've noticed, I was Cookie Monster for Halloween! Any reason to wear a crazy looking hat! :D

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[Burnaby Mountain Photoshoot]


Despite the amount of time it took us to finally get to the reptile show, we somehow left with lots of time and sunlight leftover. We decided to head up Burnaby Mountain to take some photos! :)


The trees up there were awesome! :) It's definitely a good place for a photoshoot. :D


This time around Tyler was my personal photographer. I got to play model. :)


Our photoshoot didn't last too long as the sun set pretty quickly and the clouds finally caught up. We did manage to get lots of awesome shots though. Until next time.

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[BC Reptile Show and Sale]


Today Tyler and I drove out to Abbotsford for the BC Reptile Show and Sale 2010. We estimated 45 minutes to get there however got really lost and our trip became much much longer......


BUT we made it! The show was held at the Abbotsford Exhibition Grounds in a little gym. There were roughly 25 vendors with all sorts of weird reptiles; lizards, snakes, geckos, SPIDERS, scorpions, more geckos.... more snakes.... OH and chameleons!......also frozen mice for snake food. D: So sad!!!!


They were all kept in tiny plastic containers or boxes.... like bulk candy. I liked the chameleons and the geckos.... not so much the dead mice and spiders.....

Tyler was very engrossed with all the different patterns and species and very tempted to bring home another pet. I think the zoo will have to remain at it's current capacity for now though.

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October 28, 2010

[Sleepy Puppy]



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[This is Halloween]


I think she's supposed to be a fortune teller... Although... At one point during the initial dress up brainstorm, it looked like she was trying to be a bird... a really confused bird.. Then we added bangles, beads and rings so voila! A gypsy fortune teller!

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[Convenience Sake]


You never know what the weather's going to be like nowadays in Vancouver. The weatherman will say sun. He may be right. Most of the time he's not. I came across an umbrella vending machine at the mall the other day. $8 goes in. Umbrella comes out! Now I'm thinking..... all those lazy people in Vancouver are going to be even poorer than they already are and they're going to have a ton of white umbrellas at home...

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[KFC's Double Down]


The Double-Down. Chicken. Mayo. Cheese. Bacon. Chicken. Gross....

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Jo, Ty and I went to the aquarium this weekend courtesy of Wanta :). We went on a death march in the rain all the way there on a busy Sunday. There were lots of screaming children and tourists around but we managed to get a couple shows in there. We watched the Beluga Show followed by the 4D presentation which I did not enjoy as much as the christmas show. Their current theme is pirates so there were lots of people dressed up and speakin' all piratey.......ar.rr...r.r... I thought they kinda just got in the way of the tanks.


The 4D show was a bit annoying..Because the theme was pirates.. and pirates live on boats.. and boats float in the ocean.. and the ocean is water...... We got sprayed in the face with water lots. :( I'm rethinking this 4D experience....

This time around I decided not to bring my camera. Well my G9 came along however I was running low on battery so I couldn't take as many shots as I usually do.


After the aquarium we headed for home and along the way we came across squirrel fiesta. Dinner time for the rats of Vancouver? They were everywhere! This one followed us.... coz.... I gave him a bit of my Mac D's bacon cheeseburger. Who could resist!

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Buddha's very little. She often gets kicked around under the covers or sat on on the couch. It's hard not to hurt her since she's so tiny. She has found herself a very safe and comfy spot in the corner of the room in Ty's laundry pile (Sorry Tyler.. I know... dirty laundry... ).


No one can hit her and the door just goes around the corner! Plus it's uber comfy!

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[Buddha Buzzed]


Tee hee. Buddha's grinning at me! :P


Buddha's been long overdue for a hair cut. Her top knot was growing into a giant ball on her head so big that it would make a perfect flea condo. Now she's all buzzed up and is sporting the mohawk again. :)

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October 22, 2010

[Gilley and Pepper]



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From the Diane and Jamie photoshoot collection. :)


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October 21, 2010



For the longest time I've wanted purple hair. I've only successfully gotten the colour once and that was by accident. I had it pink but dyed the rest of my hair a deep purple which bled into the pink making it a nice blackcurrent! :)

All the punk colours I've gotten are either too bluish purple, too light or too pink. The last colour I had in my hair was enchanted green but with green it's hard to keep it looking good without having to constantly dye it back. I decided I didn't want to play the pukey green game and coloured the tips pink which bled into the green making it a nice purple! Who woulda thought!

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October 20, 2010



Newest addition to the animal family, Turnip!!! She's a purple and yellow leopard gecko! :)

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October 16, 2010

[Joe Grand Opening]

The Joe Fresh Brand has always been sold in Superstore but in recent years, popularity has grown with the name. Their style is pretty modern and upscale fashion which caters to a more middle class income I suppose. Jeans at usually $24 - $29. Shirts $12 - $15. Tanks $5 - $8. Sweaters $24 - $30. That's pretty in the middle I think for the styles they produce. I've slowly grown to like their fashion. I own a sweater and a pair of jeans from them as well as a duffle bag. :)

They had their grand opening of the new 2 storey store on Graville St today and had planned for 4 bands to come out to play; Divine Brown, Sweet Thing, The Stereos and Marianas Trench. I never knew Marianas Trench was that popular but they got all the 12 year old girls screaming!


On the side, a up and coming band Fighting for Ithaca made an appearance at the concert. Jo Jo has been in contact with the band members for a while now and went all out with a head band, t-shirt, origami unicorn (coz one of the singers likes unicorns), nails and face paint. I think she was the only one crazy enough to get dolled up. Gotta give her credit!! I wouldn't have!


I don't remember going to concerts ever when I was in high school. I don't remember having weird obsessions.. Ok obsessions yes.. But I was never one of those 16 year old girls screaming at the fence for singers. :P


The concert was scheduled to begin at 2pm but we wanted to go a bit early to make sure we had a spot. I was thinking ok... noon.. Go get something to eat.. and chill for a bit.. it won't be busy. Oh I was wrong. 12 year old girls are nuts! You don't wanna get caught between them and their favourite band members. Oh no no no.


Tyler arrived an hour before the show actually started. He wanted to eat and I really had to pee so we left for a bit. When we came back, we noticed Joey had a bit of a freak out coz one of the drummers from Sweet Thing had come around the corner and into Holt Renfrew probably to use the bathroom. Most of the girls there were there for Marianas Trench so the other bands weren't too important to them... but for Joey.. oh so very important! We arrive back to her screaming "OMG OMG OMG *as she jumps up and down waving her arms around* He winked at me! He winked!" I'm like "He waved? Who waved? Wait he winked? Or waved?" Joey "The guy! The drummer! Tyler!" (Who shares the same name as my boyfriend and so both of us are looking at her really confused). She looked like she was gonna faint.

The show ran from 2pm allll the way until 6! O_O It got cold real fast! I'd have to say it was pretty neat for Joe Fresh to plan a free concert like this with pretty popular local bands. It was a cool environment to be in but I think I'm a bit scared of large groups of teenage girls.

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[Most Popular Canadian Film]

Just yesterday Rogers Peoples' Choice Awards announced 2 Indians Talking to be most popular Canadian film at the VIFF!

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October 14, 2010

[My Spoon is Too Big]

Today was an uber boring day at work and so to pass the time, Youtube!

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October 12, 2010



Pepper's got tons of toys. He stays away from tennis balls unless his girlfriends are over. He's lost interest in the Kong and we have no time to put any tasty treats in them for him to dig out. He likes soft plushy toys like little pillow I gave him however that one has beads in it so he'll chase it for a while then rest his head on it (cute!). He's got a favourite goose that he's almost decapitated and his absolute favourite ball is a leopard print soft plush ball. He's ripped the stuffing out of it... drooled on it... Gilly and Leah have drooled on it and it's still his very favourite.

When I was at Petsmart one day I saw a round plush ball just like that one but it's a pumpkin. I got Ty to get him one and he loves it! :)

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October 5, 2010

[The Wall]


I've created the wall of photos in the backroom of my workplace. My 3rd family is great!

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[My Favourite Customer]


Joseph is this little chinese man who comes in the store all the time. He's extremely friendly, cheerful, expressive and loves printing photos. He's also mute.

The first time he came into the store, I'm sorry, I know.. bad... but I couldn't help but chuckle on the inside, not because he can't speak but just in the way he expresses himself and how he gets you to understand what he's trying to get across.

I set him up on the photo kiosk and clearly he'd used the system before because he knew what he wanted but he needed me to refresh his memory and show him. I helped him select his photos, pick the sizes, adjust the brightness and contrast and by the end of our order, I felt good that I'd been able to understand and help him.

I found out later on that he used to go to Pacific Centre however now that the new store is open he likes us better. :)

Joseph's visits have grown from once a week to a number of times in a day. He pokes his head in the door with a smile every time he comes by. He's always got a funny story to tell or something new that he would like to print or create. All the staff have certain gestures for them. Since I had a hawk in the summer, I've gotten the gesture to spike hair lol. One of the guys has a beard and so Joseph will rub his chin. Our manager's really tall so he'll reach up high.

The types of photos we get never usually have any people in them. They're usually of street signs, banners, posters, statues.... Lately he's been taking photos of the TV so he can show us what's on the news or on a show. The most recent set of photos have been of Disneyland in Hong Kong. Joseph thinks it's too expensive to fly there and so instead, he'll cut and paste.


I have now been to Disneyland in Hong Kong and climbed the stairs to see the Buddha. :) (And oh yah. I did not hold up my asian peace sign because I wanted to. It's a Joseph thing.)

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[2 Indians Talking]

A few months back I had the chance to help out on the set of 2 Indians Talking written by Andrew Genaille and directed by my career advisor while I was in school, Sara McIntyre. My task on set was minuscule compared to lots of other people but it's still pretty neat to see all of it come to life.

The film premieres tomorrow at the Vancouver International Film Festival at the Granville 7 theatre on Granville St!

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October 4, 2010

[Mouse Update]


Choux Choux and Moo Moo both love crawling through tubes. They're a little braver since I first got them. Choux is more friendly now however she gets into weird mood swings. Sometimes she just really doesn't want me in the tank.... She ninja pecks me.. with her teeth!


Moo Moo's always friendly. She'll crawl all over my hand but is still too scared to stand on my desk.

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[Code Error!]


Dub Tee Eff. I've had my Canon 7D for about 2 months now and every now and then I get this Code Error 02 message. It states to reformat and reinsert the card which I've done however I still get the error. :( It's still covered under warranty however I'll have to ship it all the way back to Singapore. :( Gonna be cameraless for a while. D:!!!!!!

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[Mini D]


I got my CD back from my very first Mini Diana (that's the one in the header. Mini D! ) and here are a few shots!


Quality from a plastic camera's always going to be like that I suppose. I gotta start being more creative! Or random. :P

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