November 28, 2010

[Mr and Mrs]


Miss Family Creative got married yesterday and which better crew to get to shoot their wedding but Family Creative.

Megan and Jon had a nice small wedding on Granville Island where all close friends and family came to celebrate. We were all excited to see some sun at that time 1:30 - 2ish as the forecast was for rain. I had some shot ideas planned for the sun however by 3:30 when we had just enough light out for photos, it started to pour........

It's like a knife in a photographer's heart when the sun goes down or when the weather decides to go against us. We went out in the rain anyway in hopes that it would calm down. Not the best shoot but we got SOME photos.

Congrats to Megan and Jon!

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November 22, 2010



Here's another one of our photos from Friday's shoot. I haven't had the time to go through all of them just yet but they're looking good! :) Here's Kat showcasing my pink Holga!

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November 21, 2010

[Jason and Jamie's Epic Photoshoot]


A co-worker of mine rents out a studio with 2 other people on a monthly basis and over my 3 day break, we planned a photoshoot. :) It's been a looong time since I've done a studio set up and the last 2 times didn't count really as our gear was more for video rather than photos.

At first I didn't think many people would show up as it was in the day time on a Friday. BUT I got lots of replies and soon we had a pretty large group of 2 guys and 4 girls come out! :) Good thing there were 2 photographers or it would have been hectic!

I'd met one of the models on the way there and happened to bump into my co-worker as well so we decided to just follow him. Before getting to the studio we had to make a detour to pick up some props and on the way out of the skytrain we were involved in a rather awkward situation. On the way up the escalator, co-worker at the very front, followed by an elderly man who was talking on his cell phone, then model, then me, who was also talking on my cell phone to another model. It takes about 30 seconds to get up the escalator and in those 30, the elderly man fainted, fell backwards onto model who happened to be carrying a bag with a bowl of piping hot chicken noodle soup which was crushed between his leg and the elderly mans face. Elderly man is still holding the cell phone to his ear. While this is happening, I'm trying to explain to another model how to get to the location while freaking out at this happening right in front of me. My hands were tied as I was carrying 2 bags of soup as well as props, my cell phone AND my giant bag of gear. Within seconds we're all caught up at the top of the escalator which WILL NOT STOP FOR YOU and fumble into a big pile of chaos. I throw my cell phone trying to brace myself upon reaching the top. When we finally get the elderly man back up on his feet, his face........ is just.. covered.. in soup..... Model goes "You have a ... *points at glasses*... noodle..". I finally get my cell phone back and trying oh so hard not to laugh while not completely understanding WHAT actually happened up there. Poor guy was just covered in soup. :S! Then one of the guys helping him up made a comment, "Chicken noodle soup... Good for the Soul... Not for the face" . Oh my. :)

Despite the hustle and bustle prepping for everything and having been in that awkwardly funny situation at the skytrain station, our shoot turned out to be a success. We had 1 transmitter and 2 receivers for our flashes which we took turns using for our own set ups. It worked out well with the timing of outfits and hair & make up too. :) I got to use a bunch of different lenses that co-worker had which was awesome! :D My list of things to get is growing ever so quickly I'm really going to have to find more work to pay this all off!!!

I'm really excited to go through all the photos and start some editing. After seeing how everything can be set up at this shoot, I have a far better understanding of lighting, easy set ups and OH.. posing people... the hardest thing to do ever! Well.. here's a sneak peak of what we did. More to come soon!

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November 17, 2010

[Days Off]


What to do what to do what to do when I have 3 days in a row OFF! I both love and hate days off. I look forward to time spent doing nothing but resting and relaxing... clearing the mind... maybe catching up with things I haven't had time to do. My mornings start out great. But by night time.... I've been so bored all day that I just can't stand it anymore! I need to be busy. I need to be out. I need to be doing SOMETHING.

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[Sweet 16]


Literally Sweet 16...... Joey and her friends spent the afternoon playing Taboo, chillin, watching movies, yelling, screaming... EATING...

After dinner, they played "CHUBBY BUNNY!".


To play Chubby Bunny, everyone sits in a circle and needs a bunch of marshmallows and paper towel. Person who gets most marshmallows in mouth and still be able to say "Chubby Bunny" wins. What started out as a funny game turned into a GROSS PILE OF SLIMEY MARSHMALLOWS. They seemed to be having fun though... most of them anyway. Their goal was 15 (Double U tee F), their record was 8 (Pretty impressive).

I was kinda excited for it. But thank god I didn't play!


Seems like just yesterday Joey was still so little! And cute! Still cute now I guess. :P

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November 13, 2010

[The New Family Creative]


Now that our first season is officially officially over, we're in transition. Work is being wrapped up, consultations for 2011 are being scheduled... the new website has been built and is up! I have my own page on there with some of my work from this year. :)

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[Family Creative Season Reel]

Oh man bad quality video when it's supposed to be HD! I need to figure out what to export it as when I finish up with Final Cut Pro. Will upload an HD version soon. This is our 2010 season in 6 minutes and 3 seconds! It's not my best work.... I liked the first cut better but it was a rush job. Hopefully next season will be a bit more organized! Excited! :)

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November 10, 2010



I walk by and meet people from all walks of life every day. It feels like my little A.i world just grew bigger. It's been roughly 5 months since I switched jobs after working at the cafe for 2 and a half - almost 3 years. It's a huge switch as I've never worked a job for that long before. After a while, a routine sets in place. My current routine has me travelling downtown by train and rushing through crowds downtown everyday. I sometimes stop at the Timmy's at the train station to get a coffee or something to get me through the morning. I'm not one of those regular people who gets the same things everyday but I'm sure the Timmy Ho's ladies know me by now. I then walk down Granville St where there are usually buskers. It's quietening down now since it's getting pretty chilly out.

There are always ... ALWAYS... strange people downtown. Some days people can't give a crap about you and you're just another tiny speck on the earth. Some days, I get random people on the street saying hi and asking how I am. Sometimes, people start random conversations with me at the bus stop. Sometimes weirdos come into the store with stories which don't make sense. Most people come and go. The ones that are always around are the Hoboes. There's a weird routine with Hoboes. It's like they have their own spots downtown. They have certain garbage cans they need to go through in the day. They have their own way of asking for change.

Usually there's a different Hobo outside the 7-Eleven by my work everyday. I swear there's a Hobo club or something. Today, I walked by and this dude had a cat on his shoulder! I gave him a toonie and he gladly let me take a photo! Cat's name is Precious :) What a nice Hobo! He must be pretty well off. He has glasses! And Precious has a sweater on!

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[Lens Baby!]


I've briefly heard of the Lens Baby brand of lenses for D-SLRs before however never really paid attention or found them that interesting. While at work a customer had brought it up with me and I ventured onto their site and OHH~... definitely in love now. :D

At first I was a bit confused as to HOW they worked and why they were so many different ones. After watching some of the tutorials.... I then understood how they worked and WANT ONE.. OR TWO!

The Composer with Tilt transformer would be awesome however with a canon EOS mount if there is one would be good as well as the Scout for fisheye shots! Not a bad price for a fish eye that will do the job and more!

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November 5, 2010

[Look at Me, I'm Cute!]


Buddha knows she's cute. Which is why it's so hard not to give her food or be nice to her even when she's being annoying.


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[Smash Photoshoot]


About 2 years ago (Doesn't seem that long ago...) I planned my very first photoshoot with some random models I found on craigslist and now I get gigs here and there to do some shooting. There's always lots of talk about eventual business ventures but... in time that will come. For now, it'll be just fun photoshoots here and there when we do get a chance to.


We did some Fall phototaking out in New Westminster on the side of a hill where there were lots of leaves. :) Only Mic will lie in the dirt like that for the sake of his modelling career.

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November 4, 2010

[Stumble Upon]

Bored? Not anymore!!! Stumble Upon something!

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November 1, 2010

[Windows 7, Really?]

We're launching new Windows 7 phones soon so a whole new portion of studying must be done. Ohhh joy. This commercial's pretty funny though.

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