December 30, 2010



I've seen this plant a number of times and I finally decided to get it. It's a Myrtle! :)

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December 23, 2010

[Timmy the Tree]


Every year the Christmas Tree goes up. The same decorations, the same lights, the same floor mat. Our tree looks like any other tree. It's green, it's got a star, it's got colour... and ever year it goes back into a box after Christmas.

Tyler told me that back home, putting up the Christmas Tree is a family event. Everyone helps put up a REAL tree that was cut from outside and all decorations have been home made presents from friends and relatives. Each and every ornament has a story, a history, or a special meaning.

My dad's been complaining that our tree looks sad and you can see right through it. SO I thought.... well.. maybe I could get a real tree!! Unfortunately I am only able to carry a Jamie sized tree on the skytrain. On my way home one night, I passed by a flower/plant stand in the skytrain station, and there it was! The perfect tree! It even had a tag on it that said "Mini Christmas Tree". I think Christmas trees are usually... pine...? This one was an Albertan Spruce. I stopped right away and asked the girl to pack it up for me. She put cellophane around it and a card! :)


Totally didn't take into account that I was having dinner with Tyler at the mall afterwards so we'd be walking around with this tree. :P....which he helped me carry. :)

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[Christmas 2010]


This Christmas is a bit different from the last couple of years. I now work full time so getting Christmas week off is out of the question. I was lucky enough to get today, tomorrow as well as Christmas day but it'll be an early start on Boxing day. X_X"


Ty and I were at the mall today. Look how big these mittens are!!!!! O_O!!!! :P They're actually stockings....

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Couple shots that Jason shot of me after our photoshoot. Photographers never get their own photos so we decided to take some of each other :)

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December 21, 2010

[Josh Ramsay in Person!]


Today was like any other day. I opened the store. I printed photos. I helped customers. I put away stock. I watched some TV. I went on my lunch. When I got back to the store, it was packed full of people which doesn't really make me want to go back all to quickly. While in the back, my assistant manager comes and asks me "Jamie!!!! Do you know that person out there at the counter!". I look at the surveillance camera footage to see but couldn't get a good view of him. I wasn't really anticipating anything exciting. When I turned the corner, at the counter stood.. Josh Ramsay! From Mariana's Trench! O_O!!!!! I turned back to my asst manager with my eyes wide open and jaw dropped. Both him and I were jumping up and down not knowing what to do. It was such an "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG" moment. I immediately went out front and said "CAN WE GET A PICTURE!!!". When I think about it now I must have totally been like every other stupid fan so sucked into crazy emotion and excitement to not even say please. He probably goes through this everywhere and it must slow things down for him. He was pretty nice about it though he said sure. After another co-worker rang his camera in (A 7D!! OMG! He shoots with the same camera I do!!!), we huddled up in front of our passport camera and ah...a special moment in Jamie history was made. I can now officially say that I have met someone who is QUITE popular and WHO in the world gets to meet a famous singer everyday!! I'm not even a huge huge fan, I do enjoy some of their songs though.

I found out later on that before I had come back from my break, my asst manager had been trying to somehow confirm that he was actually Josh Ramsay and he wasn't just a lookalike. The conversation went something like this:

Coworker: *Goes through transaction and somehow started talking about bands obviously*
JR: Are you in a band?
Coworker: No.. I've done music videos though. I feel like I've seen you somewhere before...
Asst.M: *in the background* Are you in a band?
JR: Yes...
Asst.M: ...................What..... band.....

My response...... wow... you probably just insulted him right there. Haha. Ohhh.

And for those who don't know or have forgotten who Josh Ramsay or Mariana's Trench is.....

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December 19, 2010

[My Docs]


My Docs protect my feet from trampling crowds. They keep me warm and dry. They compliment my coooool look. And when I get home at night, my feet feel fiiiine! :P I love my Docs!

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[German Christmas Market]


We ventured out into the rain downtown to check out the German Christmas Market over the weekend. It was our last chance as it goes until Christmas then closes down for the season. We've had to keep pushing the date as there have been many mini Christmas dinners here and there for the last couple of weekends. But alas! In the rain!


We were warned that it was going to be a small but nice fair... and it was... very small. I was hoping for it to be a lot more colourful than it was but I guess perhaps it would have been better if it wasn't raining. After walking around a couple times, we decided that since we were there we might as well try some food! It felt like the Olympics all over again (somehow we decided to visit the German Haus and not any of the other countries). German sausages, baked potato (ok well.. not very German.. but it was good!), crepe! MMMM!

No one to kiss :(


We split up at the mall after some coffee and hot chocolate and I followed Joey to the Tom Lee Supernova Battle of the Bands as her "band" was playing. She's been a very loyal fan to a couple local bands here in Vancouver and I'm preeetty sure she's their #1 Fan. We keep making fun of her but when they become famous... She'll be the only one with all their signatures!


The bands started off pretty quickly as they had a loooong night ahead of them. First couple of bands weren't bad. There was an awkward 2 person asian girl band which was kinda strange...... Poor them...


Joey's band wasn't bad. In fact, after watching all the other people go after them... they were quite good! They even did a Lady Gaga cover! :) I knew a song!!!

Our night went through until around 9:30 when my butt was completely numb from sitting for 3 hours straight and being in a room where the decibels were WAY too high for my ears and to finish it off, the last band was screamo. :S!!!!!


We met Tyler and his buddy from AB after the show when they were done dinner and drinks at the pub close by on Granville. :)

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December 18, 2010

[I Could Be]


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December 15, 2010

[Pre-Baby Photos]


I had a last minute call to do a maternity photo shoot which I gladly took. I've never done maternity shots before but I've seen lots of photos of what people usually like to do. After doing that studio shoot with my co-worker, I've felt more confident directing people and communicating my ideas a bit better. It really does help to learn from watching someone else do it.

As with all shoots, we don't usually get every single shot we plan to however we did get lots of good ones! :) Good thing it didn't rain that morning coz the good ones were of them outside! For less than an hour of shooting, it was definitely worth it!

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December 8, 2010

[Self Portrait]


Shot by yours truly. Using nothing but my phone. Amazed. And I spend 70 bucks on an actual toy camera? Psh!

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[Santa Parade]


Last year, Tyler and I froze our butts off at the Santa Claus parade and I took a TON of photos.. which I have yet to go through. There's just too many. I go camera crazy sometimes. I feel like I'm working whenever I'm at an event so I snap as many shots as possible and never have the patience to go through them all.

This year I had to work and so did Tyler. I had a chance to go out there to hand out some coupons though!! :)

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[The World of the Smart Phone]


I have finally stepped into a whole new world of technology, officially. I skipped the whole iPhone 3GS phase due to the lack of money which created a "lack-of-spark-of-interest". And also I got screwed over by my phone company. Darn them phone companies. And as sad as it is, I am part of "them phone companies".

I have set aside by poor little Keybo and purchased an HTC Desire which runs on the Google Android System. I've been downloading every single app I find interesting, emailing, texting, web browsing, playing games, listening to music. Oh it's everything I need in this tiny little touch screen. This is the first time I've turned on my computer since I got the phone last week! Who needs to turn on the computer when Facebook and Email is RIGHT THERE.


The first set of Apps I downloaded were some games which weren't really that interesting to me. Tyler however, you could see the eager look in his eyes.... Second, photo apps!!!! I've got myself a sweet app that replicates ALL SORTS OF PHOTO STYLES. ZOMG! Vignette... Toy Camera... Polaroid.. Digital Camera.. Tilt Shift... Crazy colour leaks and graduation. Omg photoshop heaven.... in one app.. I had to purchase it. For 2 bucks, I now have all the frames, colours, styles, types of cameras.. and I can shoot in the full 5MP that my phone is capable of. :D

I love my phone...... :)

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[Just Breathe]


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December 7, 2010

[Tilt Shift Video]

One day soon......... I'll be able to do this!

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December 2, 2010



Friday: Go to work, come home, sleep
Saturday: Party at Diane's
Sunday: Sleep off hang over
Monday: Go to work, come home, sleep
Tuesday: Go to work, come home, sleep
Wednesday: Go to work, come home, sleep
Thursday: Clean room, talk to Tyler, take mice out, spend 45 minutes trying to catch mouse, go for walk to store, make brownies, prep dinner, make dinner, take shower, bake dinner, eat dinner, edit photos, read magazine, eat brownies, prep for tomorrow, sleeeeeeep.

Spring time please come soon! I've been learning from Kenny Kim about wedding photography and planning. Keeps me pumped through the winter months when it's too cold and wet out to shoot most of the time.

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[Brace Face]


Joey will be getting braces right before Chrismas so she's been making sure all the ooey gooey sticky chewy snacks are consumed before then.

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Last week we had a crazy cold spell that swept through the lower mainland. It was bitter and the coldest I've ever felt it here in Vancouver.

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December 1, 2010



Tyler's been making me eggs for breakfast lately. He's perfected "overeasy" where it's slightly fried and just yolky enough that toast can be dipped.


And he's rediscovered, "poached". :)!!!!!!! For the longest time I couldn't figure out how to poach an egg. They always turn out runny and fall apart when I scoop them out. I now know the secret!


And voila!

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[Diane's 21st]

All photos courtesy of Lily Wang

For a while birthdays became pretty lame so I didn't really celebrate. But I believe that there are special ones that need to be or I'll look back and regret that I missed something that lots of other people have experienced.


Diane turned 21 this week and to celebrate, we had dinner at Metrotown...Sushi..... Haha. Well I had tofu teriyaki and gyoza!

After which we took sticker pictures at the arcade (just like old times)..... Then head back to her place for Jenga, Sociables style!


Drinking is usually better amongst friends and less expensive at home. We decided that Jenga Sociables would be the best way to celebrate. It was fun while it lasted. We definitely got to see everyone's true sides which was very happy of course! But then it ended in puking and passing out... then a wicked hang over the next morning, then a thumb pricking by Diane's mom.........


According to Diane's mom, if you feel sick or nauseous, one must prick the thumb so that blood can flow. It also helps you identify what sort of "illness" that person has. I had been walking around the kitchen with the puke bucket all morning and eventually I was cornered in to the bathroom with Diane hitting my back, her sister massaging my hand, her mom grabbing the sewing kit O_O..... And Krissy hovering outside watching. Diane's mom said I looked like a beggar with her pink bowl. Everyone tried to convince me that this "pricking" would help me and the puking would come instantaneously. I didn't believe it. But there was no saying no really... next thing I know I have a piece of thread tied around my left thumb and a hole had been stabbed in it with a needle! OW! Then Diane's mom says "Eh.... There's no blood".. Great I must be dead then! "I must do it again".... WHAT! Diane's dad comes downstairs looking for a hammer and from then on, all conversation is in korean! O_O!!!!! Diane had warned me not to get it done by her dad coz he's scary when he does it! But hey... guess what.. he's the one stabbing the right thumb.. on the top this time!!! Then there's lots of blood oozing out!!!! Diane's mom goes "I think Jamie has a stomachache" and I'm sitting there like.. Yah I know! :P Then Diane's dad says.... "Oh... we should do it again".... At that point I'm just about to pass out. Forget the puking, I'll just pass out. Well.... I had 3 holes in my thumbs, there was no puking. I went home, took a shower, passed out in my bed for 4 hours and went to bed that night at 8:30.

Was definitely a night to remember though eh?

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[Chub Chubs]


I'm sure at some point mice become obese too even though one would think that an animal would know their limit and stop eating.

I feed Moo Moo and Choux Choux 2 pellets a day which is supposedly the proper amount to feed them. They however always seem hungry. Whenever I give them little snacks like a pumpkin seed or even a cantaloupe seed, they get UBER excited. I guess to me, a seed is nothing really.. it's not even flavoured! But to them it must be like a giant plate of candy.

Moo Moo usually gets bullied a lot. Whenever she has a seed, Choux Choux will very vigorously snatch it away from her and run off. Poor Moo Moo :(


It explains why Choux Choux is so fat though........ They're just so cute you can't say no!

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