January 30, 2011

[Fur Cut]


Pepper also got a haircut this weekend. Well.. he had a trim. He's now nicely groomed with a nice lions tail.


Well.. it looks more like a paint brush or feather duster.

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[Personal Seamstress]

Or hemming machine!


For short people like moi, finding pants is tough. You can get away with lengthy jeans that kind of scrunch up or drag coz... jeans were meant to be worn that way at some point. I can't really say what is really... "fashionable" now.... I guess it's an individual statement.

Dress pants however, need to be the proper length. I'm not sure how much it would cost me to hem my pants at an actual store but for $5 a leg, Joey can do it for me! With free adjustments! :) She sighs every time I get a new pair of dress pants. :P But she's so good!!!!!

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Last night we sat down to watch a couple movies. I wasn't sure my choice of movies was all too great... First up, Charlie StCloud. Drama. Boy gets his brother killed in a car accident and has to live with it. Second... Hachiko.. Which I put on because it was already pretty late and I didn't want to be up for a second movie so I figured I put this on as the cover didn't look that interesting so I thought I wouldn't be interested. Wrong!

I sat up the entire movie. Cried..... then cried somemore. I don't think I've ever cried that much watching a movie before. It was so sad!!!!!!! It was worse than Marley and Me! I would highly recommend watching this movie even though you will definitely be sitting there at the end of it, eyes puffy, tissue at hand with teary cheeks.

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January 29, 2011



My hair dresser never fails to cut my hair just the way I want it. She's just great at cutting hair and loves her job! It's perfect!

She said she's entering a contest but is still in the process of figuring out what sort of guidelines there are and said she'd love for me to be her model if I fit the criteria. :) If we win, we'll get to go to Florida to do the cut and colour, live. If we win that, I'll get to be in their magazine/catalogue and she'll get to work with the pros on their next line of products. :D!

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[Oh Pepper]


Pepper has gotten into a strange habit. Joey taught him how to "sit pretty" a loooong time ago when he was still a puppy but in the last few months for some reason, everytime he wants attention, he sits pretty! It's very cute but then we wonder what he wants!

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January 28, 2011

[Jamie and Tyler turn 2]


To celebrate our 2 years, I told Ty to surprise me. He met me downtown after work with a bouquet of daisies (my favourite :D ) and wandered around for a bit. Our reservation was for 6pm so we were still quite early.


I told him to surprise me but on our way there I kinda guessed where we were going. :) The Reef! We both love The Reef. It's a nice cozy and warm Caribbean style restaurant with yummy food and tasty cocktails.

I had the Jerk Chicken quesadillas and a mango smoothie with rum and blue curaco (BAD IDEA). After my last blue drink, I swore never to drink any blue alcoholic beverage again. For some reason it just doesn't work with me which is strange because there's a particular drink called the Pornstar which is a mix of raspberry liqueur and blue curaco which tastes great and doesn't make me feel sick however for some reason when in a slush, it does. :(

Anyway, I gulped down 2 drinks and felt great coz they were so tasty. They just tasted like mango smoothies!! I started to feel them part way through eating and because I'd semi starved myself to save up room to eat, I ended up feeling sick! Dun dun dun....

2 hours later, after walking..bussing..training...more walking.. more bussing.. we made it back to Ty's where my body expelled whatever it was that was making me feel sick. I felt much better then! :)

Well...we'll remember tonight for a while.. :P

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January 26, 2011

[My Babies]



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January 25, 2011


I was on Facebook tonight and stumbled upon a picture that my cousin had posted. It was of a group with a red circle around 2 individuals. The captions of the photo mentions abuse and that these people need to be found.

The comments lead me to this link, an article regarding abuse of a brown toy poodle by the name of Sushi.

According to my cousin, Sushi has already been dead for 2 years however the Gov't is only taking action now to find these horrible people.

In the article is a link to the original video of these people abusing and torturing the poor dog. It's a horrible video. One of those videos Peta would put out. :( I saw about a minute of it and had to shut it off.

These people have another dog now apparently and people are still trying to find them. I hope they cut their hands off.

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January 23, 2011



I seem to work the best when I have other plans already made. It's like when you're in school and whatever it is you're supposed to be learning is so boring that you just have to do something else even if it's another class' work.

This is not exactly the same.. I was supposed to do some test shooting yesterday for today's engagement shoot however the weather's been very gross the last couple of days so we've pushed it til February.

This weekend I've had the chance to update my portfolio as well as finalize some document designs and my new business card! It's taken me a long time to finally set some things in stone as I wasn't sure where exactly things were heading. Now that my papers have returned and I am officially Jamie Poh Photography, I can now move on to all the assets that come along with the business.

Here is the first set of business card designs I've thrown together.

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When I first got Moo Moo and Choux Choux, I washed their tank every day. I scooped poop. I made sure they had fresh water every single day.

I've gotten really busy in the last 5 - 6 months and so cleaning is now every other day or every 2 days. A major cleaning is done once a week if I can.

They eat pellets to ensure a well balanced diet but I try to give them some seeds some times. On days when I'm busy, I dump a pile of seeds in their dish which they love. (Explains why Choux Choux is so fat)

It's hard to get them to come to my hand unless I have food and if they get seeds everyday in their dish then pfft! Why would they come!


This weekend I ACTUALLY stayed home so I have been watching them all day. They don't seem to sleep very much it seems. They seem to be most awake in the early mornings and late nights. They sleep in the afternoons til around dinner time and at night, they're definitely active. By morning the tank is torn apart. Tubes pushed over. House upside down. Bedding scattered into piles.


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Usually when a snow storm is about to hit, I would be forewarned. This one morning however I woke up to an empty house and a powdered roof! No one had anticipated any snow!!!! The forecast was for rain all week!

It didn't last long. When I got to work there was absolutely no snow on the ground and by the time I had gotten home, it had already melted. :(

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January 22, 2011

[Wedding Season 2011]

I have finally consolidated all my shots from Season 2010 and voila, Wedding Season 2011 Portfolio. Still not quite what I had in mind for my website/portfolio (which is still in the works), but I have tons of new shots on there. I keep forgetting that the majority of my friends and family have yet to see a ton of my work so I think all my shots are really old.....

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January 19, 2011

[My New Idol]


At the store, we sell The Puffer, made by Gary Fong. Maybe I'm just one too judge too quickly. Immediately I categorize this product into "crappy who made this piece of plastic". Not only is it plastic, it's expensive plastic. Gary Fong invented "The Puffer", "Lightsphere", and "The Origami". These are flash diffusers you can attach to your cameras and external flash units. We use one at work on our passport camera as a diffuser. I call it the cone of shame because it's big, bulky and gets in the way. It also falls off all the time as it's held together by velco straps.

While discussing Gary Fong's line of products one day at work, I decided I'd go visit his website to see what other strange things he's designed and put out for sale. I came across a book he wrote, "The Accidental Millionaire - How to succeed in life without really trying". Well..... I hurried to Chapters on my break to get this book. Seems kinda odd that I went from despising the products and the name attached to it to getting his book in a matter of minutes.

Anyway. I find this book in the business section. They only had one left hidden and belittled by all the other multi millionaire how to books.

A couple days later, I'm already halfway through it. I don't read much but when there's a book I'm interested in, I get through it ever so quickly. He writes bout his life from start to present and in short sweet chapters (significant moments and situations in his life), he shares what worked for him in the wedding photography business and what didn't.

I've finally finished the book (had to put it aside over Christmas and while I've been taking another step into starting my own business) and feel lifted. I'm not sure if anyone who isn't interested in photography or weddings would feel the same way. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have a totally different view on Gary Fong now. I still am not good friends with "The Lightsphere" though.

(On a side note, I just posted this completely using my phone and iPad. Photo bucket has an app for Android which allows me to upload photos straight from my phone which I can access from the pad. Woot! Hurray for technology. I think I'll be gaining some weight from all this laziness.)

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January 17, 2011

[More Mousies]


Choux Choux has OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


She loves flipping the little green igloo house they have over and filling their log house with shredded paper.


Sometimes Moo Moo helps.


But Moo Moo prefers to chill in their tree house basket. :)

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[60D shots]


Couple shots taken with the CANON 60D!

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January 16, 2011



I've been trying to grow my hair out. I figure winter time is good since it's cold.. it could keep me warm :). It's still a pain needing to wash and dry it every other day though. :(

How to fix this problem? Colour it of course! :P Maybe I'll hold off from the cut for a month more..... It should be getting warmer soon right?

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January 15, 2011

[Cycle of a Bar]


For Nicole's 21st, she celebrated at the Foggy Dews. When going to a bar, to avoid line ups, going early is usually key however when you're there from dinner through til drinking, it does end up being a pretty long night.

Ty and I met Ashley around 9:30 and we head for the bar where we joined a GIANT line up. I for one have never stood in a line up for a bar but I have walked by numerous line ups downtown watching people waiting to get in. I just don't really see the point in waiting this long to get into a crowded place so I can mingle with a ton of already drunken people when I could just go home and relax and have a beer or two. Tonight we decided well we'll wait in line. We haven't seen anyone from school in ages and now would be a good night to catch up.


We guestimated, 30 minutes.......... 1 hour later, we were only half way through the line up. We watched blonde girls in the tallest possible heels waltz (quite uncomfortably) towards the VIP line up where people were paying to get in. And we thought we were being smart by saving our cover fee and lining up. Another hour later, after witnessing 2 people get kicked out and tons of girls already been let in, we finally had our turn. In lining up I had learned the mechanics of how a bar is run! According to Tyler, if you're in a line up full of guys trying to get in, the line goes much slower as the bar tries to keep the number of guys to girls proportionate. The more girls are in there, the less there'll be a fight and also attracts more people (guys) to that particular bar because girls go to the bar with their friends to party and have a good time while guys go to a bar typically to pick someone up. Makes sense.

When in the bar, single guys have the entire night to find someone to take home (yes ew gross sleezy). Most of the people in there have friends and come in groups while some seem to be there with that single purpose to find someone.

We met up with all our friends from Ai and it was like old times all over again. The drinking portion of the night was good. 4 long islands was a good buzz and not overkilling the finances. :P We probably only spent an hour or so at the tables before they closed the place down for the night which brings us to the close of the cycle of the bar. I made my final bathroom run before heading out and along the way, I had guys randomly saying hi to me desperate to bring SOMEONE home. Ew gross. It's hard to think and accept that people are actually like that.

Well the cops show up to clear out the final crowds of people and the bar closes down for the night. Twas a good night :)

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[I Got the Whole World]


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[Let Me Out]


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Joseph really wants to go to Disneyland Hong Kong. Everytime he comes in, he'll have photos to share or a link he wants to see on the computer. He loves taking photos of planes and trains. He gives me the thumbs up whenever we find a really old photo of a tram back in the day when it was all still connected to electric lines. Sometimes I wonder what he does all day... If he has a schedule or routine he follows or if he just does whatever he wants and decides at that moment. Sometimes he's in our store 3 or 4 times a day.

Here's him getting dressed up for his passport photo. It looks like he's trapped in that era.

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[Snow Mower]


Because we had such crazy snow a couple years ago, no one was prepared for it. Last year we had such a warm winter that everyone was expecting an even crazier winter this time around.

A couple days ago, the forecast was for 15 - 30cm of snow. Everyone in the city's very well prepared now, almost too prepared.. the second there's a reading for snow, OH SALT ALL OVER THE GROUND!

We anticipated quite a bit of snow, which we did get however it followed quickly by rain and the nice fluffy snow was soon slush.... :(

Maybe we'll get a blizzard in March. :)

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There's a Japadog stand by my work which I have never ever entered nor thought about entering. The idea of a hotdog with seaweed on it doesn't really appeal to me I guess. The other day when walking by it I notice they've added another at the end of their menu. Chocolate Banana!??!?!?! On a friggen hot dog?!

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[New Bus Stop Cover]


They've set up a shelter at the bus stops by my house. Yay! :) No more standing in the rain and snow! :)

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[Skating at Robson Square]


It's free skating during the winter at Robson Square and only 3 bucks to rent skates.


Our store decided to spend the night skating to celebrate the new year. :) I was a bit iffy about the idea at first but it brought back lots of memories. I used to roller blade everyday without fail back in high school and lately just haven't had any time or energy to anymore. Maybe this summer I should bring out the ol' blades.

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[Current Fave]

My love for Mariana's Trench is slowly growing. Another band member from the group was in our store a couple days ago and I FAILED to realize! Well I kind of thought he looked familiar but wasn't too sure and didn't have the nerve to ask. After putting his wife's order through I took a look at the last name and OMG it was him. Unfortunately I missed my chance for a photo and probably will never see him again! I did chat with his wife for a bit and we talked about the band and how their new album is being recorded right now. Exciting!!!

This is my new favourite song. :)

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January 8, 2011

[My Mitts]


I own lots of shirts and jeans. I own lots more jackets nowadays too as advertising and following fashion trends has gotten the best of me. There are certain things though that one doesn't really buy often...I used to be able to say that about belts, socks and scarves. But I think it all comes down to my one pair of mittens (not counting my olympic mittens.. I still am not sure I wear those with pride)

These mittens have been dropped at A&W where my mom found them. They've travelled with me out into the freezing cold of Alberta and up to Lynn Valley suspension bridge. They've fallen off my lap when I got up on the skytrain to get off and somehow... I still have them. I've almost lost these mittens so many times and don't know what I'll do if I did! They're my favourite!

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[Recap Christmas 2010]

Over the holidays I didn't have the chance to blog about Christmas. My laptop was being reformatted and I was in the process of getting a new computer! So here's our Christmas Recap (Photos courtesy of my dad)


Christmas party at our house as usual. We had a slightly different guest list this time around with family as well as friends.


Plan was to play games all night! Taboo and Pictionary are the most fun when lots of people play. It was frustrating at first trying to get everyone to understand. I thought everyone knew how to play pictionary!?!?!


Christmas morning started at 10am and not the usual 7 or 8am... We're getting old! I even had to wake JOEY up....


Lots of awesome presents this year. iPad woot! :D Technology has officially taken over and there's no turning back!!

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[Moo Moo Choux Choux Poo Poo]


Moo Moo and Choux Choux are sisters although they don't really look like it. Choux Choux's plump and round while Moo Moo bears traits similar to those of a rat.


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January 1, 2011

[2011 with a Bang]


Our plans were to shop all day then head to a friends place for New Years. Unfortunately many of our friends are home for the holidays and it was a very quiet New Years. Not a bad thing! Ty and I shopped at Metro in the day time and I swiped what was left of boxing day sales. Not bad at all. A fleece and white collared shirt for $10 and 2 fluff lined hoodies for $15. Score! My 2 TB hard drive also arrived in the mail today. Now all I need to get is another compact flash and I'll be set for wedding season '11.


After shopping we got some beer and pizza and spent the night watching Pirates of the Caribbean. At midnight, the guys shot off signal flares as we didn't have any fireworks. I asked if that was legal and if the police would come and they said Nahhhh. It's New Years. The cops won't come. Then I asked.. Well what about the person who's actually lost in the woods and needs help? Their response.... He's screwed.....

Well it was a nice way to enter 2011. Just another year til the end of the world. Time to get ready!

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[New Old Editing Suite]


Dun Dun Dun.... Behold! New Old iMac of 2011! I have inherited my mom's old iMac which used to sit in the kitchen. She now has a smaller but newer model which suits her needs better and more than suits my needs. Now I'll be able to SEE what my photos actually look like and edit video at ease! :) My photos look good on a big screen... it just wasn't cutting it on the small macbook.

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