February 28, 2011

[Joseph's Voice]

Joseph and I have had a close connection since day one. I was glad to be able to understand him although sometimes we have to write or draw in order to get thoughts or messages across.


Not only do I make his prints now, I am his voice. One day he wrote on a piece of paper a phone number then gestured snipping his hair. So I figured he wanted to make an appointment since he wrote down the day and time as well. Here's how that conversation went.

Me: Hello?
Hairdresser: Hello.
Me: I am calling on behalf of Joseph.
Hairdresser: Halloo? What!?
Me: Hello? I am calling on behalf of Joseph.
Hairdresser: Haircut. What time?
Me: Monday at noon. For Joseph
Hairdresser: Oh Joseph. Ok

The lady sounded so mean! Angriest hairdresser ever! This time around, he did the same thing. Gestured for a haircut then wrote a phone number down as well as day and time. I thought ok. Well. I don't really have to confuse people by explaining the reason I'm calling, they should already know. I figured I would cut to the chase and begin with what I want.

Me: Hello?
Hairdresser: Hello.
Me: Hi I would like to make an appointment for a haircut! :)
Hairdresser: HAIR CUT!?!?!?!?!?
Me: (Uh oh... ) Uhh.... yah!
Hairdresser: Umm.
Me: I'm calling for Joseph!!!!!!!!
Hairdresser (Who in fact was not his hairdresser but his sister or something): Joseph!?!?! Where is he!!!
Me: He's at Robson!
Sister: He missed dinner! We waited for him! And couldn't wait anymore! Tell him he missed dinner!
Me: *points at Joseph.... scribbles dinner on paper*
Joseph: Laughs and puts his hands up in the air like ... whatever!

Hopefully next time I'll get it right. :P

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February 25, 2011

[Eco Fashion Week]


I helped out one night at Eco Fashion Week shooting photos for Frockon.com. This would be the third fashion show I've shot and I've noticed that the crowd is very similar with one minor difference being this was an "Eco" fashion show. The spectators were snobby bunches of people sporting "High Fashion", odd patterned silk shirts, strange textured tights, cool looking boots. And it's not just the girls wearing these types of outfits, the guys usually stand out the most.


There were about 4 sections of runways with 3 designers in each which was a good way to split up the night.

The runway is set up such that models walk down a long strip which is lined with chairs on either side. At the end of the runway is a platform that could fit probably 10 to 15 photographers and videographers (assuming they were all little). Add clunky camera gear, bags and tripods and you're looking at about 5 - 7 photographers on the little island. I've learned that as a fashion photographer, you need to keep up with the pace as well as have a very bold attitude while also being courteous and thoughtful to fellow photographers. Many shots get ruined with waving hands or tips of heads!

I'm not too sure I'm a huge fan of the fashion gossip and talk that goes on while the models do their thing either:

"The music isn't loud enough"

"That's what happens when you start too quickly"

"That girl has a nice walk. Ehhh... that one isn't so good"

"I haven't seen many of these models"

Then creepy photographers also try picking up the young interns who are at the shows for the first time. This sort of networking is all kinda strange to me I think. You never know what peoples' true intentions are, whether they're being sincere or snagging an opportunity for their own benefit.

Anyhoo. There were a couple runs I liked and lots I didn't. I guess because the show showcased a lot of local designers who owned their own boutiques, most of the outfits were wearable.


The few of them..not so much...

Well I enjoyed the show and definitely needed to get out and do some shooting. Tomorrow I think I'm finally going to be able to shoot the first engagement of the season we've been having to put off for weeks now due to the wearing and scheduling. Hopefully it doesn't snow...

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[Crazy Mouse Lady]



Choux Choux kissies!


I am The Crazy Mouse lady!

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February 20, 2011

[Not too late]


We got through this cold winter without even being able to go snowboarding! This weekend we finally did!

At the base of Grouse, they added a new Timber Wolves exhibit.


Kinda cool coz we were THIIIIIIS close to them. But at the same time kinda mean. 3 wolves in an enclosure....


We had the entire day to ourselves to snowboard and usually I'm so excited that I rush to get all my gear packed, boots on... jacket on... goggles... toque.. yatta yatta.. This time I just had to keep stopping to take photos. It's like a disease... Must...... take..... photos!!!


This is the second time we've been up to Grouse and it was beeeeautiful. I don't remember it being this good last time. It was sunny. The snow was powdery. There were close to no line ups (although the Grouse crew was so chill that they didn't seem to really be doing a great job shuffling people through to the lift).


We made probably 10 - 15 runs between 10:30 - 4:30. Long day! My thighs were killing me by then! It's been a while since I've hurt this much!!


Along the bunny hill run, they ran "Reindeer Tours" for tourists (which I think is a bad idea because beginners could get run over by these) which in fact weren't carts pulled by reindeers but tractors.


The sunset was so puurrtty on the way down.


While having saved $5 on parking because the lots were all packed even though we were there only half an hour after they opened up (by parking a block down in the residential area), when we got back to the car, we had gotten a ticket. :( My first ticket..............For parking too close to a fire hydrant. Ok.. so we were thiiis close...But none of the other cars got tickets!

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[Different Looks]


In the last year, my fashion choices have gone from jeans and Ts to coats and dresses. It's grown closer towards more business casual rather than street. A lot of the times I decide on a certain piece and add it to my list however am too afraid to make that jump and actually put the clothes on! Here are some earrings I wore to work!

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February 17, 2011

[The New BC Place]


In a way Joseph's like the news guy. He informs us of the latest news that goes on downtown like when the windows of The Bay got smashed again because of "August 12th", the anniversary of the Olympic Winter Games. He shows us in his photos and gestures what the weather's going to be like in the week. This week he pointed out the soccer game on TV, referring to the opening of the new BC Place Stadium. :)

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Last night Ty and I pictured our amazing breakfast: Scrambled eggs, turkey sausages, pancakes, bacon... juice... mmmmm

This morning we had only an hour before I had to leave for work so Ty made pancakes. He made me one the size of my plate!!!!!!!! Unfortunately the heat became really high and his poor pancakes were kinda burnt. :(

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There are tons of hobos downtown as I've mentioned before. You start to realize which ones actually need money and those who need it for drugs. Then there's some youngsters that beg to maybe prove a point or maybe disagree with the system or are just plain lazy. I used to give money to street performers but I soon found that a lot of my morning coffee money was going to them!!

On certain days you find some interesting hobo cards like this one. I'm sure there's just as many people who hate as well as love Justin Bieber.

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[Bunnies in Cups]

Joey and I were going through videos on youtube looking at cute animals. We found Bunnies in Cups! :)

Last night I showed Tyler the Bunnies in Cups video while opening up a Kinder Surprise egg. To my disappointment, I got a puzzle. It's the worst when you get a puzzle! I decided to put it together anyway and GASP!!!! Bunnies in Cups!!!


Best Kinder Surprise ever!!

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February 14, 2011

[Singles Awarness Day]


I woke up this morning expecting my Valentines to be next week as Ty had been scheduled for work. It just so happened that his day was freed up as of yesterday and Valentines plans could have been made but then it felt too rushed.

For once, I felt like I needed a special Valentines day. I've never really thought much of the holiday and for some reason today I felt left out! We'll be celebrating our Valentines on the weekend hopefully on the hills in the snow. :)

Partway through the day, a customer of mine came into the store and right at that moment, I was sent on break. I was a bit worried that the rose in his hand was for me. I'm not sure why. I enjoy talking to customers and every so often you get the special ones who may give off a strange first impression which may make them seem rude or mean or snobby but once you get to know them better, you learn about who they really are and they become the ones you can actually talk to.

After customer had left, my manager came in with the single rose for me. She said my favourite customer gave it to me. At that point, I felt a bit bad that I hadn't been out there to receive it. It's sad when you live in a world where you have to be so cautious to the point where you can't even receive a rose from someone who maybe just cared and appreciated you for being their friend. Hopefully he'll come in soon so I can thank him! :)

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Ty loves T&T. I think it smells funny. If it wasn't for hi-chew candy, pocky, aloe vera juice and melona, I probably would never step into T&T.

I had a craving for Melona creamsicles that night but as we walked through the market, we picked up some odd things along the way. Ty got some preserved duck eggs which at first I thought were salted eggs. Later on I realized he'd gotten century eggs O_O. We also picked up some packets of herbs for soup which my mom recommended for Ty for his lungs (It's been over a month with no cigs yay! :D ). At the check out, we were reading the packet and noticed this......


Add 12 - 15 bowels of water. BOWELS of water!!?!?!?! We were slightly put off by that..

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[Business - Casual]


When I first got the chance to dress up for work, I was really excited. Being able to dress up for a reason makes ...dressing.. much more fun!

It's been almost a year and I am now sick of wearing dress pants... dress shirts..... I have been exploring dark dresses with tights as well as more feminin shirts.

Some days it's just so nice to throw on a pair of jeans and sneakers. :)

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[Pikachu at the Mall]


While running some errands and picking up some groceries at Metrotown, I spotted something yellow at the bottom floor... PIKACHU!!! I got all excited.

Ty: Oh hey it is
Ty: ................
Me: It's not everyDAY you see Pikachu at the mall!

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[Gifts from Joseph]


One night, my assistant manager and I were working the closing shift, both of us starving. We got a buy one get one meal from Mc Ds when Joseph was in that night. Ever since then he's been bringing us coupons whenever he has some to share. :) He thinks we're too skinny and need to eat more.

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[Sleepy Puppy]


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February 5, 2011



Maus haus. :)

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[Shooting with Ty]


I've waited 2 weeks for the weather to clear up but no such luck on my days off. Yesterday was finally decent to head out so we hiked up the trail by Ty's and snapped what we could. :)


I kinda like the lomo style shots taken with my phone better than the 7D. :S!!!!!!

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[CNY 2011]


Celebrated the Chinese New Year over at my uncles. We had a huge selection of dishes and rice.....also deep fried chicken, fast food style! :P

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[Milo and Abbey]


Ty took some photos of me and the rats. I wasn't sure we'd get any good ones as the lighting in the house isn't too great. I did manage to cut it down to a couple good ones. :D


Abbey loves to run around and burrow in your sweater. She loved my furry hood and wouldn't come out. Milo on the other hand is still very timid and very nice to hold. Most of the time she just chills.....or hides.


The last rat, Buddha....... :P.... She hates the rats. We were afraid that her terrier instinct might take over and she'd snap at them but she's just terrified. I guess Pepper's a bit weirded out by Moo Moo and Choux Choux too.....

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[Puppy Eyes]


Pepper is 6 years old though acts more and more like a puppy every day he grows older.


Today I brought him out for a walk (which I don't normally do) and when we came home, he was my best friend for about half an hour. He followed me into my room and just stared...


He even laid down in my room (which he never does!) for a while.

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