April 30, 2011

[Maus Update]


Choux Choux is still plump despite my attempt to cut down on the amount of food they eat.


Moo Moo is braver now! She climbs onto my shoulders when I pick her up! :)

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April 24, 2011

[New Phone..... Again]


Ok I know it's getting bad. All these new gadgets and gizmos. When I got my first smart phone (HTC Desire), I told myself I would not let it take over my life. A couple months later, I not only used it as my phone, but my notepad, my calendar, my camera, my internet, my Facebook and Twitter. Then I guess higher power above me thought I was spoilt and sent me a sign.

Or perhaps he thought it wasn't good enough and thus I have an HTC Desire HD. A 4.3" screen with larger icons, more ram and an 8 megapixel camera! 8!! With 8 who needs a point and shoot!!

Now that I've learnt my lesson (hopefully), I'm going to have to keep this phone in my pocket at all times and to never let it out of my sight. Whenever I place it in my bag and forget I did, I freak out. What's worse than getting your phone stolen?!! Getting it stolen again!! Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame of meee!!!

Anyway, I love the phone. It's awesome and I think I will continue to use notepads. I've discovered Evernote, which allows me to save my notes to an online server with password protection. So if phone decides to crash, contacts will be on Sim card, photos will be on SD card and notes will be on Evernote! :) Everyone should be jealous nao.

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April 17, 2011



I've been brain storming different ways to get myself out there into the photography/videography market. Now that I have a website set up, it's easier to hand out cards and say hey! Check me out! I still haven't set up albums and such quite yet (which I probably should do asap) but it's getting there!

I printed one of my photos on a T over the weekend and it turned out great! The quality wasn't 100% but it's not bad. I'm hoping to get shots of well known spots in Vancouver onto cards and shirts to see how that flows. :)

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[We are Online]


I have started yet another blog (as if I don't already have enough to keep up with). Jme and Ty are now online! Stay tuned for concerts, shows, fairs, festivals, FOOD and other adventures in and around Vancouver and possibly outside of Vancouver in the near future! :)

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April 16, 2011

[Fish Eye]


This photo came out looking sort of like a cartoon so I attempted to exaggerate some of the colours to make it such.

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April 15, 2011

[INQ Stand]


The one thing my INQ can do........stand. Woo pee!

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[G for a Dollar]


Brought to you by the guys who did Night Shift, G for a Dollar!


I was asked by an old friend whom I went to school with to shoot some promo stills for their new -rap band-


We met downtown and did a bunch of shots with the city scape and down allies.


One of the guys looks like Russel Brand! :P

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April 6, 2011

[Photo Day with Joseph]


Joseph somehow got me to understand and agree to hanging out with him last week. From my understanding he wanted to take photos of the cherry blossoms. I was expecting a nice slow relaxing day of walking around Stanley Park and taking pictures with all the trees.


We definitely took photos with every single tree in Vancouver but it wasn't a very relaxing afternoon! Joseph can walk VERY FAST. It was like he knew exactly where all the cherry blossom trees were and we were on a mission to get a shot with every one of them.

We spent 5 minutes on the edge of Stanley Park after a 10 minute bus ride down there followed by another 10 minute bus ride to Waterfront where we also probably only spent 15 minutes at. From there we got on a 30 minute skytrain ride to RICHMOND of all places.... where we took about 5 pictures with the origami tulips.

I'm definitely glad I took the day to spend with him coz he probably doesn't really have anyone to hang out with. But I'm not sure I enjoy the speeding around Vancouver and the constant pulling, dragging and nudging. Maybe next time I'll bring a friend. :)

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[Little but Big purchases]


Working at a camera store can be hard sometimes. I get to look at cameras all day and yeah, I get sick of all the models we've had in the last year. Early fall and late Spring are generally when the new models are released and well... Spring has sprung and so have a bunch of new cameras!!!

I'd been looking at getting a compact compact camera for a while now. My G9 is awesome. I love it coz it gives me quite a few options for shooting and it looks cool! I have found that I haven't really gotten to capture many situations just because it's just a tad bit bigger than a pocket camera.

When I got my HTC Desire, it was so quick and easy to just pull it out and snap something. The picture quality wasn't the greatest but it was good enough for a phone and for the type of shots I was getting. Sometimes it even surprised me with amazing speed and quality!

I purchased the Canon SD1300 as a cheap alternative when my phone got stolen. I shot with it a couple days and nights. The picture quality was decent however I definitely got what I'd paid for. $140 doesn't really get you much. The focusing was incredibly slow and even with the flash my pictures turned out blurry in low light situations.

A week later, we got a new range of Canons in! :D Canon now has a high speed range at an affordable rate of $229. With my employee discount I managed to get it under $200. I'm hoping the price will drop soon so I can get just a little bit back.

This camera is amazing. It's the perfect pocket camera. The quality is great. It's fast. It's got neat modes like Fisheye, Lomo and Minature. It shoots 1080p HD video with the convenience of having a designated record button. The screen is big for a compact. It fits in my pocket! :) The one downside of it is the buttons are really small and flat and sometimes my "chubby" fingers push other buttons by accident. Also the menu's slightly different. There's an extra step when deleting photos which I can get used to I suppose. :P Another cool thing about it is it's slow mo video capture. It's standard definition but lets you capture at 120fps or 240fps.

I will be putting this little guy to test this summer with some videos.

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[We're going to Hairspray!]


For quite a few years now I've really been into musicals. I own a number of musicals on DVDs like, Mamma Mia, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Across the Universe and HAIRSPRAY!

I haven't however actually seen a musical live before. When I found out Hairspray's coming to Vancouver, I had to get tickets! Joey and I will be going this July! :) I can't wait!!!!!!

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April 5, 2011



Granville Street.

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April 4, 2011

[The Inside of the Thing that Gets me Places]


Ty taking a look at one of the head lights in our car. The light bulb blew again :(

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For those who have watched shows like Employee of the Month and Office Space but have never worked in a retail or supermarket type of environment (which I think pretty much all people have once in their lives)......A communications goal board is real. It is as cheesy as it is in the movies and involves smiley stickers as well as gold stars (and in this case smiley faced gold stars).

The picture isn't too great but those red dots = bad. They are upside down red smilies which made me laugh so I added my smart little remark on the side.

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[Baby Milo]


I visited Pet Smart before Ty had to work and he pulled out one of the baby rats for me to see. :) She was just like Milo when Ty just got her. So wittle! And cute! (She's still cute now but...much bigger) I didn't really get to hold the rats back then coz I was still a bit afraid of handling small critters. O_O.


While walking through the aisles, I found this! A vege-t-bowl!!! It's a radish bowl! Ah so cute! :)

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[Sushi, my favourite]



Couple weeks ago I caught up with ex co-workers at Kingsway Sushi. It's always sushi whenever I get invited out. "Oh we should hang out, let's get sushi" "Oh we should go for dinner, let's get sushi" "Oh it's our work party, we should go to the eatery....what's that? It's sushi!"


Whenever I go, I get either terriyaki chicken or rice and tofu or something like that. It's not that I hate japanese restaurants, I just can't stand the smell or taste of seaweed.

Just last weekend though I had a craving for some miso soup and yam tempura and since Tyler never gets to eat japanese food with me cause I'm always forced to when I go out with other people, I thought it'd be good that we go since I actually felt like it!

I think Tyler's more asian than I am. He ate about 5 different kinds which all had raw fish in it. AH!!

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[You Like This]


Random traffic light had this etched into it.

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April 1, 2011

[To the Bottle Depot]


Since I had the car, I figured it would be good to get all the empties out of Ty's kitchen. We stuffed as many bags as we could into the back which I knew was a lot but when we got to the bottle depot, omg... it was a LOT.

We organized them tray by tray and ohh old beer and coke... :S Ick. I'm pretty sure the girl working there was like O_O!


After sorting and counting, we ended up with $34.65. Just about enough for 18 beer. :)

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I wonder if he wishes he was Canadian.

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