May 21, 2011

[If Only Brunch Lasted that Long]

BSS | Breakfast Interrupted from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.


BSS | Breakfast Interrupted - Behind The Scenes from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.

Want... camera...

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[Photo Snoot]

I love the part where there's just a silence of amazement. I have ordered myself a full Gary Fong Lightsphere Kit along with all the gels and goodies. Take that dimly lit wedding halls!!

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May 20, 2011

[Go Canucks]


I haven't really been in Vancouver long enough... pfft.. well. 9 years is a long time but I guess not followed hockey culture long enough to know the history of the Canucks. But from what I've been hearing, this is the first year since 1994 that the Nucks have been doing this well. Maybe they just might win the Stanley Cup this year?

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May 18, 2011


I have one on order already. :D

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I think I cried a little. :)

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May 16, 2011

[Pizza Date with Myself]


While shooting that video for work we all stopped by a place called Romano's across the street from Megabite (theee best pizza place ever). After having pizza at Romano's I'm never going back to Megabite (coz their pizza's always stale when I go there now).

I had a meeting last Friday and had some time to kill so I got me a slice with a pop and chilled by myself in the greasy grimey hot pizza place. :) It was delicious.

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Jag belongs to the girl I shoot weddings with. He's shoooooo cute!!

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[Mah Sista]


Jo Jo and I rarely get photos together. And a lot of the times I cut myself out of them by accident! Here's one of us :)

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May 7, 2011

[Hey It's My Birthday Soon!]

My brain has been so tied up with worrying about work and dealing with every day situations and planning of future projects that I forgot my birthday is just around the corner!

For all of you who LOVE me and would like to give me a GIANT present, here is my never ending birthdayeasterhannukahhalloweenthanksgivingchristmas wishlist!!

1. Lomo LC-A +RL
2. LC-A Instant Back
3. A Camera Tattoo!
4. Classic Mini Camera
5. 24 - 105 Coffee Mug
6. Lensbaby Composer
7. Diana Mini Case
8. White Balance Cap
9. Camera USB
10. Camera T
11. Camera Extender
12. Reusable Underwater Toy Camera
13. Keyboard Shortcuts
14. HTC Desire HD Zagg Invisishield
15. A Leatherman Multitool
16. Orange Skinnies
17. Moshi Moshi Retro Handset Red
18. Underwater Fisheye Camera
19. A Clean White Room
20. Go Pro LCD
21. A Roll of Black and White Film (For I have yet to shoot B&W film!!)
22. An awesome bike!

Yah, I know right? Crazy!

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[Black's Blockbuster]


For work we put together a video in hopes of winning a sum of monies from the company. We had to come up with a script with certain criteria we had to meet which had to do with what we do at the store.


I was hoping to get a small role as I am NOT great at acting however somehow ended up being one of the main characters! The customer!


Apparently I love Starbucks and order crazy drinks. This line took me forever to learn: Triple Grande extra hot non fat caramel vanilla cappuccino. Dub tee eff drinks something like that!

Anyway. What I thought was going to be a painful night of shooting ended up being quite entertaining. We didn't wrap til 10:20!!! :(

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[Rising Costs of Evil]


Last Monday felt like any other ordinary Monday. I got up to go vote for the very first time which I was quite excited about even though I have no real knowledge on Canadian Politics! On the way there I noticed that gas prices were at 140.8 which is record breaking here. I was still too excited and distracted by me being able to vote to really care.


And for some reason I was so excited that I didn't even mind that it was really raining.


I spent the morning on the train as usual and got to Timmy's expecting a price rise so it didn't really bother me that my large hot beverage was a whole 8 cents more!

Work was great. No crazy customers to deal with. I got onto the train back home. Checked my phone to see how the voting went only to find that the group I didn't want to win had won! I think that just made my Monday all that miserable. I'm not even sure why it did. Maybe coz for once I had a say in something (sorta) and it just felt like it didn't make a difference whether or not I had voted (which I'm glad I did). :T

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[Optik TV with Leonard Nimoy]

Okay. So although I am so sick of Optik TV, Telus and that Lion cub..I thought this was pretty funny.

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May 3, 2011

[Self Portrait]


Jo Jo and I did a mini photoshoot the other day. We got some sweet shots! :)


Maybe I shouldn't be but I was suprised how crisp the shots were. We shot in the landing corridor by the stair well with a white backdrop and external flash :D


Forced Pepper to partake in a couple shots :P

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