June 25, 2011

[Why Buddha Hates Me]


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June 21, 2011

[Chopped Again]


I caved in and went for a hair cut after I had spent more than 9 months growing it all out! So here I am back in asymmetry.

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[Summertime, really?]


First day of the Summer and it's HAWT out. Hopefully it'll stay this way til at least September!

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Pepper Puppyface! :)

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Although boards have been put up on all the shops that were damaged last week, there is still broken windows and the city still sits waiting to get fixed.

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[Barking Cat]


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June 19, 2011

[Wedding Update]

I have added more blog entries on to jamiepoh.com . Feel free to check them out! Will be adding albums soon!!!!!

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June 17, 2011

[Stanley Cup Riot 2011]

Hockey is a huge sport in Canada and the US. When we first moved here, I got to play some hockey with the neighbourhood kids in our cul de sac. I guess perhaps just coz we weren't really brought up around hockey so it's not too important a sport for us to really care and the first time I actually watched hockey with excitement was during the Gold Medal game for the Olympics. It just made you feel more united with the world since it's such a big event. Our team, The Canucks, from what I know... haven't really been that big..? Perhaps I'm wrong? I know that back in 1994, we made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs which resulted in a loss which then resulted in chaos in the city. Everyone braced themselves for a repetition of that this year as we made it to the finals.

So here is what the riot looked like back in 94.

Here's a video of what happened last week.

And here's a video my co-worker put together. We left long before things got really bad.

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[Speed Blog!]

So! Because I've missed out on so much, here's a speed blog entry of everything I've done in the last month! :D


Had a nice dinner with Chan family.


Got sick and had a couple days to actually relax with not a worry on my mind (although I was coughing like crazy)


Watched robins make nests and have babies.... twice!!!!!!


Watched the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Shot 4 weddings.


Watched Vancouver fill with Canuck Fans. Watched people celebrate.


Watched Game 7 at Vera's with co-workers and friends.


Watched us lose Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Watched Vancouver burn in riots after Game 7.


Watched the REAL Vancouver pick itself up the next morning. :)

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