August 25, 2011

[Choux Choux's Diet]


Okay well I haven't been a very good at getting Choux Choux to lose weight so Ty told me to just give the mice pellets instead of seeds as they are considered "treats". And so in the last week that's what they've been eating. It seems that Choux Choux just loves eating anything and everything though....

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August 14, 2011

[Babysitting Buddha]


Buddha rarely gets to hang out with any other doggy friends. She stays home and chills in bed all day which she loves doing but when she does meet another dog, she freaks out and is SUPER scared of them.


Yesterday I brought her over to hang out with Pepper and Gilly. :) I figured she will eventually act like a real dog after being around other dogs even though she was EXTREMELY scared at the beginning.

While in the car, she was terrified that Joey was holding her. When we got out of the car and the dogs ran up to her, Joey became her best friend. When Gilly finally went away, she was kind of friends with Pepper.

We all went on a super doggy walk with another friend and the dog she was dog sitting, Zeus! He's a big Boxer! Even I was terrified when this dog came running towards me!


Here's Buddha's "omg Pepper is sitting way too close to me" face. I think she got pretty comfortable after a while and she didn't really mind Pepper too much, until he decided he wanted to play and started play charging towards her....

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[Venturing into the Guest Room]


When we first moved in, I picked the guest room to be mine but was rejected as it was too large for all my crap and that I would not clean it. That's probably true. My sister snagged the medium sized room so I got stuck with the smallest which is the cosiest of them all.


I ventured into the guest room the other day as I had to do a bit of studying for work and my room is IMPOSSIBLE to study in. It's too distracting!

I noticed that it's really cool and calm in the guest room. It's plain white with a tint of green from the carpet and outside. There's a plain white table with a plain white lamp on top.


And when I sat down I noticed there was plain white poop on the window as well! What kinda bird DOES that! Aims at the house...jeez!

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