November 27, 2011



As November comes to an end, I shall end the month with a Movember post! Happy Movember! :{)

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[Diane's 22nd]


I was looking for our shots from 2 years ago that look just like this one however I seem to be missing 2009! :S!

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While in school, I used to have to walk through crow migration grounds. Now I'm back working in the same area. If I work at 7, I catch the crows just waking up and about to make a move to wherever else it is they fly to.


And now that it's winter time, by the time it gets dark (4pm), the crows are already filling spots in all the trees, the streets and parking lots!

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[Pepper Dislike]


Pepper was so excited when Joey pulled out a package for him and called his name, until she put it on him.......

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November 6, 2011

[Occupy Vancouver]


It's been almost 3 weeks and people have occupied the Vancouver Art Gallery as part of Occupy Vancouver.

I guess it's good that people have stood up to have a say in things and voiced out their thoughts and opinions as a group.


Gallery grounds have been covered with tents, signs and stands. People have donated clothing, food and time to this movement and even though each day passing is only getting colder, they still remain on the grounds day after day and apparently plan to until December. I guess until they really cannot stand the cold.


I think it's great and all that people want to voice their concerns with how our society and government run however I feel like it has drawn a LOT of homeless and lazy people to this movement as well. I've walked through the grounds a few times now to check things out and listen to a few speeches and a lot of chanting and ranting goes on. Lots of people in the ground answering back to things people are staying on the stairs but when I look around, I see a lot of grungy, smelly and dirty people. The crowd consists of many young hippie like adults mostly, elderly, hoboes and druggies. The place reeks of sweat, pee and dirt. People probably haven't taken showers.

As much as I can understand that our government is corrupt and there are lots of very wealthy billionaires out there that perhaps have never worked hard for what they have, these people don't seem to be doing very much either; just whining and crying.

I wonder how long they'll last out there.

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November 5, 2011

[New West]


Ty moved near the end of the summer again as the old place was just not providing very good air flow which was affecting his health for a bit there.

The new place is much bigger and has bigger windows which means more LIGHT! (Previous place was a basement)

I'm still a little iffy about the new place, it's got it's perks; larger space, not shared with anyone. It's faaaairly close to the train. Very close to Metrotown by car.


The downside; The neighbourhoods a teeny bit sketchy. A lot of the apartments and houses look like they're a billion years old however there are odd spots with brand new townhouses (right across the street). Most of the shops in the area are pretty old and worn down. It looks like there's lots of development going on nearer the skytrain as a new mall is upon completion and many new condos have been built. It still is a bit sketchy as many -interesting- people still live in the area. By interesting I mean odd and by odd I mean.... scary... by scary I mean.... they must be under the influence of some form of drug.


The one plus side is Buddha now has a balcony she can chill out on and even when the door's closed she can still look out the window!


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On our way to the train after dinner one night, Ty spotted an owl that perched up on top of some street lamps. I've never seen a wild old before! It was pretty neat. It just sat there and did it's 180 turns of its head rapidly. All I had was my little point and shoot!

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[RIP Moo :(]


Back in July of last year I bought Moo and Choux. It was quite the spontaneous decision as I have never had pets of my own. We've always grown up with dogs around, had a couple pet turtles when we were little, and Jo had a pet hamster a few years back too. I've never really had a pet that belonged to me, that I would spend time cleaning and taking care of. Moo and Choux have been my first.


I remember first bringing them home; I'd clean the tank every single day, scoop poop, change water, hang out with them. Moo would ninja jump up to grab the top mesh cover and crawl her way across the top. She also would jump to try and escape. Choux choux would just run really fast.

Both of them would spend night after night, fighting (squeaking) and chasing each other around the tank.


Eventually they learned to share the tank with each other; they're sisters after all.


Within a couple weeks of bringing Moo Choux home, Moo began zombieing around the tank eyes half closed. I had been warned that mice get an illness called Wet Tail however did not expect that one of MY mice would get it that easily! She would walk around the tank really slowly and not want to eat anything. When I opened up the top of the tank, she'd climb up to see me and crawl right into my hand which I found odd since I'd just gotten them and they still weren't too accustomed to being handled. I sped off to Ty's to pick up some medicine which had to be put in their water bottle for about a week. Kept my fingers crossed and within days she was back up and running like normal.


I had hoped that this time around it was a similar case however Moo wasn't showing the same symptoms as before. It seemed as if she had swallowed something that her body didn't agree on and was trying to cough it out. I don't know if mice can cough and vomit the same way humans can. It seemed as if she was sick with the flu and just needed some time for it to pass. She would run around like normal until it came time to eat. I put lots of vitamins in their bottle and hoped again that just maybe it'd pass and she'd go back to normal. It only lasted a week and by the end she was very skinny, not eating properly as it seemed like it hurt. :(

Monday night, Moo was on her last few hours, she was very frail, not really walking around anymore like she was before. She huddled up in the corner of the tank with heat, eyes partially closed. I put a blanket under her and she laid there all night. Choux even put tissue over her. The next morning, Choux Choux was grooming her. Unfortunately she didn't make it through the night. :(

Tuesday was quite the rough day. I expected this day to come when I bought them but it just seemed too soon and Moo really was not that old. Mice on average live anywhere from 1.5yrs to 3.5. Moo was probably almost 2. I didn't think that I'd take it too hard but, it was pretty difficult cleaning everything up and burying her in a good spot in the yard. I'm glad that she isn't suffering anymore but I miss her.


RIP Moo. You were a great pet mouse.

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