December 26, 2011


For Christmas, Joey gave Gilly a little squeaky Piggy but Pepper ended up opening it up. Gilly was far too terrified of our Christmas festivities to partake.


I think Pepper loves the Piggy more than Gilly does. :)

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December 19, 2011



Actually, this was taken around 3pm Sunday afternoon. It's almost the Winter solstice and at around 1:30pm, it's the brightest out if there aren't clouds, by 3 it starts getting dark and by 4 it's pretty much dark.

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[Where's Santa]


Downtown on a Saturday night of course!

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December 15, 2011

[Crow Mating and Migration]


I still stare up at the sky in awe when I see giant murders of crows fly across the sky. They may be considered pests all over the world, but I think they make very pretty sillouettes.

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[One Fine Sunday]


I decided to try my Chocolate Mask last Sunday. It really smelled like a cheap chocolate bar on my face.

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December 2, 2011



Pepper has a big butt.

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